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How To Straighten A Curly-Wavy Beard: 5 Tips That Work!

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Having a curly beard is great, but it can be hard to style.

The problem with curly hair is that it’s not always easy to manage. It takes time and effort to get the look you want. You have to wash your beard daily, use a leave-in conditioner after washing, comb out knots between washes with a wide-tooth comb or pick, and apply curl control styling product before drying your face… And if you don’t do some of these things every day then your curly facial hair will turn into frizzies!

We have listed 5 tips on how you can straighten a curly-wavy beard hair and make sure that it stays looking great throughout the day. These steps will help you avoid curly facial hair and give you confidence when interacting with other people in social settings or during business meetings.

But first, we need to understand why people have a wavy-curly beard in the first place.

Why do people have wavy-curly beards?

If you are reading this article then chances are that your beard hair is curly, wavy, or has tight curls. Sometimes you might think why some guys have naturally straight beard hair while others are forced to spend hours straightening them.

Well, the reason is… genetics. We all come in different shapes and sizes so it makes sense that we don’t all grow thick curly or wavy beards.

And when we say genetics it comes down to the shape of your hair follicle. There are two types of hair follicles the symmetrical and asymmetrical.

If you have symmetrical hair follicles then you will be able to grow a straight beard. Your hair will be round in shape and when it grows out, it will be straight.

On the other hand, if you have asymmetrical hair follicles then you will grow a curly beard. Your hair will have an oval shape and when it grows out, you will have a wavy beard.

There are other reasons that can make your beard wavy but not completely curly like your nutrition. If you are not getting enough proteins or iron in your diet then this can result in weaker hair that will be more likely to kink and curl.

Another reason is dryness. When your beard hair becomes dry, it will start looking like straw and it will likely curl.

The biggest mistake that people make and cause dryness is that they wash their beards with hair shampoo and do not apply beard oil afterward. This can ruin your beard hairs and leave you with a really dry-looking mess…

As we have mentioned in many articles ordinary shampoos are bad for your beard because they are full of chemicals that strip your beard of natural oils. This can cause damage to the hair follicles and dry out the skin underneath making it harder for your beard to grow thick and healthy.

But keep in mind that if you have a curly or wavy beard 80% of the time is due to genetics.

Curly-Wavy Beard

5 Tips on how to straighten a wavy-curly beard

Now is the time to get down to the business of straightening your beard. Here are 5 tips on how you can straighten a wavy-curly beard and look great throughout the day…

1. Create a healthy beard grooming routine

In order to have a great-looking beard, you have to take care of it. You can’t just wash your facial hair with shampoo and that’s it – you need to do more than that!

You have to wash it with high-quality products like a good beard shampoo bar because ordinary shampoos are bad for your facial hair. These products are designed specifically for your beard.

After that, you have to get yourself a good leave-in beard conditioner or beard oil which will hydrate your hair and reduce frizz. After washing, apply the product to protect the hair from damage and keep it straightened throughout the day.

2. Comb it properly

After you have washed your beard and with a beard shampoo, dried it, and applied the beard oil or conditioner, it’s time to start combing it. Combing is great for both straightening and styling your facial hair so you should be doing it every time you wash your beard.

You need a good beard comb to do it. You can choose any comb but make sure to use a wooden wide-tooth beard comb because it’s designed specifically for your facial hair and will reduce the risk of damage.

You can also use a blow-dryer to straighten your beard

It’s not mandatory but it helps a lot. Just make sure to use the cold air setting and take it slow. Start with the bottom of your beard and comb it against the direction of your hair, upwards.

After you have combed the bottom of your beard, move up to the top.

This time you should comb it downwards along the direction of your hair. Do it slowly and make sure not to put too much pressure on the comb.

If you feel that your beard is getting out of control, use a bit of beard oil to dampen it again and then continue the process. Be patient and keep at it.

Combing may take time but it’s really worth it in the end you just need to be very careful with the blow dryer because if you use too much heat, you can cause serious damage.

Don’t forget to straighten the mustache to the sides because it’s often wavy as well!

We have a whole article on how to comb your beard properly so make sure to check it out.

Top Beard Comb Reviews

3. Use a Beard straightening iron

If at this point you are still struggling with your curly beard then it may be time to invest in a good quality straightener or beard straightening iron.

