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How To Comb A Beard [Guide] The Right Way and How Often

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If you have a beard and want to learn how to comb it, this blog post is for you. You will learn what kinds of brushes and combs are available on the market, as well as their pros and cons. We’ll also discuss techniques for combing your beard hair in different ways. 

The most important thing about combing a beard is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all process – everyone has different needs depending on the thickness of their hair and skin type, the direction of their hair, etc. Therefore there isn’t just one way to go about it all! This article will guide you through some basics so that you can find out which technique will work best for your specific needs.

Beard length and combing

When it comes to combing your beard, the size matters, as it will affect your choice of beard brush or comb. If you have a heavy stubble beard, go for a small brush with firm bristles. If your hair is longer than 2 inches, consider a beard comb.

You should use a brush on short beard hair because it is more precise. The brush can target each hair and help you maintain the exact shape and look you want without losing control. You will also need it if you want to distribute beard oil or beard balm through your facial hair evenly.

On the other hand, if you have a longer beard, you should use a beard comb. Beard combs are better at detangling thick, long hair, so if you have a beard that’s longer than 2 inches, go for the comb.

How to brush short beard

First, you should buy a brush with firm bristles. With this kind of brush, you can easily style your beard. The best quality beard brushes are made with boar hair. It’s the best material because it doesn’t slip and doesn’t damage the hair follicles, and you can control your beard hair more easily while brushing it without any risks.

Other types of bristles are usually made with synthetic materials or nylon, which don’t hold their shape while brushing, and they tend to slip out while moving through your beard, and you risk damaging your hair follicles.

When it comes to the length of the bristles, you should look for a brush with medium-length bristles. If they are longer, your beard will not be properly brushed, and if they are too short, the brushing experience may hurt your skin underneath.

  1. The first step in brushing short beard hair is to add beard oil to make the facial hair softer and easier to brush. Then, you should start from the neck and brush your beard upwards. Then, you can brush the sideburns, cheeks, and chin along the grain.
  2. Finally, after you are done brushing the rest of your face, brush your mustache so that it doesn’t get messed up while you eat or drink something.

How do you properly comb a beard (long)?

comb long beard

As mentioned above, you will need a beard comb instead of a brush if your hair is longer than 2 inches. There are many types of beard combs, but most of them are divided into two main categories: wooden beard combs and plastic combs.

Wooden beard combs are usually made with sandalwood or cedarwood, both of which smell amazing! They are the best choice if you want to keep your beard healthy and shiny. However, they can be expensive.  

Before you start combing your beard hair, start by applying beard oil (a good one) to make it softer and easier to comb. Beard oil will also keep your beard moisturized and prevent beard itch and beardruff. You can buy it online or make a homemade beard oil mix.

First, start at the neck along the grain, then comb the sideburns, cheeks, and chin again with the grain till you have done the entire beard. You should do it along the grain to avoid causing damage to your beard.

Afterward, comb your mustache from the middle to the sides.

If you hit a snag or knot along the way, don’t be too rough. You will just damage your beard if you keep brushing in that spot or try to force the comb through. Instead, leave it for a little bit and then try to untangle it again. You can use beard oil or balm to help you with this process because it will make the hair softer, making detangling easier.

Should I comb my beard hair up or down?

As we already mentioned, you should always start at your neck first and go along the grain, then do the sideburns, cheeks, and chin, always brushing along the direction that your hair grows.

You should never comb your beard against the grain because it can cause ingrown hairs, which are very painful and difficult to get rid of. However, when you comb your mustache, you should comb it to the sides and always use high-quality mustache wax.

How often should I Comb my Beard?

beard comb and brush

The frequency of beard combing will depend on the length of the hair. If it is shorter than 2 inches, you can do it every day; if it is between 2 and 4 inches, then once or twice a day would be good. For longer beards, you should not comb your beard daily because if you do it more often can damage it.

The benefits of combing your beard often are that you will not have any knots or snags, and your beard hair will be softer and easier to manage. This will lead to faster growth and prevention of ingrown hair breakouts, which are very unpleasant and do not go away easily.

No matter the length, you should not comb your beard more than a few times per day because it can lead to split ends and damage the follicles, which will slow down beard growth.

When Should I Start Combing My Beard?

There’s no fixed age to start combing your beard, but you shouldn’t do it before the hair is long enough to actually comb. Usually, that happens between 2 and 3 inches in length. When your hair is shorter than that, you should use a beard brush instead of a beard comb for the reasons we already mentioned.

Should I Comb my Beard Hairs Dry or Wet?

The answer is that it doesn’t really matter because the results will be the same, but if you want to be extra careful and avoid any possible problems, then you should comb your beard dry. This means after you wash and dry your face with a towel. It can be difficult to untangle knots when your beard is wet, so it is better to dry it up first.

How big the gap between the comb teeth should be?

sample beard combs

The gap should be about the size of a grain of rice. If the gap is smaller than that, it can cause damage to your beard and split ends. If the gap is bigger, it won’t be able to detangle any knots or tangles. So, the size of a grain of rice is a perfect size for your comb’s teeth.

Does combing my beard often make it grow faster?

No, combing your hair often will not make your beard grow faster. Combing your facial hair won’t have any effect on growing faster or slower. This is just a marketing tactic that some companies use to sell their beard combs. If you want your beard to grow faster, you should drink more water, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. You can also consider using vitamin supplements or minoxidil. You can read more about how to stimulate beard growth here.

Plastic Beard Comb

How to Clean a Beard Comb and a beard brush?

Let’s start with the brush. First, you should remove the hair from it. You can do that by cleaning it with your hand. After that, wash the brush with some shampoo and let it dry overnight.

The beard comb is much easier to clean. Just run it under warm water with some shampoo or soap added and make sure all the hair is removed. After that, just let it dry for about an hour, and you’re good to go.

In addition, if your beard brush or comb has some extra stubborn hairs, you can use a pair of tweezers to remove them easily. Now your tools are as clean as new!

Are Plastic Combs Really Bad for Facial Hair?

beard and heair comb

Plastic beard combs are not good for facial hair as they can cause damage to your beard. This happens because of the way they are produced.

Plastic beard combs are produced in a molding process which leaves jagged edges on the comb. These jagged edges can cause damage to your facial hair as they can pull out or break individual hairs. This is not good because it will slow down the growth of your beard.

On top of that, a cheap plastic comb is less sturdy than a wooden one, which means it can break easily. Wooden combs are much better as they are much stronger and don’t have jagged edges. Investing in a good quality beard comb is important if you want to grow a full beard.

I don’t have a beard comb can I use a head hair comb on my beard?

hear comb

No, a head hair comb is not good for beard hairs. This is because the teeth on this comb are too close and can cause damage to your hair follicles.

In addition, the surface of a hair comb usually has ridges that will further damage your beard, causing split ends and breakage. This is especially true if your hair comb is made from plastic.

So, if you want a healthy beard, you should only use combs specially made for beards.

How should I comb my mustache down or to the sides?

We have already told you that you should do it to the sides, but we didn’t explain why that is the case.

While there is nothing wrong with combing your mustache downwards, you should comb it to the side. This is because if you comb it downwards, the hairs will cover your upper lip, and some might even go into your mouth. This can be annoying, and it’s not very comfortable at all.

Therefore, you should always comb your mustache to the sides to prevent that. Moreover, your mustache will look neater when you do this.


You’ve made it to the end of this blog post on how to comb a beard. We hope you learned something new and feel confident in your ability to do it! If not, don’t forget that we’re here for you. Hit the comments below with any questions or feedback; we are more than to help out.

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