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Heavy Stubble Beard Style aka 5mm Beard Guide: How to Grow, Trim & More

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If you are not yet ready to commit to a full beard, a heavy stubble is the best way to go because it is very easy to grow and maintain. There are many different stubble styles you can choose from, and each varies in length. This article will give you some guidelines on how to achieve these looks so that your facial hair always feels fresh and well-groomed. 

What is a heavy stubble beard?

A heavy stubble beard (also known as the 10 days beard or 5mm beard) is a style of facial hair that ranges from 4mm to 5 mm. It took the name 10 days beard because it takes almost 10 days to reach the desired length.

The difference between the heavy stubble beard and other stubble beard styles is the length of the beard. As we mentioned, a heavy stubble beard needs about 10 days to grow, and its length is 4mm to 5mm. Other stubble beard styles like the medium stubble need about 3 to 5 days, and its length is 1mm to 2.5 mm. Lastly, the light stubble needs just 1 to 2 days to grow, and its length is 0.5mm to 1mm.

To be honest, the heavy stubble is just a regular short beard that requires less time spent with your shaving tools. It allows you to have a beard without actually having to grow it out for months or spend much time on maintenance between grooming sessions.

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What Face Shape is Best for the Heavy Stubble Beard?

This beard style looks good on every face shape, but it suits men with oval face shape and square face the most.

Oval face shapes are defined by a face that is longer than it is wide, and a heavy stubble beard can help create the appearance of a stronger jawline.

Men with square face shapes also look good with the heavy stubble beard style because it helps soften and balance out strong masculine facial features such as angular cheekbones.

Men with triangular face shapes should avoid the heavy stubble in favor of goatees or full beards that help to add width where needed.

Finally, round face shapes look better with a long beard because it can give their face some length and balance out the width for a less round result.

Best Heavy Stubble Beard Styles & Examples

There are a lot of different 5mm beard styles that you can choose from. However, some are more popular than others, and they all suit different face shapes and beard hair types. Let’s take a look at some of the most common styles for this facial hair type.

Classic Heavy Stubble Beard

Classic Heavy Stubble Beard

The classic heavy stubble beard, aka lazy man’s beard, is the most popular and perhaps simplest style of all. The classic heavy stubble beard style consists of a 4mm to 5mm beard that has been left for about ten days without any maintenance apart from trimming.

As mentioned, it is suitable for men with all types of face shapes, but we recommend it as a go-to beard style for men with average face shapes.

Heavy Stubble Beard with a Mustache

Heavy Stubble Beard with a Mustache

A heavy stubble beard with a mustache is another variation of the classic style. The only difference is that the whiskers around your upper lip are left longer than the rest of the beard. A classic heavy stubble beard with a mustache is suitable for men with oval, square, and round face shapes.

Heavy Stubble goatee

Heavy Stubble goatee

The heavy stubble goatee beard is a combination of a goatee and a heavy stubble beard. You must let your facial hair grow for about three to four weeks to achieve this look. And when your beard is 7mm to 9mm long, trim your whole beard to 4mm to 5mm long and leave the goatee.

It works best for men with thin or average face shapes as it can help balance out their features.

Heavy Stubble beard with an extended goatee

Heavy Stubble beard with an extended goatee

A Stubble with an extended goatee is another variation of the stubbled goatee beard. The difference here is that the goatee section extends further to the sides. It works best for men with round and oval face shapes because it gives length and helps to balance out a round chin.

heavy stubble hollywoodian

Heavy Stubble Beard Hollywoodian

The Heavy stubble beard Hollywoodian is another variation and the only difference is that you have to trim your cheeks and neck. It is a high-maintenance style but also looks much more impressive than other styles. It is suitable for all face shapes but looks particularly good with round and triangular face shapes.

Patchy Heavy Stubble Beard

Patchy Heavy Stubble Beard

You can still opt for a heavy stubble beard look if you have a patchy beard. This style provides the perfect opportunity for guys with patchy beards as the contrast between the beard, and the patches will be less visible.

Heavy Stubble Chinstrap With Goatee

Heavy Stubble Chinstrap With Goatee

The heavy stubble chinstrap with a goatee is the perfect combination for men who have a strong chin and want to add some length to their face. It is a bit more difficult and time-consuming to maintain than a regular heavy stubble beard but is totally worth it.

To achieve this beard style, you need to grow a heavy stubble first. Afterward, create the chinstrap by shaping a straight line that starts from the ears and ends just below where your chin starts. The strap should be 10mm thick. To finish this style, you need to shape a goatee.

How to Grow Heavy Stubble?

Growing a heavy stubble beard is very easy; you just need to let your beard grow for about 10 days. After this period has passed, simply even out your heavy stubble to 5mm with a beard trimmer with the guards on.

The only thing you can do if you want during these 10 days is to trim the neckline with a razor or a stubble trimmer.

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Trimming and Maintaining a Heavy Stubble Beard

Trimming is arguably the most important part of maintaining a 5mm stubble beard. After you let your beard grow for about 10 days, it’s time to start shaping. If you’ve chosen a classic style, first you need to trim and shape the whole beard and then shave the neckline.

