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How Long Does Beard Oil Take To Work?

There are a lot of questions that go through the mind when it comes to beard care. How long does beard oil last? What is the best time to apply beard oils? Does beard oil expire? Is there anything wrong with my beard hair if I think it feels dry and brittle? But one question we get asked regularly is how long does beard oil take to work. This article will answer that question and provide you with some tips on how to use your products more effectively.

There are a lot of factors that determine how long beard products take to work. The amount used, the way you apply it, and your body chemistry are just some of the things that are at play when it comes to speeding up or slowing down how quickly your products need to work.

A quick answer is that beard oil needs six to eight weeks to start working, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Bear with us and we’ll do our best to break down all the factors below.

How long beard oil takes to see results

Factors that affect how long beard oil takes to see results

As we mention above, there are a lot of factors that affect how long it takes for your beard oil to start working and we’ll do our best to talk about them all.

1. Your Beard hair type

You should always choose your products based on your hair type. If you have a skin condition or are overly sensitive, you might want to consider different oils. These are all things that can affect how quickly oil penetrates the hair and reaches the roots. The dryer your hair is, the longer it will take for products to work. If your beard hair is smoother it will take less time.

2. Your Skin Type

Some people have smoother skin than others, which means that the pores are bigger and beard oils will get more easily absorbed. If you have an incredibly smooth skin type, you may find that beard oil takes less than the six weeks we mentioned to start working.

Arguably, this is a benefit because it means that oils will go straight to the roots and give them a shot in the arm from the very first use. However, if your skin type is on the tougher side, it’s the opposite. Oils need time to spread across your skin surface and reach into the pores–so for people with tough and dry skin, it will take longer.

3. The Beard Oil Ingredients

Different ingredients will have a different effect on how quickly oils work. For example, oils that contain Vitamin E will penetrate the beard hair faster than those without it. On the other hand, some ingredients like high viscosity carrier oils may slow down oil absorption and reach your beard hair roots less effectively.

The slower the absorption rate, the longer it will take for you to see results because it will take longer for your beard oil to start working. If you are interested in making your own beard oil you can read our DIY beard oil guide.

The length of your beard

4. The length of your beard

The length of your beard has a significant effect on how quickly oils work. In short, the longer your beard is, the more time you have to allow your products to work – and the longer you have to wait for results.

If you think about it it makes total sense because when your beard gets longer the natural sebum oil produced by your skin is not enough to moisturize your beard and make it look healthy and shiny. As a result, your beard will become dry and this is the reason the beard oils you use need more time to work.

5. The beard oil formula

We talked about the ingredients in your beard oil, but perhaps the most important thing to consider when thinking about how long it takes for beard products to work is actually the formula.

The formula of the product is what dictates how quickly the ingredients will do their job. If you have a beard oil formula that contains a lot of high viscosity carrier oils, you will find that they stay on the surface of your skin for longer and prevent ingredients from penetrating into the pores so it will take longer to work.

If your beard oil formula contains lots of essential oils and extracts, you can expect it to work faster as these ingredients are highly effective at penetrating deep into the pores even when they are diluted with other carrier oils.

This is why you should choose hight quality beard oils. You can read our best beard oil buying guide for help.

6. The frequency of application

Don’t forget that you need to use your beard oil frequently for several reasons.

Firstly, products like beard oil work cumulatively. This means that when you use them frequently you ensure they are constantly working to improve your beard, which will make your beard thicker, healthier, and more manageable.

This doesn’t mean you should overdo it and apply beard oil constantly for eight hours a day, because it will make your beard greasy. You should apply beard oil every morning and every night, ideally after the shower and you will notice a huge difference in your early stages of beard growth.

How to apply beard oil

7. How you apply beard oil

The way you apply beard oil can affect how quickly it works too. If you don’t apply it correctly, it can prevent essential ingredients from reaching the pores and thus slow down the results.

You should always use your fingertips or a beard comb to apply oils to your skin and beard. Do NOT pour a few drops onto your palms and try to apply it aggressively because the oils won’t be evenly distributed – rather, they will sit on top of your hands and not go anywhere useful.

Take your time when applying oils and massage them into your beard and skin so you can ensure they work quickly.


In this blog post, we’ve gone over the factors that affect how long it takes for beard oil to work and how to make sure you’re using it correctly. We also answered a common question many people have about beard oil – does it take time for it to work or can I see results right away? You’ll need to give your skin at least 6 weeks before deciding whether or not the product is working for you. Do you have any other questions that weren’t addressed in our article? Hit us up in the comments!

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