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The Ducktail beard Style Guide: Different styles and how to grow and trim it

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Do you want to grow a ducktail beard?

The Ducktail is one of the most versatile and popular beard styles. It’s easy to maintain, looks great on everyone (well, almost everyone), and can be styled in many different ways. Keep reading this article, and you’ll learn how to grow it out, what products you will need, and how long it takes before you see results. We even have tips on trimming your facial hair so that it always looks sharp!

So, If you’re ready to take control of your look with a stylish new beard, this guide is for you! Whether you just started growing one or are looking for some fresh ideas, we have everything you need in our comprehensive guide. From the basics like choosing the right tools all the way through styling techniques – we cover everything about this classic look so that anyone can rock it! Plus, plenty of pictures are included, so if you don’t understand what we mean, no problem! Just follow along step by step until your ducktail beard is perfect every time. And once it’s done – show us what ya got on Instagram!!

Keep reading, and let us help you.

What is a ducktail beard?

A ducktail beard, aka a tailback, duck’s ass, and duckbill, is a full facial hair style called “ducktail” because of the way it looks when grown out and styled properly. It is tapered in a V shape that makes it look like the tail feathers on a duck. thus the name.

The ducktail is one of the most popular types of facial hair. It has been around since the 1930s, but it was not until more recently that it became a trend all over again.

It is similar to a pointy beard, but the difference is that a ducktail beard doesn’t have such a pointed end.

How to grow a ducktail beard?

The ducktail beard can be worn by all people who have full enough facial hair and don’t suffer from patches where the hair does not grow. You are the perfect candidate if you have a bushy or puffy beard.

The first thing to do is to grow a full long beard. If you consider that a beard grows 1/2 inch per month and you need at least two inches of facial hair to grow a full ducktail, you will need about four months to grow your ducktail beard.

During the beard growth process, make sure to use a good beard oil to give your facial hair all the nutrients it needs. You should also get a good beard comb to comb your beard and a good beard balm to keep it in place.

After you have a full beard, you can start shaping it, but more on that later.

What Face do Shapes look good with the Ducktail Beard Style?

Now that you know if you can have a ducktail and how to grow it let’s see the face styles that look good with this beard style.

diamond face


The diamond face shape will look good with the ducktail because it will balance out your jawline. Moreover, it will help you to bring attention away from your strong chin.

oval face


This is probably the best face shape to have a ducktail beard because oval faces are generally considered one of the most beautiful and attractive shapes. So if you have an oval face, then you have definitely lucked out.

long face


This shape is great because the ducktail will give you a more oval appearance. So don’t be afraid to try this beard style if you have a rectangular face shape; just make sure to keep your beard nicely trimmed and in shape.

square face


If you have a square face shape, then the ducktail beard will work well because it will soften your facial features. The oval-shaped forehead combined with the chin and jawline will get softened by your beard, giving this style an appealing look.

round face


This is the only face shape that doesn’t look good with a ducktail beard. It will make your face seem even longer than it already is, so if you have an oblong face shape, you should go for another beard style.

What are the different Ducktail Beard styles?

Top Ducktail Beard styles

There are many ducktail beard styles that you can choose from. Some of the most famous are:

Long Ducktail Beard Style

Long Ducktail beard

The long ducktail beard style is the most popular type of ducktail. It is characterized by its long hair that hangs down from the chin and tapers to a point at the bottom. To get this look, you will need to grow your beard out for several months, so it is not a style for everyone.

Long Ducktail with Handlebar Mustache

Long Ducktail with Handlebar Mustache style

This style is similar to the long ducktail beard but has a handlebar mustache added.

Short Ducktail Beard style

Short Ducktail Beard

This facial hair style is another variation of the classic ducktail but in a shorter version. You will need at least an inch of facial hair to get this ducktail style, and you don’t need to grow a full beard first.

Short Ducktail Beard Style with Handlebar Mustache

Short Ducktail Beard Style with Handlebar Mustache style

This ducktail variation is similar to the long ducktail with the handlebar mustache, but the ducktail is shorter and combined with a handlebar mustache that can be styled in many different ways to give you a unique look.

