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Number 1 Fade: Top 10 Styles [With Photos], Length, and More

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Do you have trouble finding a hairstyle that looks good on you? There are many different hairstyles, and choosing one can be pretty hard. But don’t worry, in this article, we will help you pick the right hairstyle; in fact, we will not talk about all the different types of hairstyles, but we will focus on the number 1 fade hairstyles.

The number 1 fade is one of the most popular fade hairstyles. It comes in all shapes and lengths, which is why it’s become so many people’s go-to hairstyle.

If you want to know more about the number one fade haircut and the different types of number 1 fades, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have done all the research to give you the best and latest information. We have read all the articles we could find, talked with barbers, and put together this massive guide. So, if you want to know more, keep scrolling!

What Is The Number 1 Fade?

The number 1 fade is a style where the hair on the back and sides is cut very short to about 3mm. The length of the hair gradually gets longer as you go up the sides and back. It took its name from the number of the clipper guard you should use to create the style (Number 1 guard = 3mm).

There are several number 1 fade lengths available, with the number one fade taper being the one with the lowest transition point. In the number one fade taper, the number one guard is used only for the lowest part of the neckline and the sideburns. It then immediately blends and transitions into a longer hair length.

More accurately, there are three number 1 fade hairstyles: the low fade, the medium fade, and the high fade. Each one has a distinctive look and can be styled in different ways. But keep in mind that fade haircuts’ quality depends on the transition at the sides and back. If the transition is clean, the fade will look good, but if it’s not, the fade will look bad.

In the high fades, the number 1 fade transition begins to the sides of your temples.

In the Mid-level fades, the fade starts halfway across the sides and back. This is the type of fade most people wear to get a mix of professionalism and a distinctive style. 

Finally, in the low fades, the transition starts around one inch above the ear and gets longer as you go up. If you want to know more about the different types of fades, you can read our article “Low Fade Vs Mid Fade“.

The Top 10 Number 1 Fade Hairstyles

Now that you know what fades are, I’d be happy to explain many of the different 1 fade hairstyles available and how each of them would make you look. 

Number 1 Fade Buzz Cut

Basic buzz cut styles

The 1 Fade is perfect for people who want to mix a buzz cut’s singleness with a fade’s glamour. Worn by many people of color, this is a great option if you don’t have the time to stand in front of a mirror and style your hair every day. 

When it comes to this style, the hair is cut very short, just like a buzz cut. However, if you look closely, you will realize that this hairstyle has a slight transition from a number 1 hair length to a slightly longer length as you move up the sides and back. 

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Number 1 Fade Pompadour

Number 1 Fade Pompadour

The pompadour is classy and modern, making whoever chooses it a lot more attractive. The people who wear it love making bold statements and are not afraid to show their creative side. The sides are often clean-shaven, but in the number one fade version, the fade technique with a number one guard is used to create an edgy and contemporary pompadour look. A high number one fade is the most popular choice because it provides the most contrast and makes the pompadour stand out more.

As you would expect, this hairstyle comes with a “pomp,” with the long hair on top being swept upward and backward to create that effect. If you want to get even more creative, you can try the high number one fade, as it will provide the most contrast and make the pompadour stand out more.

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Number one Fade With a Quiff

Number 1 Fade With a Quiff

This type of fade is very similar to the pomp. The number one fade with a quiff hairstyle is also for bold people who like to make a fashion statement. However, unlike the number one fade pompadour, the number 1 fade with a quiff is not swept back. Instead, the forelocks are self-forward, and the rest of the hair remains as is. 

You can style the forelocks any way you like, making this particular hairstyle very versatile.

Number One Fade Comb Over

Number 1 Fade Comb Over

Many people think this hairstyle’s only purpose is to cover up a receding hairline, but that’s not the case. Combover styles, in general, tend to look sophisticated and sleek, which is why so many men are opting for them.

The hair on top is kept long for this hairstyle. But what makes this style different from many others is how you style the hair on top.

The hair on top is combed over to the side, and a small amount of product is used to give it a sleek look. At the same time, you should trim the side and the back hair with a number 1 guard, and the length should get longer as you move up. 

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Number One Fade With a Beard

Number 1 Fade-With-a-Beard

At first glance, you may think that this is just a fade with a regular beard. However, on closer inspection, you will realize that the beard complements the number one fade perfectly. 

The number one fade is the fade hairstyle that goes with beards the most. This is because it transitions and blends into the sides well. You might have already guessed that this perfect blend makes it one of the most popular fade hairstyles. As the beards come up to the ears, it fades into a number 1 length, and the hair grows longer as it moves up the side and back. You can try some cool beard styles with this hairstyle, like the ducktail beard, the beardstache, and the light stubble beard.

Number 1 Fade into 3

Number 1 Fade into 3

The number 1 fade into 3 is very similar to a regular fade. If you look closely, though, there are some slight differences that make this particular hairstyle stand out.

In simple words, the number 1 fade into 3 is a type of fade where the number 1 hair length is blended into the number 3 hair length. This means that the transition is not as smooth as if you were to transition more gradually from number 1 to number 2.

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Number 1 Fade into 2

Number 1 Fade into 2

The number 1 fade 2 is another type of fade hairstyle that looks similar to a regular fade. The hairstylist combines the number 1 length with the number 2 length to create a sophisticated and sleek look. 

Typically, the number 1 length slowly blends to a number 2 length as you go up the sides and back. This is it if you want a simple hairstyle that will set you apart!

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Number 1 High Fade

To be frank, the high fade is one of the classics. When creating this hairstyle, the barber will do the transition from the number one length to longer lengths close to the height of your temples. The result is a sharp, high-contrast hairstyle that looks good with just about any hair type.

Amazingly, this hairstyle helps you outline your face shape and the lines and edges of your hair.

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Number 1 Low fade

Number 1 Low Fade

The low number 1 fade is an effortless and unique hairstyle that adds a touch of class and elegance to your everyday look. Some people even say that a low 1 fade looks similar to a buzz cut, but that’s not the case. To get this look, all you need to do is make the fade transition low, about one inch above the ears.

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Number Zero to 1 Fade

Number 1 Zero Fade

The number 0 to 1 fade is another similar hairstyle to the regular number one fade. However, these two have more differences than you might expect. 

Barbers do the 0 fades (skin fade) hair length by using a clipper with no guards on. But of course, being a fade, the hair gets longer as you move up.

The only difference between the number 0 and the regular number 1 fade is that you start from a shorter hair length and then transition to the number 1 length. As you move further and further, the hair length gets even longer. 

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If you follow this guide to the letter, you will get the number 1 fade of your dreams. When you get your next haircut, show this article to your barber to describe the kind of number 1 fade you want. 

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