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How to Grow A Conor McGregor Beard Easily [Photos]

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Conor McGregor is one of the most popular athletes in the MMA world; he has an intense personality and loves to fight. His beard game is also on point, which makes him even more interesting. The Irishman has a ginger beard that he maintains with great care, so it always looks fresh and neat – or as fresh and neat as a man’s beard can look anyway! In this blog post, we will discuss Conor’s beard style and how you can get it yourself.

But first, let’s talk about who Conor McGregor is.

For those of you who aren’t really into Mixed Martial Arts, Conor “Notorious” McGregor is a professional fighter from Dublin, Ireland. He has made an impact on the sport similar to what Lebron James has done for basketball, not only because he is good in the Octagon, but because he is also a huge showman. To date, he has won 22 out of his 28 fights and lost only 6 times. He really likes to provoke his opponents to the point where fans have been starting to wonder if he’s really being serious or just playing a role.

To date, he’s earned over $22 million in prize money and over $100 million in endorsements.

But enough about the MMA, let’s talk now about McGregor’s beard.

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Conor McGregor beard styles

While the standard Conor McGregor beard style is the Garibaldi, he likes experimenting.

Some of his most notable styles include:

The Garibaldi Beard

Conor McGregor Garibaldi Beard style

As mentioned above, the Garibaldi is McGregor’s most common beard style.

It is a medium-length beard, and we are going to talk later about how to get this look yourself.

The Full Beard Style

Conor McGregor Full Beard Style

Conor McGregor has tried this style on more than one occasion, but it never seems to be consistent when he does it. This makes us think that he is not that patient with growing a full beard.

A full beard with a small handlebar mustache

Conor McGregor full beard with handlebar mustache

This is a pretty cool style Conor McGregor has tried. He has tried having both a full beard and a small handlebar mustache, and we think that this is a more challenging look than the plain beard he usually sports.

Bushy quarantine beard

Conor McGregor Bushy quarantine beard

During the coronavirus outbreak, Conor McGregor uploaded a video of himself sporting a really long beard that had a very bushy and unkempt look. This is not the usual beard that the UFC fighter has, but we think it looks interesting on him.

Heavy Stubble with a goatee

Conor McGregor Heavy Stubble with a goatee

The UFC fighter sported this style in his early days, and it is a pretty simple beard style. It is just a heavy stubble beard with a goatee, and to be honest, it suited him really well.

Conor McGregor Medium Stubble

Conor McGregor Medium Stubble

Another stubble style Conor has tried was the medium stubble. It is one of his most popular styles, and it is also one that we think looks really nice on him.

Conor McGregor Without a Beard

Conor McGregor Shaved

We know that this article is about beard styles, but we wanted to show you how Conor looks without a beard, in case you were curious.

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Conor Mc Gregor Face Shape

If you’re wondering what Conor McGregor’s face shape is, it’s an oval one.

The oval is a face shape with almost no angles or curves, making it look smooth. It is naturally wide at the forehead and narrows down towards the chin.

An oval-shaped face looks good with most beard styles, so if you have an oval face shape, do not be afraid to experiment with a number of different beard styles.

How to Grow Conor McGregor Beard Style

We have listed different beard styles above, but when we talk about the Conor Mcgregor beard style, we are talking about the Garibaldi.

So what is the Garibaldi beard style?

The Garibaldi beard style is a full beard style that has a medium length (8 inches, about 20cm tops) and a rounded bottom.

It is so named because it was the style worn by Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was a military and political leader of Italy’s struggle for unification.

Conor McGregor Face Shape

How do you get the Garibaldi beard style?

Like any beard style, the first step is to let your facial hair grow.

If you read our blog, you already know that your beard growth rate is on average 1/2 inch per month, so if you do the math, you need to grow your beard for at least 4 months before you consider trying the Garibaldi.

During the growth phase, you will need ta take care of your beard. The best way to do that is to wash and condition it regularly with a proper beard shampoo and conditioner.

We also recommend applying beard oil to keep your facial hair nourished and moisturized.

If you want to grow a healthy, full, and thick beard, you must also make some lifestyle changes too. That means eating a proper diet and exercising daily.

Having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is crucial if you want to maximize your facial hair growth rate. A healthy lifestyle will increase your body’s testosterone levels, which stimulates beard growth.

After all, a healthy body = a healthy beard.

Don’t you think Conor McGregor has a healthy lifestyle? Well, we think he does, and that is why his beard game is spot on.

If you have a patchy beard or are struggling with beard growth, you can try using other products like minoxidil (Rogaine for beards) or a beard roller.

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How to shape the Conor McGregor beard?

So after about four months of growing and taking care of your beard, you can start shaping it.

For the shaping phase, there are a few steps you need to follow.

The first step is trimming your beard. For this, you will need a powerful long beard trimmer without the guard on.

  1. Do the round bottom of the beard first. Take your trimmer without a guard on and shape a round shape to the bottom of your beard. The secret is not overdoing it. You don’t want to cut a lot of hair here. Remember, you are shaping, not trimming!
  2. Now you should take care of the neckline and cheek line. The neckline should be two fingers above your Adam’s apple, and the cheek line should start at the lowest part of your nose.
  3. Then you should trim the sides! This is the secret to the Garibaldi style. Because it is a round style, you need to taper the sides so your face won’t look like a balloon. Take your beard trimmer with a guard on and start trimming from your jawline upwards till you have covered the sides of the beard.
  4. The final step is to take a pair of scissors and do your mustache and flyaway hairs.
Conor McGregor

How to maintain Conor McGregor’s beard style?

It is really easy to maintain the Garibaldi beard. All you have to do is follow the shaping process once a week, and you will be fine.


Now you know everything about the Conor McGregor beard style and how to get it. We know you will look great with this beard style, and we hope we helped you learn some new things today.

Stay tuned for more awesome beard grooming tips, and please leave your comments below.

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