Faded Ducktail Style

Faded Ducktail

This ducktail beard style is a great choice for those who want a more modern look. In this style, the hair is faded on the sides and gradually gets longer as it goes down the chin. If you want to try this style, you will need to visit a barber because it is not easy to do it yourself.

The Faded Ducktail Beard with Pointed Edge

The Ducktail Beard faded with Pointed Edge style

This beard style looks like the faded ducktail but with a pointed edge. It’s a great style for those who want to add get a more sharp look.

Round Bottom Ducktail Beard style

Round Bottom Ducktail Beard

While the ducktail beard is about the point at the bottom, this style takes things differently by rounding it off. It gives a more natural look and is suited for guys with weak chins who want to add more volume to it.

The Ducktail Beard with Chin Strap

The Ducktail Beard with Chin Strap style

This is a combination of a chinstrap and goatee beard. It is not a 100% ducktail beard but a very popular style. It will give you a more pointy look, which is why it is a good choice for those with a round face.

What is the French Style Ducktail Beard?

The French Style Ducktail beard is a variation of the regular ducktail beard. The only difference is that the cheeks are shaved clean, giving it a more “Frenchy” sophisticated look and is a great choice for those who want to look stylish and elegant. While it is a great choice, we think the regular ducktail beard looks better.

How to trim a ducktail beard

How to trim a ducktail beard

Now that you know how to grow a ducktail beard and the face shapes that look well with it let’s see how to trim it.

Trimming a ducktail beard style is not an easy task and requires a lot of precision and patience.

Going to a barber might be the best option if you are doing it for the first time. But if you are confident enough to do it by yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Clean and comb your beard. This is the first step before trimming a beard. Wash your face with soap and water, and make sure to scrub it well cause chin hair, in particular, can get very dirty! Once you are done washing your face, you should comb your beard. Use a comb with fine teeth in order to not damage your hair.
  2. Trim the sides. Start by combing your beard down, take your long beard trimmer with a 2” guard on, and start trimming the sides of your beard. You should start at the bottom of your cheeks and slowly move upwards. Remember to go slow as you don’t want to take too much hair off.
  3. Trim the neckline. Next is cleaning up your neckline using a beard trimmer or a straight razor. Use your beard trimmer to gently trim your neckline. If you choose a straight razor, make sure not to press down on it and get injured.
  4. Shave around Adam’s apple. Use a razor and get rid of any excess hair and leave everything smooth.
  5. Trim the mustache area. This area requires a little bit of caution, so do not rush it! Comb your beard down and use a beard trimmer with an adjustable guard to trim the mustache. Trim only the hair that covers your upper lip. Finally, use beard scissors to clean any hairs that are out of place.
  6. Trim your chin. For this last step, beard trimmers are the best option. Trim your chin into a V shape and make sure to take small portions of hair off at a time. Comb down any excess that may stick out too much or not match the rest of the beard. At this step, you are going to decide how pointy your ducktail is going to be.
  7. Style your ducktail beard. Once you are happy with your beard, it is time to style it. A beard balm or beard butter will help you out a lot at this stage since they will make your beard more manageable and moisturize the beard hair. Use a beard comb or a small brush in order to shape your ducktail beard by brushing down all hairs in the same direction for a nice look.
  8. Maintain your ducktail. You should follow the steps we mentioned above when you start to notice that your facial hair grows and is becoming unruly again with beard hair sticking out. The key is not to let it get too long in between trims, so keep checking on it daily and weekly and take care of any split ends or stray hairs that look out of place right away.

Here you can see a video of how a pro does it:

Celebrities with ducktail beards

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt ducktail

Brad Pit is one of the celebrities that have ducktail beards. He is known for his ducktail beard and impressive shape. He has played in many movies like Fight Club, Moneyball, and 12 monkeys. He is one of the most popular actors known today for his ducktail beard.

Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio ducktail

Another celebrity with a ducktail beard is Leonardo DiCaprio. His ducktail beard is one of the most famous ones, and he has been seen in many movies with that beard type. He has also tried other styles like the goatee beard, but his ducktail beard is still one of the most known and popular.

Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling ducktail

Ryan Gosling is also a ducktail beard fan. He is a Canadian actor, and he has been seen in many movies like The Notebook and Crazy stupid love. He likes shorter beards like the heavy stubble but likes to sport a short ducktail from time to time.

