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Bald On Top Hair On The Sides: All the Styles [With Photos]

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Male pattern baldness is one of the biggest concerns for men when they get into middle age. It is pretty common for men when they get to their 30s and 40s to start losing their hair and trust me; it is not a fun experience. Most guys that lose their hair feel like they are losing their youth and attractiveness.

The scenario is pretty much identical. It always starts with a receding hairline. Then the top hair gets thinner, and eventually, you are left with horseshoe-shaped hair at the sides and the back of your head.

During this phase that usually lasts for years, most guys try several treatements to stop hair loss or make it less visible.

To be honest, there are not a lot of options when it comes to dealing with hair loss. There is a huge industry with hair loss treatments, but the truth is that most of these products are nothing more than snake oil.

But in this article, I am not going to judge and talk about the hair loss industry. Instead, I want to focus on how you can style your balding hair in the best possible way to make you feel more attractive and confident.

If you follow our blog, you probably know that we firmly believe that you should accept your unique traits and work with them instead of against them. This is why we believe that the best way to deal with male pattern baldness is to find a good bald on top hair on sides haircut that you like and feel comfortable with.

So, if you want to learn about some of the hottest bald on top hair on sides haircuts, how to choose the right one, and why, keep reading.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s talk about what the bald on top hair on the sides is exactly and how it works for men in hair loss stages.

What does it mean to be bald on top with hair on the sides?

bald on top hair on sides

While it is pretty self-explanatory, being bald on top with hair on the sides means that you are bold on the top of your head and only have hair on the sides.

At this point, I would like to mention that there are different levels of baldness when it comes to the hair on top.

Some guys are completely bald on top, and others have a bit of thinning hair left but are definitely balding.

The baldness degree, along with the shape of your head, will dictate the type of hairstyle you should go for.

For example, if you are completely bald on top, you should go for shorter sides because otherwise, you will look a bit unkempt and messy.

On the other hand, if you have some hair on top, you can try longer haircuts as long as they don’t look too out of proportion.

Best bald on top hair on sides haircuts 

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about what most of you want to know – what are some of the best bald on top hair on sides haircuts?

So, without further ado, let’s see some haircuts you can try if you are bald on top with hair on the sides.

1. Completely shaved Head

shaved head with beard

The most common reaction of balding guys is to shave their heads completely. This is a really good idea, and in many articles, we have talked about the pros of shaving your head, but let me quickly reiterate some of them in case you have not read those articles.

The most significant advantage of shaving your head is that it makes the baldness less visible.

When you have hair, even if it is thinning, the baldness is more visible, but if you don’t have any hair, it is less noticeable, makes sense, right?

Another big advantage is that it is a clean look. When you are bald on top and have long hair on the sides, if you don’t take care of them frequently, they will look messy, and this will make you look unkempt. But when you shave your head, there is no need for daily styling, and you will always look put together.

And this brings us to the next point; maintenance. When you have a shaved head, maintenance is a lot easier as all you have to do is shave your head every couple of days, and that’s all.

You don’t have to worry about styling, using products, or to go to the barber for a trim every now and then.

And talking about barbers, another significant advantage is that shaving your head will save you some money.

This is because you won’t have to pay someone every time you want to shave your head as it is something you can easily do at home (of course, you can visit your barber to do it for you, but it is not necessary like with other haircuts). All you need is a razor, some shaving cream, and that’s it.

Finally, the last advantage is the badassness factor. As you probably already know, guys with shaved heads look really badass, so if you want a more masculine look, shaving your head is a really good idea.

Who is it for?

The shaved head is a good option for both balding guys and already bald guys.

If you are balding will make the hair loss or receding hairline less visible, and if you are already bald, it will give you a really badass look.

Pro Tips

One of the best ways to rock this style and look even more badass is to have a nice long beard.

The beard will completely change your look and give you a rugged appearance.

There are many facial hairstyles you can choose from, and it totally depends on your face shape and the style you are going for. If you want to know more about this, check out our guide on the best beard styles for your face shape.

2. Buzz cut

Buzz Cut Number 0

The buzz cut and especially the induction buzz cut are two very popular options amongst guys that are bald on top with hair on the sides. This is because, just like shaved hair, they make the hair loss less visible.

If you don’t know what a buzz cut is, let me briefly explain it to you. A buzzcut is a very short haircut where all the hair is cut really short and at the same length (most of the time).

