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How To Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out – 9 Tips That Work

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Do you find it difficult to keep your beard hairs from sticking out? You’re not alone! Most men struggle with this problem. This is very common, and there are many ways to fix it. In this blog post, we will answer the question “how to keep beard hairs from sticking out” and we’ll provide some tips on what products you can use and how long you should wait before styling your beard after applying them. 

Why does my beard stick out?

There are many reasons why your beard hairs might be sticking out. Your beard may stick out because you don’t have enough of it to cover your entire face. Or perhaps you lack control over how much hair grows in certain areas; maybe some parts of your beard grow thicker than others. It could also be that you have an unruly beard, or perhaps your hair is growing in different directions not laying down flat against your face.

Let’s analyze the main reasons your beard hairs are sticking out.

  • Uneven Trimming
  • This is the most obvious reason why your beard is sticking out. You have trimmed your beard unevenly. Because of this, certain parts of your beard are shorter than others which causes them to stick out. The solution to this is to trim the longer hairs. It is that simple! If you don’t know how to trim your beard you should probably visit a barber or buy a better beard trimmer.

  • Uneven Hair Growth
  • If you have uneven beard growth then that would be another reason why your beard sticks out. For example, some areas of your beard may grow more quickly than other areas. If you notice that certain parts of your beard are growing slower you should take your scissors and snip off any hairs that are growing too slowly. When you do this be careful not to cut any hairs that are growing in the right direction; only cut the ones that are too long.

  • Dry Beard
  • Another reason why your beard may be sticking out is that it has dry hair. When your beard becomes too dry, its texture will change and it will lose some of its flexibility. Consequently, the beard hairs will stand up a little more which causes them to stick out from your face. This can be easily fixed by using beard oils. It is a relatively cheap and natural solution that will keep your beard hydrated and smooth.

  • Wavy Beard hair
  • If your beard hairs are wavy then that would be another reason why they may stick out. A wavy beard can sometimes cause hairs to stand up which makes them look like they’re sticking out. To stop this from happening, you should brush your beard with a beard brush every day. It will not only help to stop wavy beard hair from sticking out but also give your beard a softer and silkier texture. If brushing doesn’t work you can use a beard straightener or a beard flat iron.

  • Static electricity
  • If you have a lot of static electricity in your beard then that would also be another reason why it may stick out. When the hair becomes electrically charged, it forms an electrostatic attraction to nearby objects. This attraction makes the hairs stand up which makes them look like they are sticking out. There are a few reasons this happens. If you live in a dry area that has low humidity then your beard will have more static electricity. Also, if you frequently rub or stroke your beard it can cause the hair to become electrically charged. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to stop your beard from standing up when it is electrostatically charged.

    The most common is to use a shampoo that has anionic surfactants and causes an anti-static effect on your hair. You should try using one of those products to see if it helps stop your beard from sticking out.

  • Brushing too hard
  • Some men tend to brush their beards a little too violently which can cause your beard hairs to break and stick out. If you notice that after brushing, then you should probably be gentler when brushing your hair. You should also try to find a brush that has softer bristles because it will be much more gentle on the beard hair and skin and won’t irritate it as much as the harsher ones.

    Why does my beard stick out?

    9 ways of keeping beard hair from sticking out

    We are going to give you some useful tips on how you can keep your beard from sticking out. Depending on the reason that causes your beard to stick out will determine how you should fix the issue.

    1. Use Scissors and not a beard trimmer

    Beard Scissor

    If you notice your beard hairs stick out, the first thing you should do is use scissors. Scissors are very useful for making small trims to your beard which can solve any problems that arise from unruly hairs. When using your scissor to trim the hair just be careful not to cut any hairs that are growing in the right direction.

    We recommend using scissors and not a trimmer because trimmers are designed for cutting large amounts of hair, not a few beard hairs here and there.

    2. Let your beard grow out a bit

    Let your beard grow out

    If you have cut your beard hair too short it can cause the hair to stand up and look like they are sticking out. If this is the case, then let your beard grow for a few weeks. If your hairs aren’t long enough then they won’t lay down nicely on your face which can cause them to stick out.

    3. Comb often to prevent wavy looking beard hairs

    Comb beard hairs

    When your beard becomes unruly and starts sticking out, you can fix it by brushing the hair with a beard brush or comb. Brushing will not only correct the problem but will also help your beard grow healthier and look silkier.

    You can comb your beard when it is dry but it will probably be the most effective when the hair has been washed. When you use a comb or brush after washing your beard, all of the excess water that usually causes frizz to develop in beard hairs will be removed so there won’t be any stray hairs anymore.

    4. Use a beard Straightener

    Beard Straightener

    If you have wavy or curly beard hair and want to straighten them, then you should definitely use a beard straightener to fix those hair problems. Beard straighteners are great because they can both straighten and de-frizz your beard at the same time which makes it perfect for those with curly or wavy hair.

    But you should not overdo it because if you straighten your beard too often or for too long the heat can cause damage to the hair follicles.

    5. Exfoliate your face

    Exfoliate your face

    When you exfoliate your face, it opens up the pores and removes any dead skin cells that might be clogging them. This will help reduce both ingrown hairs and any acne outbreaks. This is especially beneficial for men with dryer skin because during the winter months your skin can get quite flaky which causes the beard hairs to stick out.

