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11 Best Beard Styles For Square Face

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Do you have a square face?

If so, you’re in luck. We know that having a square face can be difficult because sometimes your facial features stand out more than they should. But don’t worry! We are going to talk about the best beard styles for square faces! These unique styles will help balance out your jawline and make your face appear softer and less boxy. You won’t believe how good these looks are until you try them yourself!

You can look like a million bucks without having to spend it if you know how to choose the right beard style for your face shape. Let us help guide you through this process and find the right look for you!

Keep reading if you want to learn everything about the best beard styles for the square face shape!

square face

What is the square face?

The square-shaped face shape is typically found in men with very angular features and strong jawlines. This shape is also characterized by an angular forehead and a wide jaw.

The difference between the height and the width is minimal, if not equal (just like the round face shape) and the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw is almost the same.

Square-shaped faces have a high forehead and a strong jawline. Sometimes the jawline width is even wider than the cheekbones because of the strong masseter muscles.

Overall, the square-shaped face is a very masculine shape with angular features and is not as common as other face shapes.

This is why you should choose a beard style that will not hide your features but rather accentuate them in a good way! But more on that later…

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How to know if I have a square face shape?

The easiest way of determining your face shape is by looking at yourself in the mirror and drawing an outline of your face with a marker. But we feel that this method is not so objective; therefore, we suggest you take a measuring tape and measure the width and height of your face.

If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry! We have put together a simple guide on how to measure your face.

1) Measure your forehead width.

Take the measuring tape and measure across your forehead from one temple side to the other.

2) Measure your cheekbone width

Put the measuring tape across the widest part of your cheekbones, right below your eyes.

3) Measure your jawline width.

Measure the width of your jawline from the widest point to the other.

4) Measure your face height.

Measure the height of your face from the tip of your chin to the top of your forehead (hairline).

Voila! Now you have 4 numbers that you can work with to determine your face shape.

square face measurements

Compare the numbers, and if you meet the following conditions, then you have a square face shape:

1) As we mentioned earlier, the length of your face should be a bit more than the width of your face.

2) Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are about the same width

3) You have a strong jawline with a width that’s equal to or greater than your cheekbones

4) You don’t have rounded features; you have strong angular features

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What kind of beards you should try?

If you are lucky enough to have one of the most attractive and masculine face shapes, you should let your beard show that! You don’t have to hide your features but rather accentuate them. So choosing a stubble or beard style that is short and neat is the way to go!

You want to show off this jawline and not hide it behind a long beard.

Only if you feel that you have a very angular face and want to soften it a bit, we suggest going for longer beards, but still, keep them well-groomed.

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What kind of beards you should avoid?

You should avoid a full beard or a long beard if you have a square face shape.

We never thought that we advise against growing a full beard, but in this case, you should avoid it!

A full beard will completely hide your jawline and make your face look wider than it actually is. There’s no need to take this risk when there are so many beard styles that will accentuate your square masculine features!

Top beard styles for the square face shape

The light stubble

The light stubble Square Face

The light stubble, aka five o’clock shadow, is the shortest beard style you can go for and is great for square face shapes. You can easily get the light stubble look by shaving your beard every other day or so to keep the length of your stubble around 0.5mm.

If you choose to go for this look, choose a good aftershave balm to help soothe and protect your skin because you will be shaving a lot!

The medium stubble

The medium stubble Square Face

If you want a bit more length than the short stubble, we suggest you go for the medium stubble look.

This beard style is a bit longer than the light stubble and should be about 1.5mm to 3mm in length. You will need three to five days of beard growth to pull it off.

The Heavy stubble

The Heavy stubble Square Face

The heavy stubble is the longest of the three stubble beard styles and is great for square face shapes.

This beard’s length is about 5mm and should be kept neat and trimmed.

You will need at least 10 days of growth to achieve this look this is why some people call it the “ten-day beard.”

Once you get to this length, you should consider buying a beard trimmer to maintain it.

The short-boxed beard

The short boxed beard

If you want to go with something longer than the stubble beard styles, you should go for a short boxed beard.

This beard style is great for showing off your jawline and emphasizing the shape of your face.

To get this style, you will need to grow your beard for about a month to get to a length of about 1/2 inch.

Shaping the beard is not that easy because you will need to nail the neckline and cheek line, so it looks symmetrical. If you are doing it for the first time, we suggest you go to a professional barber.

The corporate beard

The corporate beard Square Face

The corporate beard is longer than the short boxed beard. You will need to grow your facial hair for around two months for this beard style. This beard is about 1 inch in length and should be kept neat and trimmed.

If you decide to go for this beard style, you should consider using beard oil to keep the hair healthy and conditioned.

The goatee

The goatee beard for Square Face

A favorite among men, the goatee beard style or circle beard is great for square face shapes.

To get this look, you need to shave your cheeks but leave a small patch of hair on your chin and mustache area.

What makes the goatee beard style so great for square face shapes is that it doesn’t hide your jawline, and at the same time, it gives you a bit of length.

There are different goatee variations and shapes you can try, and we are going to talk about some of them below.

The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke Beard Square Face

The first goatee variation we are going to talk about is called the Van Dyke beard.

This beard style is named after the Flemish painter Anthony van Dyke.

In this variation, the hair on your chin and mustache area is left at about 1 inch in length, and the chin beard is connected with the soul patch but not with the mustache.

This beard style is great for square face shapes because it helps elongate the chin and make it look more prominent.

The Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard for Square Face

A very similar beard style to the Van Dyke beard is the anchor beard.

The differences between these two beard styles are that the anchor beard is not that pointy and extends more to the jawline, and also the chin beard is shorter.

This beard style is great for square face shapes for the same reason as the Van Dyke beard; it elongates the chin and makes it look more prominent.

It is a really easy beard style to pull off and can be done without the help of a professional.

The Balbo Beard

The Balbo Beard for Square Face

The Balbo beard is a goatee variation that is popular among hipsters. It was named after the Italian air marshal Italo Balbo.

The Balbo beard is basically a thick mustache and an unconnected chin beard. The chin beard is longer than the mustache and should be about 2 inches in length, meaning you will need about 2 months of beard growth to get this look.

We won’t mention what makes this beard style great for square face shapes cause you should be able to guess it by now.

The Beardstache

The Beardstache style for Square Face

We have talked about stubble beards above, but how about combining your stubble with a mustache?

Mustaches are a great way to add character to your look and don’t hide your jawline.

You already know how to grow a stubble beard, so all you need to do is grow a mustache at the same time.

To grow the mustache, you should not trim the hair on your upper lip when you are trimming your stubble beard.

Just let it all grow, and then you can start shaping it into a mustache.

Keep in mind that mustaches grow slower than the rest of your beard hair, so you will need to be patient if you want to get the beardstache style.

The Soul Patch

Some people don’t even think that soul patches are actual beard styles, but we think they are a really cool and minimalistic way to make a statement. Jazz musicians were the first to popularize this beard style in the 1950s.

A soul patch is basically a small patch of hair just below your bottom lip. The length of the soul patch doesn’t matter, at least when you’re starting out. What matters the most is that it looks intentional and sophisticated.

It goes well with the square face shape because it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your face and is also a really easy beard style to maintain.

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We hope you found this article helpful. We guess that by now, you know what kind of beard styles work best for square face shapes and why, so go and try one of these styles for yourself. Just remember, it is important to experiment with different beard styles until you find the one that suits you the best.

But now is the time to hear from you!

What are your thoughts on beard styles for the square face? Do you have any other suggestions or tips to share with our readers? We would love to hear from you! Hit the comments below and let us know what you think.

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