First, trim your whole beard with a beard trimmer with a 5mm guard. To do this properly, you should start from the neckline and work your way up to the chin hair. 

Afterward, use a sharp razor or an electric shaver to give your facial hair a neater look by shaving the neckline and cheek line.

A simple way to get an even neckline is to find your Adam’s apple and then extend an imaginary line from that spot to your earlobe on both sides.

To even out the cheek line, you should use the line formed by your nose as a guide. The point where the tip of your nose meets your cheek is where you should start shaving.

Famous Men With Heavy Stubble Beard Styles

The heavy stubble beard is really famous, and it is worn by many handsome men in Hollywood and the NBA (hello James Harden).


George Clooney is a big fan of this beard look, although he has sported other styles from time to time.

james franco heavy stubble

James Franco opts for this simple but elegant look for award ceremonies.

colin farrell heavy stubble

Colin Farrell has made the heavy stubble beard look his signature style over the years. He often mixes different beard styles together, like this classic chin strap with a thick goatee.

Chris Hemsworth heavy stubble

Chris Hemsworth is known for always sporting a well-groomed beard. Heavy stubble beard looks really good on him!

Tom hardy heavy stubble

Tom Hardy is another Hollywood star who often sports this elegant look.

Heavy Stubble Facial Hair Style Vs Other Beard styles

Heavy stubble vs Medium stubble

The main difference between these two stubble beard styles is the length. Medium stubble is shorter than a heavy stubble beard, although it is longer than the stubble most men sport on a daily basis. Medium stubble starts when your facial hair grows to 1-3mm long and is very easy to maintain with a beard trimmer.

Light stubble vs Heavy stubble

Again the difference between these two stubble beard styles is the length, as the light stubble is shorter. Light stubble starts when your facial hair grows to about 0.5mm long, and this style requires much more upkeep compared to other stubble beard styles.

Heavy Stubble vs Full Beard

If you are not sure between a full beard and a heavy stubble beard, you need to know that the former is definitely less low-maintenance. It takes more time to grow a full beard, so most men choose to stick with a stubble because it needs less commitment

We recommend starting with a heavy stubble beard, seeing if you like it, and then growing a full beard if you want to.

Heavy Stubble Do's and Dont's

Heavy Stubble Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don’t go too short with your beard as it will not be heavy stubble but light stubble.
  • Don’t shave off your stubble just because you can’t take the itchiness.
  • Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle this winter, or you could end up with dry skin, flaking skin, and an unhealthy appearance because of it.
  • Don’t let multiple styling tools become confusing. If you don’t have a beard trimmer, use hair clippers for your stubble.


What Length Is A Heavy Stubble?

Heavy stubble beard is when your facial hair grows to about 2-5mm in length. Medium stubble is when your facial hair grows to 1-3mm, light stubble starts at 0.5 mm and full beard is when your facial hair reaches 5mm.

Is Heavy Stubble Attractive?

Of course, it is an attractive facial hair style! It takes a certain type of man to pull off this look, but the results are often worth it. Many women find a man with facial hair very attractive and this stubble beard style makes you look more elegant and professional than other beard styles because of its length and styling. While there isn’t a thing like the most attractive beard style, there is always a nice style for every face. If you figure out yours, it will be much easier to achieve that look and feel more confident.

How Do You Fix Patchy Heavy Stubble?

To fix patchy heavy stubble, eat healthily and drink lots of water, exercise regularly to increase blood flow, take care of your beard by using beard oil, this will give it a healthy shine and keep the skin underneath healthy and moisturized.
Also, use mild beard shampoo on your facial hair to keep it clean and nourished.
You can also use supplements but make sure you consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

How Much Does Stubble Grow In A Day?

On average, beard hair growth rate is at 0.35mm per 24 hours. This number can vary depending on what kind of hair you have and how fast your hair grows.

Is Bald Head And Heavy Stubble A Good Combination?

A Bald head and heavy stubble beard style is an interesting combination. This look works well for people who are passionate about fashion and style. A lot of famous people like Jason Statham use this combination and it has become a fashionable choice.
If you want to try this, make sure your stubble looks neat and clean. Also, keep your head closely shaved. If the stubble is too long, it may not look attractive, but if it’s too short it will not look good either.

How Often Should I Trim My Heavy Stubble?

Most men need to trim their stubble once every 2-3 days. This will ensure that your beard is neither too long nor too short.

What Tools Should I Use For My Heavy Stubble?

You can easily keep your heavy stubble looking good with a quality stubble trimmer such as Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100. This is our top pick for heavy stubble because it has very useful features such as cordless operation, adjustable trimming lengths (1-20mm), and a quick charge option.

Is Heavy Stubble Hard To Maintain?

Not at all. It is much less maintenance-intensive than other beard styles or medium stubble. If you keep your stubble at a reasonable length, it will require little styling and upkeep.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to heavy stubble beards! Now that you know how to grow a beard, the next step is deciding what beard styles suit your face. To summarize, some things worth considering are whether or not it will suit your style and face size. For more information on this topic, please visit the comments section below for feedback from fellow bearded gentlemen. Finally, thank you for reading our blog post we hope it helped!

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