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Best Beard Conditioner for a Stunning Beard In 2023

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Do you have a nice beard that needs some upkeep?

Because beards are made up of hair, you want to take care of your beard as you would the hair on your head.

One of the most overlooked products that will keep your beard healthy is a beard conditioner, but how do you know which is the best one? Keep reading to find out about the best beard conditioner. Also, what are the differences between beard conditioner vs oil?

​​A Quick Glance At The Top 3 ​Beard ​Conditioners

​Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner ​

Polished Gentleman’s Shampoo and Conditioner is our top choice. It is a premium Beard Shampoo and Conditioner containing 100% natural ingredients. It smells really good.

Beard Necessities Natural Grizzly Beard Conditioner

​Beard Necessities Natural Grizzly Beard Conditioner

Beard Necessities conditioner is our second choice. We like this conditioner because it contains natural ingredients. It softens your beard and hydrates it.

​Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner

Bossman’s Intense Beard Conditioner is a really good choice if you have dry skin and a coarse beard, as it has deep moisturizing properties. It will keep your beard from feeling itchy and leave you with a nice scent that we like.

Why Should You Use a Beard Conditioner?

You should use a beard conditioner for the following reasons:

  • It will make your beard smell better.
  • It will eliminate frizz from your beard
  • It will make your skin smoother
  • It will smooth your beard.
  • It will eliminate knots in your beard.
  • It helps to diminish split ends.
  • It provides nutrients that your beard hair needs.
  • It protects from pollutants and dust.

While it depends on your hair texture and length, for the most part, nearly every man should be using it if they want to have a healthy beard.

The Best Beard Conditioners Reviews

The Best Beard Conditioners Reviews

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Beard Conditioner -Best Overall


Honest Amish beard balm is a great product from a USA-based company that has been producing handmade quality products for men for years.

It is vegan, and no animal testing is done.

It contains all-natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, beeswax, and peppermint oil. No preservatives are ever used in the Honest Amish beard balm, making it a little pricier than most beard balms but worth every cent.

A few notable ingredients include shea butter, avocado oil, cocoa seed butter, and a lot of carrier and essential oils that are all great for growing healthy beards.

All these ingredients have deep moisturizing and conditioning properties that keep beards soft and shiny. It also prevents beard dandruff.

Ingredients aside, this is one of the best-smelling beard balms if you like a woodsy, Anishy scent.

The scent isn’t overwhelming and won’t compete with your cologne. The scent is actually very subtle, making it perfect for daily use.

In terms of performance, Honest Amish beard balm is a light to medium hold and perfect for the beardsman who doesn’t want their beard to look shiny or flat—only full and neat. It also provides good control over unruly hairs making it great for beards of all lengths.

It is a good beard balm to keep in your gym bag as it doesn’t melt easily, and you can get a neat, tight fade when using this product.

In short, Honest Amish’s beard balm is one of the best all-natural beard conditioners on the market because it does what it sets out to do without any unneeded additives.

You can read a full review of the Honest Amish Beard Balm here.

You can read how it compares to other balms in our top beard balm article.


  • ​It moisturizes the skin and beard.
  • It is 100% natural
  • ​It eliminates frizz.


  • ​The smell may not be for everyone​.​​​

2. ​Smooth Viking Beard Balm-Leave in Wax ConditionerBest Natural Ingredients

Beard Balm with Shea Butter & Argan Oil-Leave in Wax Conditioner

You might be wondering why we are featuring another beard balm review on a beard conditioner article, and the answer is simple. Smooth Viking beard balm is more than just a beard balm. It is an all-in-one product that contains elements to hydrate, soften, and stop itchiness and beardruff while providing a strong hold for styling your beard.

It contains natural ingredients like Avocado, Safflower, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Pumpkin Seed, Castor, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and more.

What separates Smooth Viking Beard Balm from other beard conditioners is the unique selection of natural ingredients that provide extra benefits for an overall healthy beard.  Ingredients like Avocado and Safflower are rich in vitamin E that has deep moisturizing properties.

