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25 Sleek Taper Fade Haircuts For Guys In 2023

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Guys nowadays are highly mindful of their looks. They want to be fashionable, stylish, and trendy, and one of the first things they do to improve their overall look is get a nice haircut.

However, finding the proper haircut is a bit difficult as there are just too many options to choose from.

But don’t worry, we got your back. In this post, we will go through one of the most popular haircuts, the taper fade haircut, and its different variations. We created this guide to help you make an informed decision regarding your future haircut. So, let’s get going!

What Is the Taper Fade?

what is taper fade
Source: @herr_sani via Instagram

The Taper Fade is a haircut where the side and back hair is cut shorter than the top and, at the same time, gets progressively even shorter (but not very short) as it slides down the sides and back of your head.

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What Is the Difference between the Taper Fade and the Fade?

taper fade vs fade

Technically speaking, taper fade is a mixture of two haircutting techniques: Taper and Fade. In both techniques, hair progressively becomes shorter on the sides and back of your head, with the only difference being the length of the hair.

In a fade haircut, as the hair gets close to your neck, it becomes very short or even shaved, whereas, in a taper haircut, it also gets gradually short but not that short. In simple words, a taper is a longer version of the fade. The taper fade haircut is the result of combining them and adding a few twists and turns.

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How to Ask Your Barber for a Taper Fade?

barber working
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When you go to the barbershop and ask your barber for a haircut, don’t simply say, “I want a Taper Fade,” because there are many variations of the taper fade (as you are going to see later). Be very clear on the sort of taper fade you want.

Here are some suggestions on how to ask your barber for a taper fade haircut:

1. Show A Reference Image

For starters, choose a photo or image of the desired style and show it to your barber. This is critical since it will allow him or her to understand exactly what you want! Keep in mind that not all barbers are skilled in every style, so ask if he or she can accomplish the style you want.

2. Specify Your Desired Fade Height

Tell your barber how high or low you want your fade to be and where exactly it should start. The height of the fade will depend on what you’re looking for. If you want a more extreme look, ask for a high fade. If you want a more conservative look, ask for a low taper fade haircut. We have a couple of articles about the mid vs low fade and the mid vs high fade if you want to learn more.

3. Specify Your Desired Taper Length

Taper length refers to how long the hair is at the transition point where the fade begins. If you want the taper to start at a certain length and then gradually increase to another length, let your barber know.

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4. Specify the Length and Style of Your Hair on Top

It’s important to let your barber know what you want to do with the top hair. If you want a slick back or a pompadour, say so. Or, if you want the hair on top of your head to be long and sleek, tell him/her how long you want it. If there are any other details that you want to be added, like textured hair or a line-up, let him/her know.

Knowing what to ask for will help you leave the barbershop happy. Don’t assume that your barber knows what you want; give them specific instructions, so they know how to cut your hair properly.

If you’re unsure what to request, ask your barber what he or she feels will look best on you. Don’t be hesitant to tell him/her if he/she is cutting or styling your hair wrong; he/she can adjust it, so it looks precisely as you want it.

Of course, you can do a fade at home, but we have to warn you that it is not that easy. However, if you decide to do it, make sure to use a good clipper for fades for the best results.

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25 Cool Taper Fade Haircuts

1. Blowout Taper Fade

blowout taper fade
Source: @lasbarberasdesevilla via Instagram

This is a trendy taper fade haircut with a blowout finish appropriate for people who want their hair to look full and voluminous. In this haircut, your hair will be longer at the top than side and back, while the blowout finish will add texture and depth at the front.

2. Curly Top with High Volume

curly hair with volume on top
Source: @themilestone_barbershop via Instagram

This haircut is a great choice if you have naturally curly wavy hair. Your curls will be thicker and fuller and will add volume to the top of your head. On top, the hair will be long and wavy, while on the sides, the hair will be tapered and fading. With this combination, you’ll seem edgy and chic. Try this haircut if you want to look fashionable and add more bounce and structure to your hair.

3. Undercut Taper Fade

undercut taper fade
Source: @Friseur_Karin_Bolz via Instagram

This particular hairstyle has been around since the 1910s and has only grown in popularity over the last decade. The hair on top of the head is long enough to be slicked back or parted to the side, while the hair at the back is buzzed short (tapered). This Taper Fade haircut is ideal for men who want to seem fashionable but don’t have much free time to style their hair.

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4. Swiveled French Crop

swiveled french crop
Source: @barberbirdman via Instagram

The swiveled french crop is a fashionable and highly attractive variant of the standard french crop. The hair on the sides and back is short, with a greater length in front that is parted to one side. A high fade adds complexity and intensity to this style. The hair on top can be groomed with wax or gel for a more polished finish, while the sides can be left with some length for a more natural effect.

