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7 Best 2 On The Sides Haircuts [With Photos]

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In this article, you will discover some of the most popular 2 on sides haircuts and how to get them.

The 2 on the sides haircuts are cuts in which the side hair is cut with a number 2 clipper guard, whereas the top hair is usually longer.

They are pretty popular because they are neither too long nor too short (6mm or 1/4 inch) and are easy to maintain. There are many haircuts that you can try with the 2 on the sides clipper length and in this article, we are going to talk about the most popular ones with photos so you can decide which one to get.

So let’s see what haircuts you can try with this clipper length.

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Undercut with 2 on the sides

Undercut with 2 on the sides

The undercut with 2 on the sides has become very popular in the last few years, and we think the series Peaky Blinders has something to do with it.

This hairstyle is done by leaving the top section of your hair to grow out long and then cutting the sides to about 6mm with a number 2 guard on.

If you want to try this hairstyle, you should pay attention to making the transition between the top and the sides sharp. This contrast is what defines an undercut.

When it comes to the top hair, you can style it any way you like; it can be messy, brushed back, or shaped into a man bun.

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2 on the sides with a low fade

Number 2 Side Part Fade

If you are into edgy haircuts, you might give this one a try.

This style starts with shorter hair on the sides and gradually becomes longer going up till it finally reaches the 6mm length (number 2 guard).

The transition point where the fade happens is one inch above your ear, which is why it is called a low fade.

There are other variations like the mid and high fade, with the only difference being the point where the fade happens. On the high fade, the transition point is close to the temples, and the mid fade is somewhere in between the low and the high.

The hair on top is a personal preference; you can style it however you want. Most guys like keeping them to medium length and styling them with some hair product. If you want to know more about this hairstyle, you can read our “Number 2 Fade Haircuts” article.

2 on the sides with dreadlocks

2 on the sides with dreadlocks

A really stylish and unique way to give a twist to your 2 on the sides hairstyle is by making the hair on top dreadlocks.

This is done by forming the top hair into sections and twisting them until they form dreadlocks. To do this, you should probably visit a hair salon that specializes in dreadlocks to get the best possible result.

When it comes to the side hair, you should trim it with a hair clipper size of number 2 guard on and follow the undercut rules to make the transition sharp.

2 on the sides with 8 on top

2 on the sides with 8 on top

As you can understand, this haircut’s numbers refer to the guard number you should use on each section.

The “8 on top” means that the hair on top should get clipped with a number 8 guard attached, about one inch long. And the “2 on the sides” means that the side hair should get clipped with a number 2 guard like all the haircuts in this article.

This haircut is pretty easy to maintain, and it looks really good with a beard or a goatee. Technically it is considered a buzz cut, but because the hair on top is a bit long, it has a slightly different look.

While the original version of this haircut was all about the contrast between the top hair and the sides, you can also go for a faded version with a smooth transition.

8 on the top with 2 on the sides is a good choice if you have an oval or round face shape because it will make your face look a bit longer. On the other hand, it is not a good fit if you have a long face because it will make your face look even longer.

2 on the sides with 4 on the top

4 on the top with 2 on the sides is another buzz cut variant, and it is done by cutting the hair on top with a number 4 guard (1/2 inch) and the sides with the number 2 clipper guard.

It is a medium-length haircut and is a good option for guys that like short hair but still want to look stylish and classy.

You can either go to your barber and tell him to clip your hair with a number 4 guard and a number 2 guard, or you can buy a set of hair clippers and try it yourself as it is a beginner-friendly haircut.

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2 on the sides with 3 on the top

This is a more traditional buzz cut, and you should only try it if you like short haircuts because the hair on top is trimmed with a number 3 clipper guards to 3/8 inch (9mm) and the sides with a number 2 guard to 1/4 inch.

Because the length difference is not that big, it is a good haircut to try, especially if you’ve been thinking about getting a buzz cut but were afraid of going too short.

When it comes to the hair on top, you don’t have to worry about styling it because it is short enough, so it is not much you can do to style it. It will give you a sporty look and is a good choice if you want to keep things simple and low-maintenance.

It is also a good choice for guys with balding issues because it is one of the haircuts that look good on guys with thinning hair.

But there are also some downsides to this haircut that you need to consider before getting it.

First, because the difference in the length between the hair on top and the sides is not that big, it can give your head a rounder appearance, and if you have a round face, it will only make it appear even rounder. Also, if your head is smaller than average, the haircut will only make it appear even smaller.

So before you get this haircut, make sure to know your face and head shape to avoid any regrets later on.

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2 on the sides with 2 on the top

2 on the sides with 2 on the top

Finally, the last version of this haircut is one of our favorite buzz cuts, and you can get it by using the number 2 clipper guards all over. All the hair (both the top section and the sides) should get clipped to 1/4 inch.

This haircut is a good choice if you don’t want to shave your head, but you like short haircuts with a military look.

It is also a good option for guys with thinning hair because it is short enough and can hide your receding hairline (If you have a receding hairline, don’t miss our article “Buzz Cuts And Receding Hairlines“).

Obviously, you won’t have any styling options with this haircut, and you won’t need any products, so it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance haircut.

2 on sides with 2 on top is all about simplicity, so try it out, especially on hot summer days when you want to keep things cool and uncomplicated.

There are not many disadvantages to this haircut other than that it will emphasize your face and head shape. So do your homework and find out if it is a good choice for you because it can make your head appear rounder or smaller.

Maintenance-wise, this cut is low maintenance and simple to take care of. All you have to do is trim your head once a week to maintain the 1/4 inch length.

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We have just looked at all the possible variations of the 2 on sides haircuts and compiled this article to help you make the best decision for your next haircut.

Choose a style that will flatter your face the best, and that is suitable for your hair type and personality.

Remember, the haircut you choose will determine your look for some time, so make sure to pick something that you will be happy with.

And as always, if you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it with your friends.

Thank you for reading!

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