Sweet Almond provides vitamins A, B1, B2, and D and potassium, which is known for softening the beard better than any other water-soluble substance.

Jojoba Oil contains vitamins A and E, which have a high antioxidant value while removing dead skin cells from the beard.

Pumpkin Seed Oil contains fatty acids like Palmitic Acid and Linoleic Acid that protect your beard from dryness.

Castor Oil is another natural ingredient with amazing moisturizing properties combined with anti-inflammatory properties.

So now you probably understand why this beard balm is considered a good beard conditioner. But it doesn’t end there. It also contains beeswax that provides the beard balm with a strong hold for styling your beard or mustache, and Shea Butter is known to moisturize, soften and hydrate the skin.

On the other hand, the smell is a bit neutral and weird, something like oil. Some guys prefer a beard balm with a nice smell, while others don’t mind if the smell is neutral or not that strong.

We think that Smooth Viking beard balm can improve when it comes to the smell.

The bottom line is that this beard balm does what it promises and offers many benefits for your beard’s overall health.


  • ​​It smells good.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • ​​It helps to control wild beards.
  • ​It moisturizes your skin.


  • ​It may be too greasy for those with oily hair​.​​​
  • The smell is not that good.

3. Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner with Organic Beard OilBest Shampoo & Conditioner

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner with Organic Beard Oil

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Shampoo And Conditioner Set is a premium product set that will make your beard strong, smooth and healthy. It is made of natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. The products are also free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, alcohol, parabens, and artificial fragrance, which means they will not damage your skin or beard in any way.

The natural ingredients contain, among others, niacinamide, which contains vitamins that promote hair growth and moisturize your beard.

Aloe vera will hydrate your beard and is a natural healer.

Argan oil moisturizes your skin and makes your beard shiny.

Rosemary oil stimulates new hair growth, while eucalyptus oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep your skin clean from bacteria that may lead to infection if left untreated.

Finally, biotin is one of the essential vitamins that stimulate hair growth.

As you understand, this shampoo and conditioner combo has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and fights fungal infections. At the same time, the ingredients like Aloe Vera and Argan oil will hydrate your beard and keep it shiny and strong without all the harsh chemicals.

To use, you need to apply the beard wash to a wet beard and gently massage it into the roots of your hair follicles. Do this for about five minutes before rinsing with clean water. After that, apply the conditioner, keep it on for a bit, and then rinse out with lukewarm water.

You will notice that your beard is left feeling soft, smooth, shiny, and has a light herby scent.

The only con is that it is a bit pricey and might not be feasible for everyone.

Given these benefits, it is no surprise that the Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Shampoo And Conditioner Set is among the best-selling beard care products on Amazon, with over 5,000 positive reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • ​​It smells good.
  • ​It is made from natural ingredients.
  • ​​​It helps beards grow.


  • ​It doesn’t hold your beard hair in place.​​​
  • ​It isn’t a leave-in conditioner.
  • Pricey.

4. Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner – Best long-lasting

Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner

Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner is a conditioner that uses natural moisturizers and oils to hydrate your beard. It’s made in the USA, not tested on animals, is free of harsh chemicals or ingredients, and is long-lasting.

It softens and hydrates your beard so you can grow a better beard without the itchiness or flakes associated with un-moisturized facial hair.

It contains ingredients like mango butter, avocado oil, aloe leaf juice, jojoba esters, and argan oil.

Mango butter is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish hair with natural moisture. Avocado oil hydrates the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. Aloe leaf juice calms your irritated skin while jojoba esters bind to your facial hair with essential nutrients for smoother, softer strands – making it easier to grow and manage your beard. Argan oil is filled with antioxidants and fatty acids to protect your skin and hair and combat aging effects and wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a product that conditions, moisturizes, and softens your facial hair without harsh chemicals or ingredients, then Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner may just be the right one for you.

It is a very simple-to-use conditioner. Apply it after you wash your beard with a beard wash and leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing.

This is the only downside to the product is its scent. It is a bit overpowering, and some people may not like it.

