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Can You Use Beard Oil After Shaving?

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If you are a beard veteran you are probably already aware of the multifaceted benefits provided by top-quality beard oil. You’ve probably already experienced how it softens, moisturizes, and tames that wiry beard hair keeping it silky smooth throughout the day (and night).

And sometimes you might be wondering if there is a way to use beard oil after shaving?

Is it ok to use beard oil on freshly shaven skin?

The quick answer:

No, you should not use beard oil after shaving, aftershave, and beard oils are not the same thing because they serve different purposes.

Beard oil is made to be used on a beard and it has ingredients that will soothe the skin underneath your beard. It will moisturize the hair and skin beneath and keep it healthy, but it won’t provide any type of protection for your face.

Aftershave is meant to be splashed on freshly shaven skin. It has carefully selected ingredients that will provide anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and cooling properties. It will close up your pores, provide a mild anesthetic to the skin, reduce swelling of your face after shaving, and it will kill any bacteria that might have gotten into your facial wounds during shaving.

Beard oil after shaving

Difference between beard oil and aftershave?

As we already mentioned these two products are designed to be used in completely different circumstances. Let’s examine their ingredients to understand why.

Aftershave ingredients

Most aftershaves contain the ingredients like witch hazel, ethanol (alcohol), glycerin, camphor, menthol, and sometimes a fragrance blend. These ingredients are carefully mixed to provide a specific set of benefits. These include cleaning your face from all possible germs and bacteria that might have gotten in during the shaving process, cooling your pores which are expanded due to the heat generated by shaving, reducing inflammation of your skin and any possible redness that might be caused by aftershave ingredients. The main purpose of these ingredients is to provide you with a refreshing feeling while also killing all germs on your face. If you are thinking about buying an aftershave balm you can read our best aftershave guide.

Beard oil ingredients

The main purpose of beard oil is to condition the hair and skin underneath your beard while also providing a manly, subtle scent. Beard oil does not contain alcohol because that would cause dry skin problems. It contains carrier oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, to make the beard soft and healthy that are carefully mixed with other natural ingredients like essential oils and vitamin E. Most beard oils don’t contain any type of fragrance as their main purpose (the scent is usually provided by natural essential oils) is to make your naturally scented beard smell like a manly forest instead of putting an artificially smelling fragrance on top of it.

After Analyzing the ingredients in both beard oil and aftershave you can easily understand why these are completely different products designed for completely different purposes. Beard oil is meant to soften the hair in your beard, moisturize the skin underneath it, make your beard smell nice while also improving its overall health.

Aftershave is meant to provide a cooling effect on freshly shaven skin, kill any possible bacteria or germs on your skin, and close up your pores.

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Difference between beard oil and aftershave

Is it bad to use beard oil after I shave?

It is not bad at all, but it is not the best thing to do. If you use beard oil after shaving you might experience some negative consequences.

After you shave your pores are expanded due to the heat generated by shaving. If you apply beard oil after shaving it will get deep inside your pores and might clog them up. You certainly don’t want this and you might experience some skin issues.

It is always best to let your face breathe after shaving this is why we recommend that you use aftershave and wait a few minutes before applying any other products on your face.

If you insist to use beard oil as an aftershave you should choose one with carriers oils that have a light viscosity meaning that they will get inside your pores slowly and won’t clog them. Some carrier oils with light viscosity are jojoba oil and Avocado oil. Your beard oil mix should also include essential oils with antiseptic and antibacterial properties like eucalyptus oil and thyme oil. It will be difficult to find a beard oil that includes these specific oils so you might have to make homemade beard oil.

If you have sensitive skin you should be really careful because the essential oils we mentioned are really strong and might irritate your skin.

Can I use beard oil before I shave?

Using beard oil before you shave is a better idea because it will soften your beard and prepare your skin for shaving. The carrier oils will moisturize your skin and soften up your beard. You can use pre-shave oils instead of beard oil, but they will be more expensive.

If you decide to use it before you shave make sure not to apply too much beard oil because it might clog your razor and give you a hard time shaving.

The right amount is a couple of drops that you can massage into your beard. You should leave it on for a few minutes before shaving to let the carrier oils penetrate deeper into your skin and hair.

After you are done shaving just wash off the leftover oil from your face with cold water and apply your aftershave.

choosing carrier oil

Does beard oil prevent ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are caused by the sharp edges of your beard that curl and grow back into the skin. This might happen if you shave against the direction of your hair growth, don’t exfoliate or moisturize enough, or you start using a new product on your face that may cause some irritation like cologne or aftershave.

If you suffer from ingrown hair beard oil can prevent them if you use it before you shave. Like already mentioned it will soften up your beard and make it easier to shave, but it won’t completely prevent them because the primary cause of ingrown hairs is actually the use of a razor (shaving against the direction of hair growth).

The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to shave regularly, moisturize your face after you shave, exfoliate all the dead skin cells from your face at least once a week, and stop using cologne or any other products that might irritate your skin.


We have made our case and now you should have a better understanding if you should use beard oil as an aftershave, but we want to hear your opinion. What do you think? Have you tried beard oil after shaving before, and if so how did it work out for you? Comment below to let us know! For more information about your skin or facial hair care check out our other articles.

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