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26 Blogs Every Man Should Follow

Razors and wristwatches, tailored suits and whiskey, pomade, and creatine.

Let’s face it; you’re a busy guy; you don’t have time to sort through all of these things yourself.

You want to know exactly what you need to stay on-trend, to look and feel your best.

But it seems that everyone has an opinion these days, plastering them shamelessly all over the internet, no less! What’s a guy to do?!

Look no further; I’ve sorted through the multitudes to compile this list of 2018’s 26 must-follow blogs for all things men’s fashion and lifestyle and, of course, beards

10 retro dbadges

2. ​​1 Wine Dude

Joe Roberts is an expert on, you guessed it, wine! His well-explained rating guide ensures that his reviews are easy to follow, even for the newest wine connoisseurs. Joe’s wit, humor, and expertise make each post an enjoyable and informative read. 


3. ​​Buckets and Spades​

Buckets and Spades is a visual experience as much as it is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. With an emphasis on capturing and appreciating the finer details of design and style, this blog is perfect for any of you gents with an eye for art.


4. Aspiring Gentleman

Miami, Aspiring Gentleman, is relevant to a global audience. With advice columns touching on everything from business to personal finance and reviews on all things fitness, fashion, travel (and the list goes on…), the Aspiring Gentleman folks seek to bring true gentlemanly qualities back into vogue.  


5. West Coast Shaving

What sets this American men’s grooming product company apart is its commitment to each customer’s unique experience, with special deals such as their “free mystery gift” and their assortment of unique artisan shave soaps and aftershaves WCS seeks to ensure that your shave is like no other.

man of many

6. Man of Many

If you’re looking for elegant, detailed, and witty reviews on just about any product or trend known to man, this is the blog for you. From smartphones to sex and dating, from gaming to camping (and a whole lot more in between), Man of Many has got you covered.


7. ​​Men’s Style Pro

Seeing as its founder, Sabir Peele, has the accolades of one of Esquire Magazine’s 2010 5 Best Dressed Real Men in America and GQ Magazine’s 2013 Fall Best Dressed, you can rely on Men’s Style Pro to get you looking sharp for your next big business meeting or a hot date.


8. Sharpologist

​Mark (aka Mantic59) has certainly earned the title of an expert on all things shaving. With a principle focus on wet shaving, this blog includes tutorials and reviews that will give you all of the tools you need for the cleanest shave of your life.


9. ​​​The Grooming Guru

Lee Kynaston is a highly-regarded expert on male grooming, with his work appearing in The Telegraph, Men’s Health, Gentleman’s Journal, and Marie Claire, to name only a few of his numerous accolades. Check out his site for product reviews and grooming tips from one of the leaders in the field.

logoexecutive shaving

10. ​​​​Executive Shaving 

The Executive Shaving Co. is one of Europe’s leading online providers of men’s shaving and grooming products. With a wide range of products and an entire section of their website dedicated to shaving tips and advice, this UK-based company is invested in your shaving experience.


11. ​​​​​The Everyday Man ​​​

With honest reviews and straightforward advice on everything from cars to your gym routine, this UK-based lifestyle blog is a practical option for guys looking to face each day with a little more style and success. Check out their “win” page for opportunities to score merch from top brands!


12. ​Michael 84

Another UK fashion guru (they sure seem to have more than their fair share, huh?) Michael Adams’ blog is super accessible. With guides such as “What To Wear With Black Jeans” and “Men’s Sweatshirt Guide,” Adams will have even the most clueless of guys looking fly.


13. ​​Man for Himself ​​​​​​​​

​Robin James is an experienced media producer based in the UK. He started Man for Himself in 2016 to pursue his passion for men’s style, and with his air of professionalism and a true eye for trends, he’ll keep you ahead of the curve on all things men’s fashion and lifestyle.


14. ​​​The Metro Man  ​​​​​​

​Moti Ankari is a New York-based fashion and lifestyle blogger with a relatable style and humorous attitude. Check out some of his travel posts for gorgeous photos of his sunny destinations that will have you buying a plane ticket before you’ve made it to the end of the post

carl thomson

15. ​​​​Carl Thompson​

Carl Thompson has climbed the ranks in the men’s lifestyle blogging world, and as a self-made, accomplished, and needless to say, well-dressed entrepreneur, this London-based blogger embodies style and success.


16. ​​​​​Maketh the Man​​

While this blog highlights all of the latest trends in men’s lifestyle, including grooming and fashion, its strength certainly lies in its Travel and Food & Drink sections. Whether you’re looking for reviews of the latest craft brews or the best restaurant in Rome, Maketh the Man is worth a read.


17. ​​​​​​The Manliness Kit ​​

John’s blog seeks to demystify the world of men’s grooming. He provides practical, actionable grooming tips to get any guy looking and feeling his best.


18. ​Trend Styled

Saul brings a uniquely honest and inquisitive attitude to his posts about the busyness of everyday urban life. An avid style blogger who is branching out to travel blogging as well, Saul Carrasco is one to watch.


19. ​​The Dapper Chapper 

​With the self-stated mission of making style accessible to all of their readers, the folks at The Dapper Chapper are at the forefront of their respective fields and are invested in showing you how simple it is to incorporate style and class into your everyday life.


20. ​​​The Yorkshire Gentleman

​From hair-care and motorcycle reviews to Christmas-time recipes and techy gift ideas, this UK-based men’s lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics. The OG Yorkshire Gent, Tom, has a friendly voice to his posts and includes loads of pictures capturing his travels and experiences!


21. ​​​​Shrinkinguy Fitness 

This fitness blog is great for any guy tired of the glamorous, bodybuilder-body-promising fitness trends and looking for practical fitness advice from a real guy with a relatable experience. Tim reclaimed his health and figure and wants to help you do the same!


22. ​Your Average Guy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If flashy pieces are not your thing, this may be your guide to a more simple, sensible, and yet elegant everyday look. Adam York’s fashion tips are perfect for men looking to find the right harmony between comfort and style.



Sam Squire is the epitome of class and style. A young blogger with an impressive repertoire of partnerships, Sam is certainly making a name for himself. His blog covers a range of topics, including fitness, fashion, and travel, but my favorite part is his Track of the Week!


24. ​​​Male Grooming ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This French blog highlights the finest products in bead and men’s hair care, as well as a range of men’s perfumes. With detailed reviews and how-to, the men at Male Grooming have done the legwork and found the best products to keep you and your beard looking sleek.


25. ​​​​Dapper Dave Cash 

David Cashman is an up-and-coming Irish fashion blogger seeking to make himself known in the world of men’s style. Though dapper is truly the right word to describe his look, Dave’s insights of value go beyond fashion; I, for one, really appreciated his holiday hangover survival guide!


26. Fadedmix

Fadedmix is an inspiring and aesthetically appealing experience to browse through on any given day. With daily updates on the latest trends in fashion, tech, and design, Fadedmix has a fresh and funky vibe that will motivate you to spruce up your own.

​With such a wide range of styles and concepts, I’m certain that these 26 blogs will help you make 2018 the year you look your best and fulfill your potential for great success.

With such a wide range of styles and concepts, I’m certain that these 26 blogs will help you make 2018 the year you look your best and fulfill your potential for great success.

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