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Beard Balm Vs Beard Butter: Which One to Use and Why

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Some men grow beards for practical reasons to keep themselves warm when winter comes while others grow their beard out of admiration for a favorite celebrity like Jake Gyllenhaal, James Harden, or Tyron Lannister. There are also those who enjoy the feeling of having something between their fingers and chin.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s important to care for your beard properly so that you can maintain its health and look good all day long.

Most of us often use either balm or butter as part of our daily beard care routine – but what is the difference? This article will explore this question, sharing information about each product’s function and benefits before concluding with recommendations on which one might work best for you. So keep reading to find the answer to the beard balm vs beard butter debate.

What is beard Balm?

Beard balm is a styling and shaping aid that is applied to wet or dry beard hair that comes in a tin can. It is thicker than beard oil, but it’s not as thick as beard wax and has the consistency of pomade.

Some ingredients of beard balms usually include:

  • Beeswax is the main ingredient that gives the styling properties
  • Jojoba oil (nourishes dry, coarse hair; anti-inflammatory properties help manage beard itch and ingrown hairs)
  • Coconut oil (scented varieties contain essential oils that help to condition the skin below your facial hair and give it a pleasant scent)
  • Vitamin E oil (moisturizes and nourishes beard hair providing shine and softness)

Different types of Beard Balm

There are different types of beard balm and you can choose one depending on your needs and preference.

The two main types of beard balms are those that are good for styling and taming flyaway hairs and those that are good for conditioning. There are some that do both, which makes them ideal for men who like to change up their facial hairstyles often or need some extra oomph in their beards. If you don’t know which one to choose, it’s best to start with a beard balm that is good for styling – this way you can see whether or not you want to switch things up later on. To learn more about beard balms read our best beard balm guide.

What is beard butter

What is beard butter?

Beard butter is an excellent moisturizer that comes in a tub or stick. The consistency of beard butter can be compared to that of lip balm or hand cream; it’s smooth and creamy when compared to beard balm. The main benefits of beard butter are that it conditions your beard, softens dry hair, eliminates dandruff, soothes the skin, and reduces itchiness.

Some ingredients of beard butter usually include:

  • Shea butter is one of the most popular ingredients in beard butter – it helps to moisturize and make the beard softer, among other things.
  • Cocoa butter (a natural moisturizer for your face)
  • Vitamin E oil (deeply nourishes the beard and skin)
  • Coconut oil (give off a pleasant scent)
  • Mango butter (protects and moisturizes your beard hair)

Some varieties of beard butter also contain lanolin, which helps to strengthen your beard while moisturizing it. To learn more about beard butter read this:

Best Beard Butter For A Silken Beard

Differences between beard balm and beard butter

The main difference is in the ingredients. The main ingredient in beard balm is beeswax, making it a waxy substance. Beard butter contains different types of butters and oils that give it a creamy, smooth texture.

Another difference lies in the purpose. Beard balm has a slightly stronger hold compared to beard butter, which makes it great for styling purposes. Unlike beard balm, beard butter is used as a beard conditioner or as a leave-in hair treatment because it contains shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients.

The last difference is in the price. Although both products are relatively affordable – beard butter is usually more expensive than beard balm.

Differences between beard balm and beard butter

So which one should you choose?

That depends entirely on your preferences. If you’re looking for a great product to condition and soften your beard, then go ahead and try beard butter. It’s perfect for men with dry skin who have problems with split ends, dandruff, or itchiness.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to shape your facial hair or give it some extra volume, then you should add beard balm to your beard care routine. It’s slightly stronger than beard butter but still gives your beard a nourishing effect. If you choose to use a beard balm a good choice is the Honest Amish beard balm.


Can You Use Beard Butter And Beard Balm Together?

Yes, they can be used together. However, you have to remember that beard butter is a bit greasier as it contains butters like shea butter, so it might not work as well as beard balm if your goal is hold and definition. Beard balm contains some ingredients that help you shape your facial hair or give it some texture, which means that those two beard products are compatible.

Which Is Better Balm Or Butter?

There is not a simple question to answer, since both balms and beard butters have their own benefits. One is not necessarily better than the other – it all comes down to your personal preferences. Try them both and see which one works best for you.

Is Beard Butter Bad For Your Beard?

Beard butter is not bad for your beard at all. It’s actually very good to soften the hair and give it some extra nutrients during the day. Some of its ingredients can even prevent certain issues, such as dandruff or split ends.

Does Beard Butter Help Beard Growth?

Beard butter isn’t necessarily going to help you grow your beard faster, since it doesn’t stimulate the hair follicles. If your goal is to make your beard grow faster and healthier, we recommend using beard oils. Beard oil contains natural oils that give your beard a very nourishing effect making it thicker and promote better healthy beard growth.


Well, we hope this article has helped you to better understand the differences between beard balm and butter. Both products have their pros and cons. We recommend trying out both products so that you can experiment with what works best for your needs. Hit us up in the comments section below and let us know what you think!

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