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Best Beard Comb to Avoid Damaging your Beard

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Using a regular comb on your beard is one of the most common beard grooming mistakes you can make.

It might seem like a very insignificant thing, but using a cheap, regular hair comb on your beard can cause lasting damage to your facial hair.

At this point, you are probably wondering what the big deal is, since all combs look pretty much alike, right?

Wrong, because appearance can be deceptive. Look closer, and you will see small but significant differences between ordinary hair combs and beard combs, and as they say, the devil is in the details.

These little things can make the difference between a magnificent beard and a weak and scraggly-looking mass of fuzz on your face.

So if you want to keep your beard looking healthy and fashionable, a proper beard comb is an essential part of your bread grooming kit. Keep reading to learn more about the best beard comb.

A Quick Glance At The Top 3 Beard Combs

Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb

Zeus Beard Comb

Zeus beard comb is our number one choice. We like that it is made from premium material like natural horn although it is a bit pricey. If you want to know more about this comb keep reading.

Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Striking Viking is a wooden comb with a light sandalwood scent. It can be used for both hair and facial hair, and it comes at a fair price.

4Klawz Beard Comb

4Klawz Beard Comb

4 Klawz Beard Comb is a wooden all-natural made of pearwood comb. It is easy to carry and is a 4-in-one comb with 4 different width and length teeth. Keep reading to learn more about this comb.

What Is A Beard Comb?

A beard comb is a basic grooming and styling accessory for your beard. It is like a regular hair comb but has shorter in length and fine to medium teeth.

Beard combs are usually handmade and can be found in many different sizes and shapes.

The most popular beard combs are made of wood, though other materials like animal bone and horns are also very popular.

You can even find metallic beard combs made from high-quality stainless steel.

About the price, they can range from incredibly cheap (plastic combs) to ridiculously expensive for the more elaborately carved combs made from high-quality wood or bones/horns.

They are used to groom and clean your beard and to ensure you will not form tight knots.

If you want to maintain your beard in a particular shape or style, you just can’t do it without a beard comb.

Top Beard Comb Reviews

1. Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

No matter the size of your beard, this comb will easily glide through your beard upwards and downwards.

Nice things usually come in small sizes. Striking Viking folding wooden comb is a versatile and portable comb you can use anywhere. It comes with a strong grip that helps you comb through your beard gently.

Pocket combs are easy to carry but often lack a proper handle. A folding comb offers a way out, and this wooden folding comb from Striking Viking is a very “striking” option indeed.

The laser-etched brand name and logo look very cool.

It is made from natural sandalwood and has a pleasant natural fragrance.

The bristles are well spaced and can be used to groom all kinds of beards.


  • Comes with a dropper.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • It is made from quality heavy-duty materials.


  • Contains chemicals.
  • Might irritate your skin.

2. 4Klawz Beard Comb

4Klawz Beard Comb

If versatility is a factor you consider when using a comb, this is the best pick. 4Klawz comes with differently sized teeth that will not only glide through your beard but your mustache too.

4Klawz is durable cause it’s made from strong wood.

Differently sized teeth provide you with different options when combing. It’s perfectly finished for easy holding while combing your beard.

Buying a beard comb with just one set of teeth is a bit of a risky proposition.

What if the width of the bristles doesn’t suit your particular hair type?

If you have this concern, 4Klawz has the solution for you.

It is square-shaped with not one, not two, but four different sets of teeth on its sides.

Each set is unique, with different lengths and widths between the bristles.

You can use this one comb for your beard, mustache, sideburns, and probably even your hair.


  • All-natural wooden combs, with no chemicals used in the polishing process.
  • Handcrafted from Pearwood, so each comb is a unique piece.
  • No issues related to static electricity.
  • Compact and easy to carry around in your pocket.


  • The comb is not a uni-body construction; the two smaller combs on the side are glued to the main body. The glue may weaken with humidity.
  • Doesn’t work very well for men with finer hair in their beards.
  • The overall finish is not very durable.

3. EZGO Stainless Steel Beard Styling and Shaping Comb

EZGO Glides softly through any beard size and makes your beard styling easy. Thanks to the material it’s made from (stainless steel) it will not retain beard oil.

If you want a comb that will give you a professional and sharp look after combing your beard, then look no further than EZGO stainless steel beard styling and shaping comb.

A metal comb is not a bad option if you don’t worry about styling too much.

Stainless steel combs are more durable and easier to wash and clean they are especially good if you use a lot of beard oil and balm on your beard.

This particular model has an “L” shaped design with two combs on each side.

The combination of two different combs in an innovative shape is ideal for working with all sides of your face.


