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Shea Butter for Beard: Is It Any Good?

Most of us, when growing a beard, encounter all the common pains of the process – the skin flakes, itches, reddens, and pimples.

Others who already have a beard are often unsatisfied with its density, texture, and overall quality and end up buying all kinds of products and supplements that promise miracles. And as you probably know, they are a failure in 99% of the cases.

In order to avoid being an honorary member of these two groups, you should consider giving shea butter a shot, as it can be very helpful to your beard.

If you want to learn everything about shea butter and beards, keep reading because, in this article, we will talk about how to choose the best shea butter, why you should look for it in the first place, as well as how to use it. We will also solve the doubt – can shea butter make your beard grow faster?

So, let’s start from the basics.

What Is Shea Butter?

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Shea butter, also known as karité, is a type of natural vegetable fat derived from the grain of the Butyrospermum parkii shea tree, a tree that mostly grows in West, Central, and East African forested savannas.

To get the best out of what shea butter has to offer, it’s essential to use it in its raw or unrefined form, as the refined form loses a large number of its natural properties. Quality is classified from A to F, where A quality is the purest and F the least pure. Keep that in mind when shopping.

Shea butter is not new in the beauty industry. It is essential in the creation of sophisticated beauty products because it has several benefits due to its high concentration of fatty acids, vitamins A and E, proteins, and minerals.

Let’s see how all these ingredients benefit your beard.

What Are the Benefits of Shea Butter for Beards?

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Shea butter has plenty of benefits for beards, as it moisturizes, hydrates, restores the hair, and protects and rejuvenates the skin underneath.

Add anti-inflammatory effects, a small amount of SPF, and a healthy glow to all that, and you have a product with everything a perfect beard needs.

A big plus – so far, no cases of skin allergies have been recorded in people who are allergic to tree nuts and used shea butter.

  • Moisturizing and hydrating effect. Thanks to its cetyl esters, shea butter acts as a protective layer and helps lock moisture in both hair and skin.
  • Repairing effect on damaged hair. Shea butter is naturally abundant in nourishing lipids, increasing damaged beard hair’s water resistance, which aids in fiber protection.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Triterpene cinnamates and acetates fats this butter contains are proven to have great anti-inflammatory effects. These properties are great because they help the skin beneath your beard and facial hair thrive.
  • Healthy glow. It’s not heavy on the hair and skin and gives a beautiful shiny look, which makes the beard look healthier. Linoleic and stearic acid balance each other, making it easy for skin and hair to absorb it.
  • Prevents beard loss. Vitamins A, E, and F are famous antioxidants that help circulation. Blood circulation is essential for hair follicles – better circulation helps hair nourish better and be less prone to falling out.
  • Nourishing. Shea butter has fatty triglycerides that nourish and condition skin and hair.
  • Keeps beard under control. No more fighting with your beard and trying to tame it. This butter softens hair and makes keeping it under control easier.

Shea butter will help you say goodbye to skin rashes, frizzy looks, knots, tangles, uneven growth, flaking, breakage, and damaged whiskers. And say hello to a strengthened beard, soft and moisturized skin beneath, volume, and overall – gorg facial hair!

How to Apply Shea Butter on Your Beard?

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Shea butter can be found in various beard care products – balms, oils, and beard washes.

However, we recommend trying to find simple, raw shea butter and using it as such. Thus, its effect will be the strongest. You need to put a small amount between your palms and dissolve it by rubbing. Soon the shea butter will turn into an oily mass that should be applied to your beard in a circular motion and rubbed into the skin.

It is best to apply it after showering or washing your face, when the pores are open, and it is best absorbed.

Pro Tip: Do not overdo the amount cause, like any fat or oil, if you apply too much, it will make your beard look greasy.

Does Shea Butter Make My Beard Grow?

does shea butter help with beard growth
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It’s not scientifically proven that shea butter makes a beard grow. But!

Here’s the big ‘’but’’: all the benefits that this natural product offers help greatly to keep the beard in optimal condition and, therefore, grow healthy and thicker.

It can be concluded that all the above-mentioned benefits can only be a big plus for the beard and the condition of the skin under it. It will certainly not delay its growth.


Now that you know what benefits you can expect if you start using shea butter for your beard care, as well as how to use it, we hope you won’t hesitate.

If you still have doubts about this wonder from Africa after reading this article, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below. We will answer you as soon as possible because a wonderful beard shouldn’t wait!

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