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How To Get Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Beard

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Rick Grimes is a fictional character from the “Walking Dead” comic book series and TV show (Andrew James Clutterbuck, aka Andrew Lincoln, is the actor’s real name). He’s a sheriff’s deputy with Atlanta Police Department who awakens from a coma to find the world infested with zombies. In an effort to protect his family and other survivors, he becomes the leader of a group of survivors as they try to stay alive in this new, post-apocalyptic world. Rick has been known for his signature beard throughout both media formats. A lot of people have contacted us for a tutorial on how to grow a beard like his, so here it is! In this article, we will discuss the Rick Grimes beard and how to grow it.

Rick Grimes Beard styles

When Andrew Lincoln is playing Rick Grimes on the Walking Dead show has sported 4 different beard styles, a medium beard, a short beard that is lightly styled, a heavy stubble, and a scruffy beard. Let’s take a look.

Medium beard

Rick Grimes Medium beard

During the last seasons of walking dead, Rick has grown out his beard into a medium-size full grey beard. The beard is big, bushy, and has the perfect length. The beard doesn’t look distracting on Rick’s face nor feel out of place.

Scruffy Beard

Rick Grimes Scruffy Beard

Walking dead wouldn’t be a good zombie survival drama if Rick didn’t go through any tough times. In some episodes, wounded and helpless, Rick has grown out a very scruffy salt and pepper beard. It isn’t so stylish but gives Rick that tough and rugged look.

Short stylish beard

Short stylish beard

This is the signature beard of Rick Grimes during the earlier episodes of the show. It’s short, nicely trimmed, and has a sleek design without any messy lines. It has low cheek lines and is very well styled,

Heavy Stubble Beard

Rick Grimes Heavy Stubble Beard

Rick Grimes is also known for his sharp, heavy stubble beard during some episodes of the walking dead. This particular beard style is very well known among celebrities and commoners alike. It’s a clean scruffy look that has a cool feel to it.

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Andrew Lincoln face shape

Andrew Lincoln has an oval face shape. This means that his face is long and narrow, with a medium-sized forehead and a long, well-defined jawline. It is also slightly rounded and has soft corners.

What Beard Styles suit Andrew Lincoln?

All of his beard styles fit him great! The short stylish beard he sports in most episodes of the show looks like it’s tailored to suit Rick’s face shape and features very well. However, it’s the medium white beard that brings out Rick Grimes’ look. The fullness of the beard, its color, and its length all match well together to make ‘Rick Grimes’.

How To Grow A Beard Like Rick Grimes

All the beard styles of Rick Grimes require some patience to grow. They are low maintenance but they are on the medium side. So if you want to try any of Rick Grimes’ beard styles, here are some tips for growing out your facial hair.

  1. Don’t trim your beard

    This is the most obvious answer to ‘how to grow a beard like Rick Grimes’. If you want thick, bushy, and medium-length beards like Ricks you should stop trimming. All the styles that this guy rocks require some amount of patience to grow.

  2. Get the right products

    When you are growing a beard, be sure to get the right beard products. As your beard grows you will realize that your skin underneath will get itchy. This is when you’ll need some good beard oil to soothe the itchiness and moisturize your skin underneath. If you go for the longer styles you will also need a good beard comb and a natural beard shampoo.

  3. Be patient

    Lastly, be patient! You can’t rush time and hope to get that beard overnight. All the styles of Rick Grimes require from a few weeks to a few months. They aren’t that quick to grow but the reward of having them is more than enough.

  4. Shape your beard

    The last step in your beard growth journey is to shape it. To do so you will need a good beard trimmer or some scissors. Once you have the right tool for the job, trim the parts of your beard that protrude out too much. Shape it and clean up any messy lines so you can rock a perfect Rick Grimes look all day!

    If you choose the stylish short beard make sure to do the cheek line and neckline according to the shape of your face. Ensure that you trim the neckline too high neither go too low with it.

Rick Grimes

How to maintain your Rick Beard

As we already mentioned, Rick Grimes’s beard styles are low-maintenance. However, they should still be taken care of every few days or so.

1. Wash your beard regularly

Make sure to wash out the dirt that accumulates on your beard every few days. You should use a good beard shampoo and then dry it with a clean cloth. If you want, you can add a little bit of beard oil to make your hair softer and more manageable.

2. Comb it out daily

The long medium white beard requires frequent combing. The longer, the better if you want to recreate Rick’s look from the show. You can use a wide-toothed wooden comb and brush your beard from top to bottom every day.

3. Apply beard oil

Beard oil will help you soften and tame your hair. It’s important to add it every day so that your hair is moisturized and conditioned.

You can try all of these steps religiously for about a month and expect to get the Rick Grimes beard look that Andrew Lincoln sports in the show!

Rick Grimes beard


We hope you have obtained some insight into the world of Rick Grimes’ beard styles. There are many more that you can try; however, these are some basic styles that are easy to recreate and look good on pretty much anyone. Now it is time to take the action and try them out for yourself!

Good luck with your beard journey! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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