  • One of the most durable and sturdiest options on our list.
  • Ideal for use with razors and trimmers.
  • Uni-body construction and high-quality finish help the bristles glide through your beard.
  • Perfect for shaping your beard.


  • Though quite compact, this is not a comb you want to carry around your pocket.
  • It may bring issues related to static electricity, especially if you have longer beards.
  • The unique shape makes it rather unwieldy, and it might take some time to get used to.

4. Baxter Of California Men’s Beard Comb

This is a very deceptive comb because of several reasons.

For starters, it is called Baxter of California, but the combs are handmade in Switzerland!

Looks-wise, it resembles a regular plastic comb but is, in fact, made from high-quality cellulose acetate sheets, using a unique 12-stage manufacturing process.

As a result, all the teeth are smooth and have well-rounded tips to provide optimum care and comfort for your beard and skin.

It is a single long comb with two sets of teeth with different spacing. So there are multiple options to handle different types of beard hairs.

It is an easily portable type of comb that you can always carry and comb your hair on the go. It’s ideal for both starters and professionals in the world of beards.

Because of its small size, it is a good option to be used in sideburns, mustaches, and beards.


  • High-quality handmade comb made with superior cellulose acetate.
  • The teeth do a great job in all kinds of hair, with minimal static.
  • Pretty easy to clean and can be used with beard oils and balms.
  • The teeth of this comb are some of the best we have come across, smooth and well-rounded.


  • Not the best-looking model, it resembles cheap plastic.
  • It may not work very well with really long beards.
  • Some men may find the comb a bit too small to handle properly.

5. Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb

To round off our list, we have a comb made from a material we have not covered yet in our reviews: animal horn.

Animal horn is one of the best raw materials for combs since they contain keratin, the same protein that is found in our hair.

And they are second only to metal regarding durability.

This Zeus comb is quite compact and has a medium set of teeth that could work with many different types of beards.


  • Simply one of the best in terms of looks, dark and stylish.
  • It comes with a genuine leather sheath that looks fantastic and protects the comb.
  • The teeth are handcrafted using the saw cut method, resulting in rounded tips gliding through your beard.
  • Made from natural horn, this is a very sturdy comb you can carry around your pocket.


  • Not suitable if you are vegan or have concerns about using animal products.
  • A bit more expensive when compared to some other products we have reviewed.

5 Best Beard Comb

So What’s Best?

As you may have noted, we have tried to include combs made of different materials in our short review list.

And yes, we have left out cheap plastic for the reasons mentioned in the buying guide.

If we had to pick a winner out of these five combs, it has to be the Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb.

It looks great, works flawlessly with a wide variety of beard styles and types, and is durable and easy to carry around. It even comes with a genuine leather sheath.

There is hardly anything to criticize about this comb. But if you don’t want to buy a comb made from animal parts, we suggest the sandalwood comb from Striking Viking as the second-best option.

How To Select The Best Beard Comb?

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the ideal beard comb for you. Make your choice based on the following considerations:

Overall Quality

Always insist on durability and quality when looking for a beard comb. The cheaper the comb the more harmful it can be to your beard. Avoid cheap combs as much as you can.

Cheap combs break easily. If the comb breaks while combing, it can split beard ends, affecting your beard’s uniformity and growth.

Cheap and low-quality beard combs can also pull your hair right from its root.


This is also a very important factor to consider. Look for extra attachments.

These attachments are usually recommended because they help you achieve a symmetrical and nice-looking beard.


Normal size combs are used at home, while the more compact pocket-sized versions can be carried along when you go out.

Folding beard combs are a flexible option if you want a full-sized comb that can be carried around in your pocket.

For a smaller size, you can try mustache combs, which are more precise if you want to work on the details.


Wood is popular because it is affordable, doesn’t produce static electricity, and looks very cool.

But wood doesn’t like humidity and should not be washed with water, so cleaning one can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you use a lot of oil/balms. The most popular choices when it comes to wood combs are Sandalwood and pear wood.

Horns make the best beard comb, thanks to their extreme smoothness when they touch your hair and the toughness of the material. Another plus is they don’t produce static electricity.

On the downside, they tend to be very expensive and are not an option if you insist on buying vegan stuff.

Plastic combs are cheap, but that is probably their only positive thing.

Cellulose acetate combs resemble plastic but are made of a superior raw material that will give you an experience comparable to horn-based combs.

Metals combs score highly when it comes to durability but produce a lot of static electricity. If you struggle a lot with taming your beard hair, these combs can make an already tough job even harder. But otherwise, they offer an excellent mid-tier option.

Stamp Press vs. Hand Cut: We have already addressed the concerns about cheap plastic combs. These combs are made with the stamp press method. Other combs like wooden and horn-based combs are made using the hand-cut process, which makes them safer and their teeth much smoother.

