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Top 12 Johnny Depp Beard Styles: [How to get Them]

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Johnny Depp is an actor who has played in over 50 movies. He’s one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, and as a result, his facial hair style choices have been widely discussed by the media. In 2003, he grew a beard for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.’ The beard became so popular that it became known as the ‘Pirates beard‘ or the “Jack Sparrow beard.”

Over the years, Depp has tried a variety of beard styles, including a goatee,  a long mustache, and stubble.

Keep reading because we will look at some Johnny Depp beard styles and see which ones were the most popular.

What is Johnny Depp’s Beard Style?

Johnny Depp has tried multiple styles of facial hair, including a goatee and a long mustache. Interestingly, all the styles he has tried include at least a mustache and chin hair. If you are wondering why to be a bit patient, we will get to that in a bit. His most popular beard style is known as the ‘Jack Sparrow beard’ he had when he starred in Pirates of the Caribbean. Again we will talk later about how to get this beard style. For now, let’s see some of his most famous beard styles!

Johnny Depp Beard Styles

Johnny Depp Goatee

Johnny Depp short Goatee

The first style Johnny Depp tried was the goatee. But the Johny deep goatee is a bit different from the classic one. It is a short goatee style with a mustache, a soul patch, and a chin beard. The main difference between this signature goatee style and the classic goatee is that the chin beard is not connected to the mustache, and there is a gap between them.

To get this look, the first thing you have to do is to get a heavy stubble beard. If you are clean-shaved, you will need to grow your beard out for about 10 days. Then trim the beard with a guard on to get a uniform 4mm to 5mm stubble. Finally, shave the checks and the neck to get the smooth outline of the goatee.

Jack Sparrow Beard

Jack Sparrow Beard

To get the iconic Jack Sparrow beard style, you must let your hair grow for a while. The trick is to shave the cheeks but not touch the chin hair.

The Jack Sparrow beard looks a lot like the Johnny Depp goatee, but there are some differences. The chin beard is really long and braided (2 braids); the soul patch is connected to the chin beard and has a medium-sized chin strap.

Finally, to get this rugged look, we recommend not shaving the rest of your face completely but rather trimming it with a beard trimmer for a more unkempt look. The Jack Sparrow beard style is not easy, but it is well worth it.

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Van Dyke beard

Johhny Depp Van Dyke beard

This is another popular Johnny beard style. The Van Dyke is a beard style similar to the goatee but with longer chin hair.

To get the Van Dyke beard, you need to grow a Johnny Depp goatee first and then just trim the mustache and soul patch and leave the chin beard to grow.

Short Stubble beard style

Johhny Depp Short Stubble beard style

This is one of the easiest beard styles and also one of the most popular. At its most basic form, the short stubble needs just a period of 1-3 days without shaving. This look is perfect for people who don’t like doing much grooming and want to avoid the hassle of longer styles.

To achieve this Johnny Depp stubble beard style, you will need to grow out your facial hair until it reaches 2mm to 3mm, then all you have to do is to maintain it with a beard trimmer.

Medium Stubble beard style

Johnny Depp Medium Stubble beard style

Just like the short stubble, to get the medium stubble needs a period of 5-7 days without shaving.

The only difference between this style and the short one is that you must grow your facial hair between 3mm and 4mm.

The circle beard goatee

Johnny Depp circle beard goatee

Another goatee style is what is known as the ‘full goatee.’ It is a classical goatee with the mustache connected to the chin beard.

To get this look, you need to grow a heavy stubble and then shave the rest of your face to shape a full round connected goatee.

Chevron Mustache

Johnny Depp Chevron Mustache

In the movie Mortdecai (which is really funny), Johnny Depp stars as Charlie Mortdecai. The mustache in this movie is truly epic. It is a big and bushy chevron mustache with long pointy hair on the sides that looks really rebellious.

You need to grow a mustache for at least six months to get this look. Then, using mustache wax and a brush, style it.

You might think that six months is an exaggeration, but mustaches need more time than beards to grow. If you are patient and let the hair grow in long enough, you will get an amazing chevron mustache.

To style a chevron mustache, use mustache wax to style the hair, and then use a brush with motions from the middle of the mustache to the ends. Finally, use your fingers to style the tips of the mustache.

Classic Mustache

Johnny Depp Mustache

Another mustache variation is the traditional mustache. This classic beard style has a uniform width and is shorter than the chevron mustache.

To get this look, you need to grow your mustache out for at least two months, trim it with a guard on and shave the rest of your face. Then use mustache wax to style it and brush it in straight and downward motions.

The chinstrap beard with a Johnny Depp Goatee

Johnny Depp chinstrap beard

Another nice Johnny Depp style is the chinstrap beard with a goatee. This hairstyle has a medium-sized chin strap with faded sideburns, a nice mustache, a soul patch, and a bit longer chin hair.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t; all you have to do is grow a beard for about a month and then style your beard hair.

First, shave your cheeks and neck to make the outline of your chin straps and mustache. Then using a normal beard trimmer, trim the rest of your face. The trick is not trimming the chinstrap and mustache too much. You want to leave them a bit longer so that they are more visible.

Into the woods, Johnny Depp Beard style

Into the woods Johnny Depp Beard style

We were unaware of the mustache style Johnny Depp had in the movie “Into The Woods,” but it is epic. It is a long thin mustache with pointy ends that is extremely stylish, along with a rectangular soul patch.

It is like cat whiskers, and to be honest, we don’t think it is natural, so we don’t know how you can get this mustache at home.

Extended Sideburns

Johnny Depp Extended Sideburns

Another awesome Johnny Depp beard is the extended sideburns. They are pretty long with lots of volume and they look very stylish.

To achieve these sideburns, you need to grow your hair for at least 2 months, as Johnny’s sideburns are really long.

Just grow a beard and after one month, shave the rest of your face and let the sideburns’ hair grow in for another month. Then using scissors, trim it to achieve this cool style.

Clean Shaven

Johnny Depp Clean Shaven

Ok, clean-shaven is not exactly a beard style, but Johnny Depp likes to be clean-shaven from time to time, and we think it looks great, so we decided to add it.

If you want to get this look, you just need to shave daily or every other day. If you want to see more famous guys’ beard styles check this article.

Johnny Depp Face Shape

Johnny Depp’s face shape is square; he has a wide jawline and strong cheekbones.

Square face shapes have balanced and proportional facial features that are well-defined. If you have a square face, your forehead should be slightly wider than the chin and almost as wide as your cheekbones combined.

Johnny Depp usually chooses beard styles with long chin hair and jawline, such as the chinstrap beard and the goatee, to balance out his square face shape.

The combination of long hair on the bottom and shorter hair on top directs attention away from a wider forehead and gives more emphasis on the eyes, cheekbones, and lips. This is the reason why Johnny Depp chooses the beard styles he does.

Can I grow a Johnny Depp Beard style if I have a patchy beard?

All the beard styles mentioned above are well suited for men with patchy beards. The areas Johnny grows his beard are the chin, the chin strap, and the mustache.

These are areas where you will be able to grow hair, even if you have a patchy beard.

But because all of the styles mentioned need a mustache, you should be able to grow hair there. If you have a patchy mustache area, read our article on what you can do to grow hair there.

Johnny Depp pirates of the caribbean


So, what’s the verdict?

Do you like Johnny Depp beard styles?

Are Johnny Depp’s beard styles a daring fashion statement or just plain weird?

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