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15 Best Hairstyles For Round Face Men

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Men with round faces have various distinguishing features, with the most common being prominent cheekbones, a round jaw, and a proportional face measurement ratio.

And because of this, choosing a hairstyle that goes well with a round face is not always the simplest task.

To help you out, we have done the hard work, and after a lot of research, we compiled a list of the top hairstyles for round-face men, so next time you visit your barber, you will know exactly what to ask for.

Some styles on our list are the pompadour with an undercut, dreadlocks, swept-back hair with a tapering fade, and a textured Caesar cut. But first, let’s talk about what a round face shape is and how to know if you have one.

What Is A Round Face Shape?

round face shape

Identifying whether or not you have a round face is not that hard. You just need to know a round face’s characteristics and see if they apply to you.

So let’s see what those characteristics are:

  • Both the width of your cheekbones and the length of your face have identical measurements.
  • Your cheekbones are more prominent than your forehead and jawline.
  • The angle formed by your jaw is not that defined and not nearly as distinct as it should be.
  • You don’t have any sharp angles but rather more… round.

Now that you know the characteristics of a round face let’s talk about how to know if you have one.

How To Know If You Have A Round Face Shape?

round face shape measurements

In this section, we will walk you through the process of determining your face’s shape.

To get started, you will need a measuring tape, a mirror, and a notepad or something where you can take some notes.

1. Check The Size Of Your Forehead

Measure your forehead at its broadest point, and keep a record of this measurement.

2. Evaluate The Length Of Your Face

To evaluate the length of your face, you should measure from the midpoint of your hairline to your chin’s tip. Write down this number as well.

3. Measure Your Cheekbones

To correctly measure your cheekbones’ width, you should start from the outer corner of one eye to the other. Take the measurements and note them down.

4. Measure Your Jawline

Start measuring the outside border of the jaw by beginning just beneath the ear at the point where your jaw begins to slant upwards and continue all the way to the center of your chin. Then multiply this number by two, and note the resulting number.

After taking all of these measurements and writing them down, you have all the data you need to determine whether or not your face is round.

Your face is round if:

  • Its length and width are roughly equivalent.
  • Your jaw is round, with no sharp angles on it.
  • Your cheekbones are the broadest part of your face.

If you don’t tick all the boxes mentioned above, you probably have a different face shape, more likely an oval face. To learn more about the oval face shape, read our guide, “10 Cool Oval Face Shape Hairstyles For Guys

What Hairstyles Look Good With The Round Face Shape?

round face hairstyles

The primary objective of this section is to help you find out what kind of hairstyles are most complimentary to a round face. To understand that, you first must understand what you are trying to achieve with your hairstyle. And, when you have a round face, you want to make it look less round and more defined.

The first feature a hairstyle should have is short hair on the sides, with longer hair on the top with a lot of texture and thickness. The result of this will be the appearance of a slimmer, more oval face.

The second feature is that the haircut length should be short (there are exceptions to this, and we will talk about them later). Long hair will add unwanted width to your face making it look even rounder. 

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What Hairstyles Look Bad With The Round Face Shape?

round face men bad hairstyles 2
Source: @thenathanjames via Instagram

Now, before talking about the best round-face haircuts, let’s talk about the hairstyles you should avoid. You should steer clear of bulky hairstyles, styles with soft fringes and bangs, buzz cuts :(, longer hair that extends toward the temples, and hairstyles that part at the center.

15 best hairstyles for round-face men

1. Low fade and textured spikes

spiky low fade
Source: @projecthairsg via Instagram

It is possible to make round features seem more angular if all sides of a haircut are kept very clean and crisp, and at the same time, the top part remains spiky & textured. This is an effective method for slimming round faces, but you should be careful because if you don’t nail the details, it won’t help. You should keep the top section sufficiently smooth and the fade not too abrupt. If you don’t pay attention to these things, then it will throw off the appropriate proportions which you are working so hard to establish.

2. A combo of a pompadour and an undercut

pompadour undercut

This is a trendy haircut that goes well with round face shapes. The fullness of the top head area will be emphasized by a swept-back pompadour, which will give you additional height, provide extra scraps of self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. As a result, no one will notice how round your face is or if your cheeks are puffy.

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3. Side bangs that frame your face

side swept bangs
Source: @adil_alinoor via Instagram

Long and edgy straight bangs falling on your forehead are among the most undesirable hairstyles for a round face shape. But, on the other hand, if you form your bangs into a frame while casually falling to the sides, they can work in your favor. This will give off an impression of coolness and sophistication, and at the same time, the imbalance of the bangs will add length to your face.

