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A New School of Men’s Fashion Philosophy.

Hello, my name is Russell Stanley and I am a professional barber and a beard entusiast.

The mission of men’s attitude, is to help other men learn from the missteps that I’ve already made. I don’t review products and services to place myself as some kind of style guru I actually hate fashion gurus.

I was tired of seeing so many reviewers and fashionistas look down upon those who had yet to find themselves. That’s why the men’s attitude philosophy revolves around helping you discover something that fits your personality instead of telling you why you don’t fit in.

I am here to give you tips based on my professional and personal experience and try to solve your grooming problems without trying to sell things that don’t work.

Discover What Makes Us Different.

For too long, male fashion ideals have been unattainable. I think that it’s high time for a change. To make a lasting difference, I always reveal when my reviews involve paid promotions or free gifts. In other words, you no longer have to settle for yearning after a lifestyle that’s beyond the reach of all but the wealthiest men.

Stop letting other people tell you how to rock your personal style. When it comes to representing who you truly are, the men’s attitude gives you the power to establish your own meaning and make a statement in the process. I look forward to seeing you around.

There are infinite ways to define yourself as a modern man. And I respect all of them.

You don’t need to get a three thousand buck suit to be stylish, you can be really stylish with a hoodie and a jean and this is all this site is about. I have been “different” all my life and I am proud of that. I have been rocking a beard and got my first tattoos since my early 20s. I have been judged and treated as a misfit many times, but these times are over. Guys with long beards and tattoos are just regular guys that like being different and this is what I am celebrating here. If you are into beards and tattoos welcome to the brotherhood! Here you will find everything you need from small tips to guides that will help you achieve your style goals.

I am just a regular guy who like looking and feeling good. I don’t believe that I should ask anything more of my readers. You can expect the same straightforward honesty regardless whether I am reviewing products, or giving some tips. I am firmly committed to providing you with an objective viewpoint that shows both sides of the coin.

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