    You should try to exfoliate your face at least twice a week for several weeks and then you will notice that your beard hairs won’t stick out as much or in some cases will completely stop sticking out.

    6. Use a beard moisturizer

    Beard Essential Oils

    If you want to prevent your beard from sticking out, then you should try using a beard moisturizer. Beard moisturizers are just like normal hair conditioners, but they are specifically designed for the needs of beards. They will soften and re-hydrate your facial hair which will reduce any wild beard hairs that might appear.

    But you should not use a beard moisturizer every day and you need to be careful with what kind of moisturizers you use. The most common beard moisturizers are Beard Balm, Beard Butter, Beard Oil, and Beard Conditioner.

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    Beard Butter is probably the best option for creating hair that doesn’t stick out because it has a higher concentration of shea butter which makes it both gentle enough to use every day and effective enough to reduce flyaway hairs.

    Beard Oil is another great choice because it is lightweight, non-greasy, and the most popular of the three options. It contains natural oils like castor oil, jojoba, argan, and sweet almond to soften your facial hair.

    Beard conditioner is the last best choice because it is lightweight, non-greasy, but not always made from all-natural ingredients.

    When you use a beard moisturizer, you need to make sure that the entire beard hair follicles are evenly coated with it. You should start from the base of your hair and work your way up to the tips. This will make sure that all of your hairs are nourished and hydrated for maximum softness which will eliminate any beard hairs from sticking out.

    You can use a beard moisturizer once or twice per day depending on the condition of your facial hair and you will start to notice that all of your beard hairs will begin to lay down nicely.

    7. Use a beard styling product

    Use Beard Products

    Men with long beard styles also need to use a beard styling product to keep their hairs under control. Beard wax and beard balm are usually the best options for men who have long beards because they will provide a better hold than some of the other products available.

    Beard wax should be your first choice because it is almost exactly the same as hair wax so you will already know how to use it. It provides a good hold for all types of beard styles and is the strongest hold beard product.

    Beard balm is also an effective beard styling product that provides a good hold and a small amount will last all day. But it might take some time to get used to if you are familiar with working with waxes. You can read our review of Honest Amish beard balm one of the best balms out there.

    Just like with beard moisturizers, when using either of these two products you need to make sure that every single strand of facial hair is coated with it.

    No matter which product you choose, you need to make sure that you use them the right way. You should apply the product throughout your entire beard and work it in so that all of your facial hair is laying down flat against your face. This will ensure that all of your hairs are in control and won’t stick out no matter what direction they are facing.

    8. Wash your beard less often

    Wash Your Beard Less Often

    When you wash your beard too often, the shampoo that you use will dry out your facial hair causing your hair to stick out.

    Most men only need to wash their beard twice a week with a moisturizing beard shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner.

    This will keep your facial hair moisturized and soft which will prevent flyaway hairs from sticking out.

    9. Get a good beard trimmer

    good beard trimmer

    The best way to avoid uneven trimming is to constantly trim your beard with a good beard trimmer. If even the slightest bit of hair isn’t trimmed down then it will stick out from the rest and look distracting.

    When you use a good beard trimmer, you can keep all of your facial hair in check and maintain a good-looking beard that doesn’t stick out in every direction.

    You can use the trimmer either with or without a guard attached depending on your preference. If possible, you should try to replace your trimmer blade at least once every six months for optimal cutting results. This will make sure that all of your facial hair is trimmed evenly and precisely.


    Should I Trim Stray Beard Hair?

    Trimming is one of the many ways that men can control their facial hair.

    If you have some stray hairs that are difficult to tame, then using a pair of beard scissors to cut them down will help prevent them from sticking out too much. You can also use a trimmer to get rid of the hair entirely, but if not done properly this will cause your beard to look unkempt and messy.

    How Can I Train My Beard Hair?

    The key to keeping your beard under control is making sure that it is conditioned and moisturized so it lay flat against your face.
    Beard oil and other conditioners contain the necessary ingredients to keep each strand of hair laying down and this, combined with regular grooming, will ensure that all of your facial hairs are tamed and looking great.

    If beard oil doesn’t do the job, then you can try beard balm or wax to get a better hold.
    If even this doesn’t help, try using a beard straightener to get the facial hair under control.

    Why Does My Beard Hair Pull Out So Easily?

    If you find that your beard hair is constantly breaking and popping out, then it’s likely due to dryness.
    Sometimes using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can help with the issue, but if not then you should look into using a good moisturizer as well as a leave-in conditioner.

    These products will keep your facial hair hydrated and in place, preventing it from breaking off in the wind or pulling out.
    If your beard hair follicles still break too easily no matter what you do then it might be time to start looking into growing out a shorter style of facial hair like the heavy stubble.


    I hope you’ve learned a little about the science behind why your beard sticks out. If this article has helped, please share it with someone else who might be interested in learning more about how facial hair works and looking for an answer to the question “how to keep beard hairs from sticking out”! And if you have any other questions or comments to add on this topic, feel free to leave them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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