4. Dreads can be a good choice

dreadlocks round face
Source: @rafa9027 via Instagram

Do you remember when we told you that you should avoid long hair in most cases? Well, wearing deadlocks in certain ways can actually look very good on a round face. If you style your dreadlocks loosely, bunched, or pulled back into a bun, you will give height to your face, which is something you want when you have a round face. If you are a carefree man with round features, dreads are a good option since they are easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways. Are you looking for a nice long hairstyle that complements a guy with a round face? You have several options for styling dreadlocks, so give them a shot.

5. Hard part alongside a comb-over

hard part round face
Source: @the_barbercave_oldtown via Instagram

The uneven hard side part is the kind of hairstyle that perfectly fits the round-face shape guys. To begin, you’ll have a high and unique side-swept top, which adds length to a face that is round. Furthermore, it corrects the overly soft and puffy contours that are the main characteristic of a rounded face and adds some mathematical precision to the overall appearance.

6. Wavy messy hair for that carefree look

wavy hairstyle round face
Source: @akshays_salon_virar via Instagram

When considering a medium-length hairstyle, you should remember that texture plus complexity are always preferable to sleek and uniform hairdos. Add extra loose waves as well as a hint of summer frivolity, and don’t hesitate to pair it with a nice and sophisticated pointed beard to give extra length to your chin. These kinds of hairstyles and facial hair combinations are a good choice for big people with round faces. Click here to learn more about the best beards for round faces.

7. A longer-than-normal French crop

french crop round face
Source: @enzo_m3 via Instagram

Want to know something about French crops? Well, the lengthier and more contemporary a French crop looks, the closer it approaches to becoming the ultimate form of haircut for guys with round faces. When you make it eye-catching by dying it with a wild color or adding some layers on top, it has all it needs to be included in our list of the finest hairstyles for men with round faces.

8. Get a Caesar cut with some texture in it

ceasar cut round face

Don’t be afraid to try the updated version of a Caesar cut, which features texturized volume at the top and an asymmetrical fringe. You don’t need to be concerned about it looking like a French crop with spikes since those with a good sense of style will understand what you’re going for.

9. Play with some curls with bangs

curly hair with bangs
Source: @raphaellorranh via Instagram

You should exercise extreme caution when styling curls because, if done incorrectly, they can potentially distort your face’s proportions drastically. One method to style this hairstyle is to give them a tight and high skin fade or have longer bangs that are unkempt and pair them with a fancy beard.

10. An updo hairstyle and a beard to go along with it

man bun with beard round face
Source: @fades.by.bui via Instagram

If your hair’s length is sufficiently long, you can style it into a trendy man bun and pair it with a thick beard to create a prominent jawline that, along with an updo style, will make you forget you have a round face. To be honest, you don’t need a full beard to make it work; you just need something pointy to disguise your round facial features.

11. Try a blowout for something modern

blowout taper fade
Source: @lasbarberasdesevilla via Instagram

Interestingly, many different styles work well with round faces. And the good news is that most of these styles are contemporary and up-to-date. The blowout is yet another fashionable alternative for guys with round features that will give length to your face and make it look less round.

12. Straight and shaggy hair

shaggy hair round face
Source: @leahmichellehair via Instagram

For men with round faces, straight and longer hairstyles are generally not a good choice. But if you add some layering and a jagged finish, they can give your face some definition and structure.

13. A full quiff with a high fade

quiff high fade
Source: @edwardcutshair

If you have thick hair, it opens up all sorts of styling possibilities and opportunities for innovative approaches. A full quiff with a high fade will give your appearance contrast and variety. The look would be even better if you throw a thick beard with rough edges into the mix.

14. Brush it back and get a taper fade

slick back taper fade
Source: @umut_thebarber

If you want a more classic approach to your hairstyling, you can brush the top hair backward and pair it with a taper fade. The trick is not to compress the hair too much, so it adds some volume to the top. This way, you’ll achieve a perfect balance that is not too harsh nor too soft.

15. Getting a buzz cut alongside a beard

Buzz Cut Number 0

Buzz cuts are not recommended if you have a round face, but if you play your cards right, you can definitely make them work for you. How? Easy, just pair your newly minted buzz cut with a well-groomed beard styled in a pointy way, and you’ll see how your face will take on a completely new shape.

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In conclusion, you have a lot of stylish haircuts to choose from when you’re a round-faced man, so you don’t worry about not finding the right hairstyle. Pick one from our list, and you will be good to go.

And remember, always embrace your face shape and be confident in who you are.

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