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Avocado Oil For Beard: All The Benefits And The Truth About Growth!

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I bet you already know that avocado toast is all the rage, but did you know it’s possible to use avocado for your beard?

We’re not talking about rubbing an avocado on your beard but rather utilizing a byproduct known as avocado oil. Avocado oil is a popular beard oil used in many different grooming products like beard oils and beard balms.

It’s a carrier oil, which means that it can be used as a base for other oils like essential oils to help penetrate the hair better.

If you are wondering what avocado oil is and how it works. Carry on because that is what this article is all about!


What is Avocado Oil?

Avocado oil is a carrier oil made from the pulp of avocados that are usually thrown away. Avocados are the fruit of the Avocado tree or Persea Americana, a tree species in the Lauraceae family. It is native to South Central Mexico and spread as a cultivated plant to Central America, parts of South America, and the Caribbean.

It has a high smoke point of around 520 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it great for cooking. But the fact is that it can be used for much more than just grilling!

The extraction process of avocado oil is similar to olive oil. The pulp of the avocado is ground up and pressed through a mill. The paste is then malaxed at about 45C for 40 minutes, allowing the pulp to break down. Once pressed, the clear green oil is extracted from the pulp. And if you are wondering if 45C is too hot, don’t worry. The nutrients and properties of the oil are not affected by this temperature.

So, that is what avocado oil is and how it is made. Now let us talk about its consistency and figure out if it works when applied to your beard!

Its consistency is also similar to olive oil, meaning it is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (about 70% oleic acid and palmitoleic acid), antioxidants, and nutrients. It also contains many of the same nutrients as olive oil, such as vitamins A, D, and E, which are good for moisturizing and nourishing your skin and hair follicles.

But unlike olive oil, avocado oil has a pretty light viscosity meaning it gets absorbed easily and is easy to apply. It quickly penetrates and absorbs into your skin and hair, making it a great carrier oil for other essential oils.

What is Avocado Oil?

So, what are the benefits of Avocado oil for your beard?

Avocado oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. These three components make avocado oil great for your skin and beard.

It’s a great moisturizer

Vitamins A, D, and E are great moisturizers that help replenish your skin. Avocado oil also contains lecithin, a natural emulsifier that helps hold moisture to the hair follicles and makes your beard shine.

It protects your skin from UV rays

The carotenoids and vitamins A, D, and E are components that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which can be damaging. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin aging, wrinkle, sunburn, and cancer. It also dries your hair, causes split ends, weakens the hair follicles, breaks the protein structure, and leads to hair loss.

Increases Collagen Metabolism

Avocado oil contains a potent amount of antioxidants that increase collagen metabolism in your skin. This protects your hair from free radicals and strengthens the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing the breakage of your beard follicles.

A study in rats that were fed unrefined avocado oil showed that it increased soluble collagen production in their skin.

Soluble collagen is a type of collagen found in your dermis. It is known as the “restructuring” collagen cause it helps with tissue repair. This leads to faster wound healing, protection against UV skin and hair damage due to sun exposure, higher skin elasticity, and reduced appearance of wrinkles. The faster formation of collagen not only prevents hair loss but also restores hair growth in areas where facial hairs have fallen out.

It soothes itchiness and irritation

The antioxidants and essential fatty acids in avocado oil help soothe your skin and prevent irritation. It works very well for sensitive skin, especially during the first few weeks of beard growth when your skin is still adjusting to the new hair.

It also has high levels of the antioxidant vitamin E, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Avocado oil can help soothe itchiness and flakiness by moisturizing your skin if you have dry, flaky skin underneath your beard hair.

Prevents acne breakouts

Acne breakouts are not only painful but can also leave some lasting scars on your skin. There is a high chance of developing acne if you have dry, irritated skin beneath your beard, so it’s important to care for your skin and hair by using natural oils.

Avocado oil reduces the risk of developing acne since it moisturizes your skin, cleanses your pores, and reduces inflammation.

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Avocado oil for beard growth

Avocado oil for beard growth

The most common question about avocado oil is whether it can increase beard growth. The answer is that no scientific evidence suggests it can help with beard growth or give you a thicker and fuller beard as it doesn’t increase testosterone levels or stimulate blood flow.

However, it helps restore your skin’s natural balance, which in turn helps grow a healthier beard.

It is a great natural product that takes care of your skin and beard but doesn’t increase testosterone levels that are responsible for promoting beard growth.

How to use avocado oil

Avocado is a thin viscosity oil that absorbs quite easily into your skin. You can use it by itself or mix it with other beard oils to enhance its properties.

If you are using the oil by itself, apply 3-5 drops to your palm and gently massage it with your fingers all over your face, neck, and beard area. Use a beard comb to evenly distribute the oil if you have a long beard.

You don’t need to wash it off after application since it’s not greasy. You can apply the oil before you go to bed and leave it overnight to work its magic while you sleep.

You can also make your own DIY beard oils by mixing avocado oil with other carrier and essential oils. It works well with other carrier oils like grape seed oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or argan oil because they are all light oils.

When it comes to essential oils, you can mix avocado oil with some of the best essential oils for beards like sandalwood, cedarwood, or tea tree to make your own beard oil. If you are new to beard oils, make sure you do some research and choose oils that are right for your skin type.

Always use the 1/3 rule when making your own beard oil to make sure you don’t overdo it. This means you should never use more than 1/3 of essential oil in your oil blend mix.

How to use avocado oilHow to use avocado oil


Avocado oil is a great natural product that can help you take care of your skin, beard, and hair. It doesn’t increase testosterone levels, so it doesn’t promote beard growth but has many properties that promote beard health indirectly.

It works well as an all-around natural product for beginners who are looking to prevent dryness, itchiness, acne, and hair breakage.

You can use avocado oil by itself or mix it with other beard oils to enhance their properties. It’s also very affordable, which makes it a great choice.

Whether you’re suffering from dry skin under your beard, have a long beard, or have an unruly skin condition like acne, it can help you get rid of your problems and get the healthy skin you desire.

All in all, it’s a great natural product that can take care of your skin and beard without any side effects. What do you think about avocado oil? Have you tried it, or do you plan on trying it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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