The Best Shaving Soap for a Manly Shave

The Best Shaving Soap

The Best Shaving Soap

Many men choose a shaving cream for their grooming process, but there is something that makes all the difference in a smooth shave and that is shaving soap.

Shaving soaps moisturize your skin and protect it during the shaving process, making it a highly valuable addition to your shaving routine.

Read more to discover our top 5 shaving soaps.

Top 5 Shaving Soap

Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men

Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter by Henry Cavendish

Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap

Proraso Shaving Soap in a bowl

The Blades Grim - Gold Luxury Shaving Soap "Smolder"

Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men
Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter
Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap
propaso shaving soap
The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap "Smolder"

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  •  Smells Good
  •  Soft Subtle    Scent
  •  Pleasant Smell
  • Concentrated,  Creamy Lather
  • Thick & Quick  Lather
  •  Good Lather

  •  Rich Lather
  •  Convenient    Packaging
  •  Includes  Eucalyptus &  Menthol
  • Great Smell
  •  Smooth Face
  •  Moisturizing        Ingredients

  •  Affordable
  •  Thick Lather
  •  Good for    Sensitive Skin
  •  Time and Knack  to Build a Good    Lather
  •  Small Package
  •  Small Package
  •  Lather Loses  Potency Over  Time     
  •   Smell Goes Away Quickly






How to Choose a shaving Soap?

When searching for the best shaving soap you should consider the following factors:


Some men like their soaps perfumed to add that special touch to their grooming routine, while others prefer them fragrant-free.

The answer to this question is based on a rather personal preference and you are the only one that knows the answer.

Of course, some brands do a better job at but again it is subjective.

The Fat Content

In most things in everyday life, you try to stay away from the fat content, right?

But this is not true with your shaving soap.

A soap with glycerin or tallow is exactly what you are looking for. Glycerin and tallow make the lather you need for a safe and smooth shave. 

Remember to always look for the fat content in the soap and ensure you are getting a shaving soap with a high-fat concentration.

Is Shaving Soap Good for Sensitive Skin?

You need to make sure to get a shaving soap that won't irritate you if you have sensitive skin.

Shaving soap is a better choice than shaving cream or shaving gel if you have sensitive skin, as it provides a moisturizing lather which is very important

You should look at the ingredients and choose a shaving soap with special ingredients, such as lavender, or any other natural ingredient that is beneficial for sensitive skin.

Is Shaving Soap Good For Dry Skin?

If you have dry skin you need to look for soaps that have special oils or butters that will moisturize your skin and leave you with bump-free and soft skin.

The percentage of fat content in most shaving soaps makes a more oil-like lather than a shaving cream which benefits your dry skin and leaves you with a soft smooth face. 

What Ingredients should you look for?

While there are many different ingredients found in shaving soaps, the ones you want to look for to ensure you get soft skin are: mango, lanolin, lavender, aloe, and coconut oil, among many others.

These above-mentioned ingredients are extremely helpful. 

Of course, you are not going to find a soap that contains all of them, but depending on your shaving goals and needs make sure to choose a shaving soap that contains at least one of them.

Best Ingredients for Shaving Soap

Why Shaving soap Is better than shaving cream?

If you are using shaving cream for years, you may wonder why you should start using a shaving soap.

Here are some benefits you will get from using shaving soap:

  • 1
    It's probably what your great grandfather used to shave, which is pretty cool and kind of proves that maybe there's something to it.
  • 2
    Shaving soap contains ingredients that are key for lubrication and will keep your skin free of bumps and inflammation.
  • 3
    Shaving soap is more affordable than shaving cream and usually lasts longer which makes it more cost-effective.
  • 4
    The lather you can make with a quality shaving soap is much better than the one of shaving cream. While you do have to do a little bit of work to build a rich lather, once you do, the end result will be worth it. A good shaving soap will provide you with the moisture and lather that will make your razor glide effortlessly.

Whether you have used shaving soap before or you are reading about it for the first time, it's worth giving it a try, especially if your skin gets irritated and doesn't feel smooth after a shave.

The Best Shaving Soaps in Town


  • It smells good
  • It provides a good lather
  • It leaves your face feeling smooth


  • It takes time and knack to build a good lather
  • Some men prefer a stronger fragrance

The Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men is tallow based which is an important feature in shaving soaps.

And is important because it provides the lather that ensures a safe and smooth shave.

Another plus is that it's made from all-natural ingredients, which is ideal for men with sensitive skin.

It has a subtle scent of cedarwood and oakmoss giving it a mild fragrance.

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter


  • It has a soft subtle scent
  • It provides a rich lather
  • It includes moisturizing ingredients


  • It isn't large which means it doesn't last as long as some others
  • It takes some effort to get the lather going

If you have sensitive or dry skin, the shea butter in the Henry Cavendish is a really good choice.

It contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil that help to keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

With such a slight aroma, it's a good choice for men who don't like fragrance in their soaps.

It provides a rich lather which results in a smooth shave.

Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap


  • The smell is subtle yet pleasant and lasts
  • It comes in convenient packaging
  • It is affordable


  • It doesn't provide as thick a lather as some other soaps
  • It is a bit small and doesn't last very long

Col. Conk is a shaving soap that has avocado oil and vitamin E, making it a good choice for men with dry skin.

It has a subtle scent of Bay Rum that lasts for a long time and it comes in a neat package that can be carried on trips.

While it may take some time for you to build a good lather, once you add enough water it lathers up nicely for a smooth shave.

At an affordable price, it is a really good value for money choice.

propaso shaving soap


  • Concentrated, creamy lather feels pleasant on the face
  • Eucalyptus tones and purifies the skin while menthol refreshes and revitalizes it
  • Thick lather provides a clean shave without nicks or scratches


  • Lather loses potency over time
  • Light scent might not be suitable for sensitive skin

Proraso Shaving Soap in a bowl is a great example of classic shaving cream.

It produces a rich, creamy lather that is pleasant to work with and provides a clean shave without nicks or cuts to the skin.

Menthol and eucalyptus work together to provide a cooling sensation, purify and tone the skin underneath.

This concentrated soap is still made in small batches using a rigorous, time-tested process. 

The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap


  • It lathers thickly and quickly
  • It smells great
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin


  • Once it lathers, men have to shave right away as it dries quickly
  • The great smell goes away somewhat quickly

As you would expect from a luxury soap, the Blades Grim soap offers a thick lather, as well as a pleasant scent that is both manly and subtle.

If the winner for " best shaving soap " would be based just on the scent, this soap would be the reigning champion.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Blades Grim soap is a good choice for men with sensitive skin as it won't irritate or cause inflammation.

The stylish packaging is both functional and attractive and is relatively inexpensive.


The Winner Is…

While we like every shaving soap we have mentioned, and each one has its pros that make them reliable purchases, our favorite and the winner has to be the Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men.

It combines the ideal features and allows you to get the smooth and soft shave you are looking for.

It has a nice scent, great lather, and leaves you with that smooth feeling, at an affordable price.

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