These products are specially designed for facial hair and you will certainly notice the difference if you use one. They come with different size plates so you can choose which ones fit your needs the best. Just make sure to read the instructions before using your straightener for the first time.

Beard straightening irons work by flattening hair follicles and reducing frizz. They are one of the most effective ways to tame your beard and make it look awesome.

All you have to do is to plug the straightener or iron in, heat it up and start slowly straightening your hair. You need to create small sections of your beard (like with beard dread) press the plates against your beard and move it slowly down. Do it for all the sections you have.

Don’t put too much pressure, you should be very careful with these products because if you apply too much heat or pressure, your beard can get damaged really easily.

Beard Straightener

4. Apply Beard Balm or wax

At this point, you should have already gotten rid of curly hair and made it look presentable. Now it’s time for some styling!

You can choose to use beard balm or wax – they are both great for styling your hair and will help you achieve the look you want.

All you have to do is to apply a small amount to your fingers and then gently rub it into your beard. Make sure to use the wax sparingly because you don’t want your hair to look shiny or greasy.

It’s best if you start with applying the wax under your beard, in the neck area.

You should do this because this part of the beard is the curliest and most difficult to tame. The wax will help you get rid of any stubborn curls and make your beard look more even.

Afterward, start working on the cheekbones area progressing upwards towards the top of your beard. Once you have applied it everywhere, use a Beard comb or brush to style your hair the way you want.

Using beard balm or wax will help you keep your beard straight and shiny throughout the day.

We recommend using Honest Amish beard balm we have a complete review if you want to read it.

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What not to do if you have a wavy-curly beard

We have told you that we are going to give your 5 tips but so far we gave you only 4.

Well, the fifth tip is about what you shouldn’t do, and it’s simple: Don’t use the so-called beard relaxing creams.

There is a big hype between guys with wavy beards about beard relaxing creams that make your facial hair straight and their marketing teams are very good at convincing you that these products are natural and won’t damage your hair.

We want to bust the myth and tell you that they are called relaxing creams because they are loosening and breaking the keratin bonds that keep your hair together. This is why they make your beard straight but this is also the reason why they ruin it.

Keratin bonds are important for your hair because they make it strong and flexible.

When you use beard relaxing creams, over time the bonds between keratin fibers that keep your facial hair intact are weakened. As a consequence, this causes split ends in your beard which isn’t just bad looking but also means that you will have to trim it much more often than you would want to.

The truth is that beard relaxing creams are efficient but they are also very dangerous.

Do you think it’ll be worth it?

Wavy Beard

Curly & Wavy beards FAQ

How Do I Stop My Beard From Being Wavy?

As we mentioned above you have a wavy or curly beard because of your genetics. Because there is no way to change it you need to manage it differently. You can use all the tricks we told you about in our post and this will help to tame and manage it.

Are Curly Beards A Thing?

Of course, curly beards are a thing and nowadays more and more men opt for them.
The reason why some guys decide to get a wavy beard is that it’s unique and different. We wouldn’t say that it’s better than straight beards but it sure is different.

Do Beards Grow In Waves?

Beards are wavy because of the hair follicle shape. As we have already said, your beard is wavy because of genetics. It’s completely normal and there is nothing wrong with it.

Are Curly Beards Attractive?

Curly beards are attractive for some guys and not so much for others.
If you want to know if your beard is attractive, then simply ask yourself if it looks good on you or not. There is no rule that says that every kind of beard will look good on you. If you think that a curly beard suit your face shape and personality then you will be attractive.

Is Curly Beard Normal?

A curly beard is perfectly normal. There are thousands of guys with wavy beards around the world and they look awesome! Curly beard hair is super common and there is nothing to be ashamed for.

Should You Straighten Your Beard?

This is totally up to you. You should straighten your beard if you find it more pleasant and if it makes you look and feel good. Straightening done correctly does no damage to beards so it’s fine. Just be careful with applying excess heat because it can damage your beard.


We have already shared with you 5 tips for guys with a wavy-curly beard and we hope that it helped.

As we have said, don’t use beard relaxing creams because they are not natural and they ruin your facial hair.

Also, avoid using excess heat on your beard because this can damage it. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with straightening your beard so go ahead and do it if you want to.

Special thanks go to all the guys with wavy-curly beards out there and we hope that our article was helpful! If you have any more questions please leave them in the comments down below and we’ll help you to solve your problems as soon as possible!

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