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Coolest Beard Styles for Men in 2023

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​Beards have never been more popular. They transform a man’s face as well as bring a new level of style and sophistication to an average look. There are numerous styles, shapes, and lengths for any face shape. If you are a first-time grower or looking for something new, check out this list of the best beard styles of 2022.

​1. The Verdi​

​This beard was made famous by 19th-century composer Giuseppe Verdi. This short, rounded beard is coupled with a meticulously styled mustache. It looks best on men with triangular-shaped faces.

Giuseppe Verdi
By Giovanni Boldini – Ruiz-Healy Times: “De 1813 – Nació Giuseppe Verdi“, by Eduardo Ruíz-Healy. Published 10 October 2014; Accessed 1 July 2015., Public Domain, Link

​How to Do it

To achieve this beard, you start with a short, full beard. Keep the hair on your chin and the lower part of your face full and thick. Keep the hair on your upper cheeks toward your ears short and shaven so. The mustache should be separate from the beard and not extend below the corners of your mouth. Turn up the edges for the distinctive Verdi look.​

​2. The Garibaldi​

​Named for the famed Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, this beard is full and generally worn unkempt. The main feature of this board is its rounded bottom. It is best worn by men with a larger frame.

By Pacifico Tagliacozzo, Rome – i-s-burr, Scotland, Public Domain, Link

How to Do it

​The Garibaldi consists of a full beard and a mustache. This mid-length beard should extend no more than 7 inches past your chin. The base should be wide and rounded without appearing overly groomed. You mustache can extend past your mouth but should be kept manicured.

​3. The Full Beard​

​While often the starting point for other beard styles on this list, the full beard can be a stand-alone style for men capable of growing one. The full beard has been the height of masculinity and graced the faces of men like George Clooney and Chuck Norris.

Full Beard

How to Do it

​The full beard is thick and extends from your upper lip, across your cheeks, down your sideburns, and over and under your chin. Obtaining a full beard takes time, generally four to six weeks of growth.​

​4. The Goatee​

​The Goatee, named after the clump of hair on the chin of a goat, has generally been associated with those of dubious moral character. One of the classic examples of a goatee can be found in ​Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt. This facial hair style is a good choice for those with pointy or weak chins.

goatee beard

How to Do it

​To get this look, start by shaving your cheeks, sideburns, and neck. Leave hair only below your mouth and on your chin. Shave the hair below the corner of your mouth so that your goatee extends in a semi-circle around your chin. There are many variations of the goatee you can try, like the extended goatee, the chin puff, and the long goatee with short sides.

​5. The Bandholz​

​Named for urban beards-man Eric Bandholz, this beard has come to represent the pinnacle of modern facial hair for men. Bandholz’s beard is thick, full, and long. It includes a long, fully connected mustache. Similar to the Garibaldi, the Bandholz beard extends down from your sideburns to a rounded bottom. Unlike the Garibaldi, this beard style is encouraged to grow as long and full as possible.

eric bandholz

Source: ​​Twitter

How to Do it

​To obtain this look takes patience and time. Eric Bandholz recommends a healthy diet, testosterone-producing exercises, and fish oil supplements to encourage beard growth. ​ You should apply beard balm or oil to keep the beard from being frizzy.

​6. The Hollywoodian ​

​A favorite of Leonardo DiCaprio, this beard style consists of an integrated mustache, hair along the jaw, and shaved cheeks and side-burns.

The Hollywoodian ​Berad style

How to Do it

​To get this look, grow your facial hair for four weeks. Shave your cheeks, side-burns, and neck. Leave a short hair line extending from the bottom of your ear to the side of your chin. Keep your mustache short but do not trim the hair that connects it to your beard.

​7. The Zappa ​

​This beard represents the signature style of rocker Frank Zappa. It consists of a thick mustache and soul patch.

frank zappa

By Jean-Luc – originally posted to Flickr as FRANK ZAPPA, CC BY 2.0, Link

How to Do it

​Once you have grown a bushy mustache that covers more than half of your top lip, shave the top so that it forms a straight line on top. The ends should extend past your bottom lip. Shape the soul patch into a small, rectangular box that does not cover the entirety of your chin.

​8. The Balbo ​

​Originally worn by fascist Italian henchman Italo Balbo during WWII (), the Balbo has since become the stylish mainstay for many guys.​ It is really similar to Tony Starks’s beard and consists of three parts – a trimmed mustache, a patch of hair under the bottom lip, and chin hair. It is perfect if you have a narrow chin. Both the mustache and the beard should be kept short.


By Unknown – recoupe d’un fichier domaine public déjà sur commons., Public Domain, Link

How to Do it

​To obtain this look, you must first grow a mustache. Your beard should start below your mustache, cover your chin, and extend up to the patch under your lip. Your cheeks and sideburns should be shaven clean. You should also remove the hair between your beard and the patch under your lip so that it forms the shape of an inverted “T”.

