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10 Cool Oval Face Shape Hairstyles For Guys

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If you have been reading our blog, you already know that we always insist on choosing a beard or a hairstyle that suits your face shape and, at the same time, makes you feel comfortable. Well, the oval face is not different.

First, let us start by letting you know that you are very lucky if you have an oval face shape. This is because this face shape goes well with most hairstyles, and you will have a lot of options to choose from.

So, if you want to know why the oval-shaped face goes well with so many hairstyles and which ones work better than others, please keep reading.

What is an oval face shape?

oval face sketch

Before choosing a hairstyle, it is important to know what are the characteristics of the oval face and how to know if you have one.

The main characteristics of the oval face are that your face is longer than wider; the forehead and cheekbones have nearly the same width, with the cheekbones being a bit wider, and the jaw is a bit less wide than the forehead, but not that much. Finally, there are no sharp angles, and the chin is rounded.

How to know if you have an oval face shape

oval face measurements

Now that you know the oval face’s main characteristics, let’s see if your face has this shape.

There are many ways to do it, from looking at the mirror and drawing the outline of your face with lipstick to asking a bunch of friends to tell you what they think your face shape is.

But to be honest, none of these ways is accurate as human bias can play a role in how your friends see your face or how you draw or see the outline of your face in the mirror.

The most accurate way to know if you have an oval face shape is by measuring it with a measuring tape and then looking at the numbers. Numbers don’t lie, so this way, you will be 100% sure about your face shape. So let’s see how to do it.

Take the measuring tape and measure the height of your face. To do that, start measuring from the hairline to the bottom of your chin. Write down this number.

Now you need to measure the width of your forehead. To do that, take the tape and start measuring from one temple to the other. Write down this number too.

Next, measure your cheekbones. To do that, start measuring from the outer part of one eye to the other. Write down this number as well.

Finally, it is time to measure your jawline. To do that, start measuring from where your ear starts to the tip of your jaw. Multiply this number by two, and you have your jawline measurement.

Now that you have all these numbers, it is time to see if your face has an oval shape. The first and most important thing is to check if your face is longer than it is wide. So take the height and width measurements, and if the height is greater than the width, you have ticked the first box.

The second thing you need to do is to compare the different width measurements. The high cheekbones should be wider than the forehead, and the jawline should be wider than the cheekbones. If this is the case, the chances are you have an oval face shape.

The last thing (and unfortunately, there is no accurate way to do this) is to observe your facial features and see if there are any sharp angles. If there are no sharp angles, then congratulations, you have an oval face shape!

Now that you know if you have an oval face shape, it is time to see the best men’s haircuts for oval faces.

What hairstyles look good with The oval face shape?

Oval Face Beard Style

As we already told you, most hairstyles look good with the oval face shape because it has no sharp angles and is pretty smooth. But there are certain things you should keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle.

First, you should avoid hairstyles with fringes or bangs that fall over your forehead. This will make your face look wider and round because your forehead will look wider than the cheekbones.

Second, you should avoid hairstyles with too long hair on top or on the sides. If your hair is too long at the top, it will make your face look long and not oval anymore, and if it is too long on the sides, it will make your face look round. If you want to learn about the top 10 hairstyles for long-face guys, read this article.

The safest bet is to have short or medium-length hair that will not alter or hide your face.

1) Buzzcut

The classic number 3 buzz cut

The buzzcut is the first haircut we recommend because it is a very short haircut where all hair is cut at the same length, so it doesn’t alter your face shape.

You should consider yourself very lucky that you can pull this haircut off. The biggest problem with the buzz cut is that if you have another face shape, like a long or round face (you can read more here about the best hairstyles for round-face men), it will accentuate certain facial characteristics you don’t want. To learn more about the buzz cuts, read our guide about buzz cut lengths.

2) Fade haircuts

fade with short white hair

We know there are many fade haircuts, from skin fades to longer ones, but luckily, almost all of them look good with the oval face shape.

Fades are a very good fit for oval faces because no matter what haircut you choose, the side hair will be shorter than the top. This will make your face appear less round (which is the problem with oval faces) and, at the same time, give you a more masculine look.

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3) Undercut

Mid Fade with Undercut

The undercut is a good choice for oval-shaped faces because the sides are either faded or shaved, so they are quite short and, obviously, shorter than the top. At the same time, the hair on top is styled backward, giving your face a bit of length.

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4) The Man bun

mid fade with man bun
Source: @marc_j21

Remember earlier when we told you that you should not have long hair on top? Well, there is a haircut that allows you to have long hair and look good, and that haircut is no other than the man bun.

This is because your top hair will be pulled back and formed into a bun. Along with the shaved or faded sides, it will give your face a bit of length and give you the desired result.

5) Side part

sidepart with shaved sides

The side part is a very good choice if you want to go for a more classic look. It won’t alter the characteristics of your face, so the fundamental shape will remain oval.

The secret to taking full advantage of the side part is to do a medium-length fade. This way, you will not only look more modern and stylish but also, just like the other haircuts on this list, it will help you look your best.

6) Shaved Head

shaved head with beard

If you have an oval face and, at the same time, your hair is thinning out, then you should consider shaving your head.

There are many reasons that make the shaved head a good choice. First, the shaved head, just like the buzz cut, will make your receding hairline or thinning hair less visible. Second, because you will have no hair, the characteristics of your face will be more pronounced. And finally, the shaved head will give you a badass look that no other haircut can give you. This is especially true if you pair it with facial hair. Read our guide if you want to learn which beard styles look good with the oval face shape.

7) The crew cut

Blonde Crew Cut

The crew cut is a military haircut that is really popular amongst marines and other armed forces. But you do not need to be in the army to get this haircut; all you need is an oval-shaped face.

If you don’t know what the crew cut is, let’s quickly go over it. The crew cut is a very short haircut where the sides are buzzed, and the top is short, with the front part (hairline) being the longest and gradually getting shorter as it goes to the back. Because this haircut is very short, and the sides are shorter than the top hair, it is a good choice for the oval-shaped face.

8) Medium-length wavy hairstyle

curly hair mid fade

If you were wondering if oval-faced men can have wavy hair, the answer is yes. Of course, there are some things you should know, but generally, wavy hair looks good with an oval face.

The only thing you should be careful about with this haircut is the length of the sides. You see, curly hair has a lot of volume, so if the sides are too long, then your face will look more round than oval. So, as long as you keep your side curls under control, you will be fine.

9) Faux Hawk

faux mawhauk purrple hair

The faux hawk is a modern and stylish take on the ’80s mohawk. If you have an oval face and looking for a youthful hairstyle, you might consider trying the faux hawk. To get this haircut, you must leave a strip of hair on the top and back of your head and cut the rest of your hair very short. We have added the faux hawk to our list of the best men’s hairstyles for oval faces because it will give your face a bit of length, which is something you want.


I hope you have found this article helpful and by now you have seen some cool hairstyles that are a good suit for oval faces and why. If there is anything you think we missed, please let us know in the comments.

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