Charlie Hunnam

charlie hunnam ducktail

Charlie Hunnam is another famous actor with a ducktail beard. He was the star in the series Sons of Anarchy. He looks great with his ducktail beard and is known for that style.

Jamie Foxx

jamie foxx ducktail

Jamie Foxx is another celebrity with a ducktail beard. He is known for his roles in movies like Django Unchained, Ray, and The Soloist.

James Harden

James Harden Ducktail beard

NBA superstar James Harden is famous for his full beard but has tried the ducktail beard, which looked great! By the way, have you seen James Harden without a beard?

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Haircuts that go along well with ducktail beards

Some haircuts that go along well with ducktail beards are buzz cuts, fade haircuts, and undercuts.

Buzz cuts are very short haircuts where all the hair is cut to the same length. This style goes well with ducktail beards because it allows the beard to be the show’s star, giving you a very masculine look.

Fade haircuts are also a good choice if you want to sport a ducktail beard. This is a type of haircut where the hair is shorter on the sides and gradually gets longer as it goes to the top of the head. This style works well with ducktail beards because of the contrast between the short sides and the long top help to make the beard stand out even more.

If you prefer ducktails, undercut haircuts are also a great option. Undercuts involve shaving the sides of your head very short and leaving the top longer. This style is perfect for those who want a really eye-catching look. The short sides help to make the beard appear even fuller and more luxurious.

Man with Faded Ducktail beard

Tools & Beard Products for Ducktail Facial Hair

If you want a killer ducktail, you need the proper tools to achieve the look.

First, you will need a beard trimmer. There are multiple types, but it is best if your trimmer has adjustable settings which allow you to choose how long or short your hair should be cut. Beard scissors can be really helpful too, but they require more time and precision than a good trimmer.

The second thing you need to buy is beard oil. You should use beard oil daily on your beard to keep it hydrated and healthy. Beard oil works as a beard moisturizer, and it prevents your skin from drying out, which is very important if you want to avoid itchiness or ingrown hairs and keep your ducktail beard healthy. You can see here how to make your own beard oil.

A Beard shaping tool is also an essential tool for ducktail beards. It allows you to shape a ducktail beard and creates more defined lines that ensure everything looks neater and cleaner.

You will also need a beard comb with larger teeth. The reason for this is that it will allow you to comb your beard thoroughly and make sure all the knots are out of the beard.

In your everyday routine, you should include a beard shampoo. It will clean your beard, but it will also remove product buildup and make sure that beard oil penetrates the skin better.

Another beard care product you should consider buying is beard balm. Beard balms are made from a mix of carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax. It is a must product as it will moisturize the skin underneath your beard as well as help you shape a ducktail beard.

Ducktail FAQ

Is Ducktail Beard Attractive?

Yes, ducktail beards are very attractive. They look masculine and stylish. They also frame a man’s face and give him an aura of strength.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Ducktail Beard?

As we mentioned above it will take about 4 months to grow a full beard that can be shaped into a ducktail.

What Is The Best Type Of Ducktail Beard?

This really depends on your preferences and face shape. You can opt for longer or shorter beards, depending on how much time you have to spend grooming it every day. If you do not like frequent maintenance, then go with a long ducktail beard.

What Is The Difference Between A Ducktail Beard And A Goatee?

A goatee is when you shave the hair off of your chin and leave a mustache. A ducktail beard is where you completely shape your facial hair into a point at the end of your chin.

Are Ducktail Beards Becoming More Popular?

Yes, many celebrities like the ones mentioned above and regular people like to sport them, so they are definitely getting more popular.

Will My Face Look Better With A Ducktail Beard?

The answer to this question is it depends on your face shape. If you have a rounder face, then it will look better with this type of beard because the lines are more defined and they make your head appear slimmer.

How Long Should My Ducktail Be?

As we mentioned above, you can go with a long or short ducktail beard. The main thing to consider is if you can grow a full beard and your face shape.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this post, but we haven’t mentioned the most important thing you need to know about beards. You can have an awesome beard that is uniquely yours! If you want the perfect ducktail beard style for your face shape and personality type, with no fuss or muss when it comes time to trimming and shaping up your facial hair, then we’re here to help! Hit us with any questions on our social media channels (Facebook | Twitter) or use the comment section below.

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