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James Harden Without a Beard: Photos and Beard Evolution!

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James Harden is an NBA superstar that has been playing in the league for years. He has won MVP and led his team to the Western Conference Finals. Many people were wondering what would happen if James shaved because he had grown a beard since the first years of his career. We are going to see some photos of James Harden without a beard but also talk about the different moments of his career. Do you believe that shaving off his beard will have any effect on his game?

Well, we just think that his beard gives him superpowers 😛

But let’s take a look at James Harden’s career before he grows his first beard.

James Harden shaved
James Harden clean-shaved

James Harden’s career started without a beard

James Harden was born on August 26, 1989. His career started during high school and college. He attended Artesia high school and represented them on the basketball team. During his junior and senior years, he led his team to the state championship. During this period he was clean shaved.

After that, during college, he became the shooting guard for Arizona State University’s basketball team. He played well enough to be recognized as Pac-10 Player of the Year during his sophomore year when he was rocking a heavy stubble.

He attended the NBA draft in 2009 and was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder and became famous for his multiple talents as he could score rebounds, and assist. This is when he started growing a full beard.

During his second year, he averaged 16.8 points and 3.7 assists. He continued with his streak in the third and final year where he averaged 12.4 points and approximately 3.6 assists each game.

James Harden shaves his beard

2012 -2021

In 2012 he and his beard left for Houston, Texas where he became a member of the Houston Rockets. His first few seasons were really successful. He was selected to be an All-Star during his second season with 25.4 points per game (PPG) and 6.1 assists (APG). As you can see the more he grew his beard the better his performance was!

The 2015 bet

In 2015 James Harden lost a bet to his childhood friend Demar Derozan and was forced to shave his beard off. This was the first time after a lot of years that James Harden could be seen without facial hair.

We have to admit that he looked way younger without the beard but we think that he looks much better with it!

In 2017-2018 Season

This was probably one of the best seasons for James. As he led Houston Rockets to the NBA Finals on top of receiving the MVP award.

2021 and later

In 2021 James Harden was traded from Houston to Brooklyn Nets.

Houston fans were really sad about this trade because he was one of the best if not the best player they have had in their team. However, there is always a new beginning…

But what does James Harden’s beard has to do with his performance?

Well, we couldn’t say for sure. But what we can say is that whatever he does to his beard makes a difference on the court! Some people claim he is like Samson and his powers reside in his facial hair. 

Other fans claim that his full beard intimidates his opponents and he is using it as a psychological weapon.

Some people compare his stats without facial hair with his stats with a beard and they say that he delivered more when he had a beard. To be honest it is a bit unfair to compare the stats between seasons because back then he was a rookie and did not have the same amount of experience. But this is still fun to think about!

james harden stats
Image credit to https://www.basketball-reference.com/

Different beard styles James Harden had through the years.

James Harden shaved

Clean Shaved

This is the classic James Harden without beard look that he had during the very first years of his career. He was barely 18-19 at that time and you can tell because he has a baby face!

James Harden Light mustache and Goatee

Light Mustache And Goatee

This is probably the first time he tried a beard style. You can tell because he is pretty young and you can see that his beard is a bit patchy.

James Harden Medium Stubble

Medium to Heavy Stubble

The next beard style James Harden had. He is a bit older but still young. Even though he looks more mature, you can still see some babyface in him.

James Harden Ducktail beard

Ducktail beard

We like this style a lot on James harder. He has a quite rounded ducktail style and it looks good on him. Also, its length is not too big but still looks pretty cool!

James Harden Full beard

Full beard

This is his signature look and you can tell that he is a real-bearded man. He has a full beard and it looks great. This is what he delivered at his highest form!

How does James Harden take care of his beard?

To be honest we don’t know about the grooming habits of James Harden’s beard. We were not able to find any info about that or his beard routine. What we can tell you, is that maintaining a full beard like his takes some time and he is probably using some beard products to keep it healthy and shiny.

Did James Harden always have a beard?

James Harden has not always had a beard. He was quite young when he started growing his first hair on his face. He probably started growing his first beard at the age of 17. As you can see in the photos above he was clean shaved when he started out but after becoming a pro he is always full-bearded.

Who has the best beard in the NBA?

We think that James Harden has one of the most famous facial hair styles in NBA history. He is always full-bearded through his NBA career and he is keeping his magnificent beard healthy, shiny, and long.

James Harden Beard


So what do you think about James Harden without a beard? Do you prefer him with facial hair or without it? Do you believe that James Harden’s Beard gives him superpowers? Please let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check our website daily because every day we have something new!

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