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How To Grow A Drake Beard: 4 Styles With Photos

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Drake, the Canadian rapper and singer is famous for his love for music but also for his love for facial hair. His signature beard style has been a topic of conversation among fans and critics alike, but it’s clear that he doesn’t care what you think. From stubble to longer beards, we’re going to take a look at drake’s best beard moments. 

But before we dive in, let’s first talk about Drake.

Drake is a rapper and singer from Toronto, Canada. He started his career in television in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he became a household name with the release of his album Thank Me Later.

Since then, Drake has become one of the best-selling artists in recent years. His music is inspired by personal experiences and observations from life as well as from other people. Drake has a song for every occasion, from love to hate, and his lyrics are relatable to many listeners.

But let’s now talk about the good stuff – Drake’s kick-ass beard.

drake beard styles

While Drake has tried out several beard styles, there are some that he has stuck with for a much longer period. The most iconic one is the short boxed beard, and this is the beard style that Drake has had for quite some time.

Short Boxed Beard Style

Drake Short Boxed Beard Style

The short boxed beard is a relatively short and simple beard style. It has defined lines and looks best on men with shorter faces.

It is not that easy to shape the beard properly, and the result might not be as defined as you want it to be. However, if done right, this beard style can really alter your appearance for the better.

We will talk later about how to style this beard type.


Drake Sideburns style

When Drake was playing in the Anchorman 2 movie, he was sporting a very unique sideburns beard style. He had medium stubble with thick sideburns that, along with his afro hair, made him look very different from his usual self.

This beard style is definitely for those who like to experiment with their looks every once in a while.

Medium Stubble

Drake Medium Stubble

If you like shorter stubble beards, you can opt for this style.

This is one of the most popular beard styles because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance. There’s no way to get wrong when styling a medium stubble beard – you just need to grow it for a few weeks and trim it every few days to keep it nice and tidy.

Full Beard

Drake Full Beard

During the quarantine, Drake went for a full beard look.

We liked that even though the length was longer, he kept his neckline and cheek line clean.

Full beards can be high maintenance, and you should always keep this in mind when going for a full beard style. Full beards can look classy and stylish if you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort.

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Drake Face Shape

Drake has an oval face shape; this is a very lucky coincidence because most beard styles look good on him.

But you don’t need to have an oval face to pull off these beard styles. As long as you like the style, you can get it and rock it!

How to Grow Drake’s Beard Style

To get a beard like Drake, the first thing you will need to do is to grow it out.

So, grow your facial hair for around 8 weeks, which will allow it to reach a decent length. Then depending on how long your beard is, you will need to style it.

For this, you will need to use a beard trimmer with a guard on to even it out to the desired length.

The easy part is over now!

Now you will need to style the cheek lines. Take a razor and start shaving at the point where your mustache meets your beard and above at a 90-degree angle.

After you are done with the cheek line, you will need to do the neckline.

An easy trick to find where you should start shaving is to find the top of your Adam’s apple. Two fingers above this spot is your neckline and you should start shaving from there and below.

You might not get the perfect neckline or cheek line the first time, but don’t worry about it; you will definitely get better with practice.

If it sounds very difficult, you can always go to a barber and ask him to do it for you.


How to maintain the Drake beard style

If you know how to shape a Drake beard, then you know how to maintain it.

To maintain it, you will need to do the same things you did while shaping it once a week. Simple as that!

The important thing to remember is that you don’t need fancy tools or products to style this beard. If you have a trimmer with different length options, it’s good for shaping the cheek line and the neckline.

For styling purposes, some men like using balms or waxes, while others prefer using beard oil.

We think beard oil is essential because it softens your beard, makes it healthier, gives you a nice smell, and moisturizes the skin underneath.

But if you have an unruly beard, you can use a balm or beard wax.

Beard oil is very easy to use; just put 2-3 drops in your hand and work it through your beard with your fingers. The oil will spread evenly throughout the hairs and make them softer.

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What does Drake use for his beard?

We don’t know for sure what Drake uses for his beard, but he definitely uses beard products like oil.
He has a shiny and thick beard, and we think it’s due to all of his beard products.

What length is Drake’s beard?

Drake’s beard length is about 1/4 inch (6mm). You can grow your beard longer or shorter, depending on what you prefer.

Is Drake’s beard fake?

There have been rumors that Drake’s beard was fake, along with some low-quality pictures where his beard was falling off.
However, he has rocked so many different beard styles, and by just seeing him on a medium stubble, we can understand that he has thick beard growth, so no, we don’t think his beard is fake.


If you are Drake’s fan or if you just like beards and want to grow a beard like him, now you know how to do it.

You just need to grow your beard hair, line it up, and keep grooming it regularly.

You can experiment with different lengths or simply stick to this length. But you should not choose your beard style just because Drake or another celebrity has it; you need to try different styles and see which one fits you best.

Just make sure that no matter what style you choose, your beard is healthy and shiny!

Let us know in the comments if you are going to get the Drake’s Beard style now!

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