9. The Van Dyke

​This beard style is a variant of The Goatee by adding an attached mustache. Originally worn by 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this style is still a favorite of modern Renaissance men like Johnny Depp. When coupled with a curled mustache, this look can give any face an artsy look.


By Anthony van DyckWeb Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain, Link

How to Do it

​You will need to remove all hair from your cheeks, sideburns, and throat for this look. Shape the hair under your mouth and on your chin into a half-circle. Finally, shave the hair under the corners of your mouth so that your mustache and beard do not touch.

​Regardless of your beard type, you must be ready to give it proper maintenance and care in order for your beard to look its best. Invest in a good beard comb and top conditioner to ensure your beard hair is soft and free from split ends or tangles. Find the highest quality beard Oil or a really good 100% natural balm that can be used to sculpt both your beard and mustache.

If you can’t grow a mustache, check out our beard without mustache coolest beard styles.

10. The Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard is a classic beard style for men.

It is a full beard style that is characterized by a V-shaped chin beard that points downwards.

It is a beard style that suits most face shapes, but it is especially suited for men with oval or round face shapes because the pointed chin beard makes the face appear longer.

The name “ducktail” comes from its similarity to the tail feathers of ducks, which points downwards as well.

It is a versatile full beard style that can be combined with many different types of hairstyles, both short and long.

man with ducktail beard

How to Do it

Getting a ducktail beard is not that hard at all. The first thing you have to do is to grow a full beard. You will need about 3-4 months to get a full beard.

After growing a full beard, you should shape it into a ducktail beard. The first step is trimming the sides of your beard using a beard trimmer.

Then all you have to do is to shape the chin beard to the distinctive ducktail shape. You can read about all the details in this article: The Ducktail Beard Style Guide.

11. The 5mm Beard aka heavy stubble

The heavy stubble is a very cool-looking beard style, and it’s a great classic look for guys who want a rugged kind of look. It is probably one of the easiest beard styles to grow, which is why many beginners opt for it.

Classic Heavy Stubble Beard

How to do It

To grow a 5mm beard, all you have to do is let your beard grow for about ten days.

Then just take your beard trimmer, a 5mm guard, and even everything up.

It’s that simple!

If you want more information about the heavy stubble, check out this page: Heavy Stubble Beard Style Aka 5mm Beard Guide: How To Grow, Trim & More

12. The Viking beard

The Viking beard is one of the most iconic symbols of Norse culture. It is not a specific beard style but rather the act of letting your facial hair grow unchecked.

ragnar vikings beard

How to Do It

If you want to try the Viking beard style, all you have to do is to let your facial hair grow out till you get a nice bushy appearance; for more information on growing a Viking beard and some cool photos of Viking beards, check out this article: 10 Best Viking Beard Styles: Photos & How To Grow

13. The Beardstache

The beardstache is a combination of a mustache and a heavy stubble. It is a really manly look that is quite popular now.

Medium beardstache

How To Do It

To grow a beardstache you have to grow a heavy stubble and, at the same time grow a mustache. We have a whole article on how to grow a beardstache, that you can check here: Beardstache Style: The Ultimate Guide

14. The Lumberjack’s beard

The lumberjack beard is a full hipster beard. There is no difference between a lumberjack beard and the full beard. It is about the overall style of the guy with the beard.

What is the lumberjack beard

How To Do It

To grow a lumberjack beard, you need to grow a full beard. If you want to know more about this beard style, read our Lumberjack beard guide.

15. The Yeard Beard

The yeard beard is something anyone can get. But what exactly is it? The yeard beard, in its simplest definition, is one year’s worth of full beard growth without ever trimming or shaping it. This means you are to grow your entire beard for an entire year. That includes the mustache and everything!

Tips for growing the yeard beard

How To Do It

Growing a yeard beard is not such an easy task. It requires great patience and self-control; for this reason, we have created a guide you can check here: The Yeard Beard Style: Everything about The 12-Month Beard.

16. Light Stubble aka 0.5mm Beard

The light stubble is the shortest length of beard, requiring about 1-2 days of growth for a man to get. It suits all face shapes as it doesn’t add too much volume, but it still provides a man with a stylish well-groomed look.

Classic Light Stubble

How To Do It

Growing a light stubble is pretty straightforward; you just have to stop shaving for one to two days.

To learn more about the light stubble, check this article: Light Stubble: The 0.5mm Beard Mega Guide

17. Asian Beard

The Asian beard is not a specific beard style but rather a term used to describe the facial hair of Asian men. We think Asian guys with beards are really cool and should be celebrated!


How To Do It

If you want to grow an Asian beard, the first step is to choose the right style for you. There are a lot of great options out there, so take your time and find the one that best suits your face shape and personality.

Once you’ve chosen a style, it’s time to start growing!


Best-beard-styles-2022 infographic

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