You should be careful when using this product if you have sensitive skin. Cases of people experiencing breakouts have been reported, though this may just be because of the scent.

Regardless, it is a very well-made conditioner that does its job well.


  • ​It softens your beard.
  • ​​​​It helps to keep your beard from feeling itchy.
  • ​It moisturizes as a conditioner should.


  • The scent is not for everyone.
  • It might irritate your skin

5. Beard Necessities Natural Grizzly Beard Conditioner – Best Premium

Beard Necessities Natural Grizzly Beard Conditioner

Beard Necessities Conditioner is a premium conditioner for men that will moisturize the skin and soften facial hair. In addition, it can also be used as a stand-alone beard softener to keep your beard manageable and looking its best!

This conditioner contains natural ingredients, including popular items such as argan oil, aloe vera gel, orange essential oil, and more.

Aloe Vera is great for moisturizing and softening facial hair and the skin underneath.

Argan oil is popular among many skin care products because it has high amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants to prevent aging and repair damaged skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture by preventing water loss. Finally, orange essential oil has antiseptic properties that help with acne and other skin problems.

What we like most about this conditioner is that it is fragrance-free. Some men have allergies or sensitivities to strong scents, so it’s nice that this conditioner does not contain any.

It has a citrusy smell from citrus and orange peel oil, and the smell is a bit strong, and a lot of people don’t like it.

You can try this product with no risk, as it comes with a 60-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, just return it for a full refund.

At this point, we have to say that some people have mentioned that the quality and moisturizing effects have gone down lately, but when we tried it, it was good.


  • ​It softens your beard.
  • It contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera


  • ​The bottle is annoying for some.​​​
  • ​​​The citric smell may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Pricey.

Beard Conditioner Winner

Beard Conditioner FAQs

​What ​Type Of Hair Texture Do You Have?

If your beard is oily, you should be careful with how much conditioner you use or use any at all. You want to avoid the conditioners that offer extra moisture and stick to a powder-type one.

Does Your Beard Smell?

Your beard may need some help in the smell department and a conditioner can help. Unlike the hair on your head, you will be smelling your beard throughout the day and you want to choose a conditioner that has a scent you like. Mildly scented conditioners are a safe bet.

Do You Have Allergies To Certain Types Of Chemicals?

Some conditioners are made with chemicals or ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction or irritate your skin. The best thing to do is to find one that is organic and chemical-free.

Does Your Facial Skin Get Irritated Or Dries Out?

If your jaw and chin feel irritated or your skin feels extra dry, you want to look for a conditioner that will moisturize your skin. You should also read this article and pick the best beard oil to moisturize your skin. This is highly important, as you don’t want to end up shaving your beard due to a skin reaction.

Do You ​Have A ​Difficult ​Time ​Growing Your ​Beard?

There are certain conditioners that will help your hair to grow thicker and will make a difference in the appearance of your beard. You should look for one that contains vitamins that will help your beard grow.

How to Choose the right type of beard conditioner

There is a large variety of beard conditioners on the market, and at a first glance, it may be challenging to know which one is right for you, but here are some factors to consider before purchasing one.

How often should you use beard conditioner?

You can use it as a normal hair conditioner when you feel like your beard needs some conditioning. As long as you use it a couple of times per week, you will be fine.

How to Use Beard Conditioner

  1. Wash your beard with a top-quality beard shampoo

  2. Wash off the shampoo with warm water

  3. Don’t dry your beard! Add it to your hands and rub them together

  4. Apply it to your beard. Make sure to massage it well with the tips of your fingers

  5. Leave it on for a couple of minutes (1 to 5)

  6. Wash it off with warm water

  7. Take a towel and gently tap your beard dry

  8. You are good to go

The Winner

While we like all the products on our list, the best beard conditioner that deserves the title of the winner is the Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner with Organic Beard Oil.

It will provide you with the softness and moisture you want in your beard and help you if you are looking for a product that promotes beard growth and thickness.

There aren’t many conditioners that can do this, which is why this conditioner stands out.

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