The induction buzz cut is the shortest and one of the most popular buzz cuts, where all the hair is cut with a hair clipper with no guards on (1/16th inch).

As you can understand, the buzz cut has all the benefits of the shaved head, meaning it is easy to maintain, it is very cheap, and at the same time makes the hair loss less visible.

If you are thinking about trying one of these two styles, it is probably a good idea to first try the buzz cut, and if you like it, then you can shave your head completely. To learn more about buzz cuts, read our article: “Buzz Cut Lengths: Complete Guide from 0 to 8“.

Who is it for?

The buzz cut is a good choice for both balding and bald guys for all the reasons we mentioned before when we were talking about the shaved head.

It is a bit better option for guys that are balding as it will make the receding hairline less noticeable, giving the illusion of more hair.

Pro Tips

Just like with the shaved head, one of the best ways to rock this style is with a beard. Choose a beard according to your face shape and go for it.

3. Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

A crew cut is a good option for guys balding on top but who still HAVE some hair.

This style’s philosophy is completely different than the previous two, and you won’t be able to pull it off if you don’t have some hair on top.

The crew cut is a classic American haircut where the hair on top is longer than the hair on the sides and back, which is usually trimmed very short.

To make this style work for balding top hair, you will need to get a high fade with your haircut.

This will lower the contrast between the top and side hair, creating the illusion of more hair, which is your goal. And while this is a really cool and stylish look, it is important to note that at the same time, it is a high-maintenance style. Unlike the shaved head and the buzz cut, you will need to visit your barber every now and then to keep it well-styled. If you have a receding hairline, you can check this article that lists all the haircuts that will help you look good.

Who is it for?

As already mentioned, the crew cut will only work if you have some hair on top, so it is not an option for complete baldness.

On the other hand, it is a good option if you have a receding hairline or balding on top, as it will make the hair loss less visible.

Pro Tips

You can play around and try different facial hair styles along with the crew cut to change your look, but you should probably stick to a shorter beard, as anything too long will look out of place.

As you can understand, unfortunately, there are not a lot of options for balding guys and even fewer for guys with a completely bald head.

I don’t like giving you false hopes by telling you there are a lot of styles you can try because there are not.

The best thing you can do is to accept it and choose one of the few styles that will look good on you.

But while only a few haircuts look good on balding guys, there are many styles that will make you look … well… not so attractive.

This brings us to the next and last section, where I will talk about what to avoid if you are balding or if you already have a bald head.

4 Bald on top hair on sides DONT’S

As I told you, it is really easy to mess things up when you are balding or when you have a bald head, so in this section, I will give you some tips on what NOT to do if you are bald on top with hair on the sides.

1. The Comb Over

bald comb over

This is a technique that probably your grandpa used to hide his baldness, and it is still a popular option amongst balding guys.

The idea behind the comb-over is to grow the hair on the sides long enough and comb it over to cover the bald top.

And while it might sound like a good idea, I think it is a bit ridiculous, and let me explain why.

First of all, let me make it very clear. With the comb-over, you are not hiding anything; on the contrary, you are making it pretty obvious that you are bald and trying to hide it, making you look insecure and unattractive.

The second reason is that if the wind blows suddenly or you need to bend to pick something up, your comb-over will go all over the place, and your little secret will be revealed. So, for all these reasons, please stay away from the comb-over.

2. faded sides

bald hair with faded sides

This hairstyle is not as bad as the comb-over but still not a good choice for guys that are bald on top with hair on the sides.

What you are trying to achieve with a haircut, when you are bald on top with hair on the sides, is to make the hair loss less visible. If you have a fancy fade on the side hair, it will inevitably draw attention to your hair, making the hair loss more visible, which is the opposite of what you want. This is why faded haircuts are not a great choice; the only faded haircut that works is the crew cut for the reasons mentioned above.

3. Keep the sides short

larry david bald on top long side hair

The last tip has to do with the length of the hair on the sides. The secret is to keep the side hair short. By keeping the sides short, you will look not only look stylish and younger, but at the same time, the contrast between the hair on top and the side hair will be less visible, making your thinning hair less obvious.


Ok, guys, these are all the tips about the bald on top hair on sides haircuts. If you are balding or already have a completely bald head, you should not freak out. You just need to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape, your personality, and, at the same time, a style that will make your hair loss problem less prominent.

If this article has helped you to pick a haircut or if there is a style that you think should be in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.

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