Beard Comb FAQ and Basics

Why I Should Not Use An Ordinary Hair Comb On My Beard?

The hair on your beard has different quality and texture compared to the hair on your head.

Also, beards tend to have more knots and tangles, especially as they start to get longer.

Ordinary hair combs have thinner gaps between their teeth, raising the chances of damaging your beard hair follicles.

Use them with too much force on your knots, and you can say goodbye to clumps of your beard hair, as these combs can literally rip your hair out!

Finding a hair comb with the optimum width between their teeth is hard. Use one with too wide gaps, and you will not be able to properly style your beard. Use one with too narrow gaps, and you risk damaging your hair.

Even more worryingly, if you use low-quality plastic hair combs with microscopic serrated/jagged edges on their teeth, you could tear apart your beard hair along their length every time you run them through your beard.

And let’s not forget how often the teeth of cheap combs break off.

These broken edges can cause further damage to your beard.

For your beard’s safety and health, a high-quality beard comb is recommended.

What Is The Difference Between Beard Combs And Beard Brushes?

Both are essential instruments in a modern beard grooming kit, but they serve different purposes.

A beard brush, commonly crafted from boar hair, is used to groom and clean your beard after washing and oiling.

The boar hair absorbs the excess oil and distributes it equally across your beard.

It gives your beard more volume with that “puffed up” look.

A beard comb is more of a styling tool used to maintain the shape of your beard.

If you feel that your beard is losing its shape halfway through the day, a beard comb is what you will pick to tidy up.

Ideally, you should have both a brush and a comb for a good-looking beard.How Often Do I Need To Use Beard Combs

How Often Do I Need To Use Beard Combs?

The answer to this depends on your beard type, how stiff your whiskers are, and how well they stay in place for particular styles.

But no matter how fine or thick your beard hair is or how intricate the style is going to be, there is a fine line between proper maintenance and over-maintenance.

These days, especially when it comes to beard grooming products like oil and shampoo, you will see manufacturers suggesting applying their products as often as possible, even several times a day. (You can read our article on how to choose beard oil or beard conditioner and the best beard shampoo here).

This is obviously a marketing trick to encourage you to use more and buy their products more often.

Overuse can lead to adverse effects. While the same is true for beard brushes, it is not true for combs.

Running a brush too often through your beard could cause the follicle to pull out and split ends.

Use your grooming products sparingly, maybe once a day or once every other day, for best results.

But on the other hand, you can use combs multiple times a day, as long as you use one that has the ideal width for your hair type.

As for shampoos, oils, and beard balms, overuse can adversely affect the natural oil (sebum) balance, and this will influence the health of your beard in the long run.

How do you Benefit by Combing your Beard?

Before we learn some of the basics of combing your beard, let’s look at the advantages of combing.
Easy application of beard moisturizer and oil
A quality comb will ensure that the beard oil is spread evenly across your beard.
Stops in-grown hair
Often, hair grows in several directions, especially if you have curly facial hair, which can lead to ingrown hair. By combing your beard on a daily basis, you guide unruly hair to grow in the right direction and prevent ingrown hair.
Clears the mouth area
People who do not use beard combs sometimes struggle with their mustache because it gets into their mouth. Combing your beard regularly is the best way to prevent food particles from getting into your mustache.
Lining up your beard
If you want your beard to grow nicely around your face, you should comb it regularly. This will “teach” your hair to grow in the right direction.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Comb Your Beard Like a Pro

Combing your head and your beard are two completely different things. If you want your beard to be nicely styled, you need to learn how experts comb their beard.

  1. Use a Comb With Wide Teeth

    The teeth of your beard comb should be wide enough for it to glide easily through the beard. When combing your hair, do not forget that your mustache also needs to be done. So as much as you need a comb with wide teeth, you also need one with small teeth to comb your mustache easily.

  2. Starting the process of combing

    Hopefully, you always comb your beard after a shower. The process is simple. Just start from the lower end of your beard and comb upwards. Your comb should face up. Start from the neck and comb upwards where the beard ends.

  3. Dealing with snags

    While combing your hair upwards or downwards, you’re likely to encounter snags. If you find snags, avoid pulling the comb because it will damage your hair.

    If you hit a snag, just remove the comb and start all over again. Beard hair does not form complicated snags that can resist combing. You can comb through snags easily by using beard oil every time you comb your beard.

  4. Downward combing

    After combing upwards, you should start the downward process. This is known as the styling process. 

    While doing this, you should also comb the mustache to prevent hair from covering your mouth. Be gentle while combing your beard and when you hit snags. If you realize that your beard is a bit tough, you can apply beard oil to make it easy for the comb to glide easily.

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