5. Curly Taper Fade

curly taper fade
Source:@ savercuts via Instagram

With this Taper Fade, you will lighten your curls while maintaining their tight, glossy appearance. Although the style appears straightforward, it has a sense of elegance. Anyone with curly hair who desires a modern appearance with some edge can adopt this haircut.

6. Skin Taper fade

skin taper fade
Source: @staytrue3dwin via Instagram

Undoubtedly, one of the most liked haircuts is the skin fade taper which will give you the distinct high, tight appearance of a military haircut. The trick to this haircut is to get the fade on the sides and back as high as possible.

7. Afro Taper Fade

afro taper fade
Source: @seeyourselfcuts via Instagram

This is a very popular hairstyle for black males with an afro, as it helps you blend your hair better. The natural texture of an afro is combined with a low taper fade on the sides and back of the head. This creates a highly charming style that will suit anyone with an afro. 

8. Wavy-Messy Top

messy hair on top taper fade
Source: @jeffryluvaze via Instagram

This hairstyle will make you look like you just got out of bed and, at the same time, look amazing. In this haircut, your hair is tapered and faded on the sides and back, but it is somewhat long and untidy on top of your head. The word ”messy” describes how you style your hair by hand instead of using a comb or brush.

9. Bald Taper Fade

bald taper fade
Source: @mickcutz via Instagram

This hairstyle features very short hair all over your head. It begins with a bald fade on the sides and back of your head and then grows longer as it advances toward the top of your head. You may also ask for a line-up, giving your haircut more structure. For individuals who prefer an extremely short hairdo, this haircut is ideal.

10. Caesar Taper Fade

caesar taper fade
Source: @bumansss via Instagram

As implied by the name, Julius Caesar is the source of inspiration for this hairstyle. Men with thick hair frequently adopt this hairstyle. It has a shorter top part and tapering fade on the sides and rear of the head. However, the most essential thing to remember while obtaining this haircut is to avoid having too much length on top; otherwise, it will seem out of place.

11. Clean Temple Fade

clean temple fade
Source:@ jbyrd0572 via Instagram

This is a very clean and modern take on the Taper Fade and has been around for quite some time. The hair on the top is cut short, while the sides gradually fade from base to top. The temple fades give this style its name, as well as its distinct look.

12. Curly Dyed Highlights

curly highlighted fade
Source: @khodor_98 via Instagram

This is a trendy style for curly hair that works with almost any type of fade (but the mid or high fade is recommended). It is attractive, modern, and eye-catching due to the short sides and longer top. Dyed highlights are an excellent technique to add color to your hair. Choose a light brown or blonde tone for a more subtle effect, but if you feel bold, use red or blue highlights!

13. High Taper Fade Haircut

high taper fade
Source: @ torreblancabs via Instagram

This hairstyle features a higher fade than the standard taper fade. It is ideal if you have thick hair that has to be controlled. Your hair will remain short and orderly with lots of volume in the front, thanks to the contrast it will make with the high fade on the sides.

14. Mid-Taper Fade

mid taper fade
Source: @b_cutzz30

This typical Taper Fade has been around for a while. It has a mid-fade on the sides and back, while the hair on top is left long enough to be styled in a combover or pompadour.

15. Low Taper Fade

low taper fade
Source: @stan.cuts via Instagram

This is similar to the mid-taper fade version but has a smaller fade on the sides and back. With so much room for customization, this taper fade is an exceptionally stylish and modern haircut. You can leave some length on top or cut it very short, or just do whatever comes to your mind – the choice is yours!

16. Casual Brush Up with Highlight Dye

brush up highlight
Source: @raivin.zhao via Instagram

One special haircut for both boys and men is the casual brush-up with highlights. The highlights give the haircut some edge while keeping it informal. The sides are tapered and closely shaved to the skin for a neat appearance.

17. Brushed Back Top with Subtle Fade

brushed back hair with subtle fade
Source: @guga_cuts via Instagram

This haircut is quite adaptable and can be used both officially and informally. The trick is maintaining the top brushed back to look tidy and clean. It also gives the haircut an edgier feel while the subtle fade at the sides and back balances it out.

18. Styled Pompadour and Classic Taper

pampadour with classic taper
Source:@bar.ber_dr via Instagram

This trendy hairstyle blends a traditional pompadour with a taper fade. The sides have a very smooth and mild fade that blends with the hair. The outcome is a really modern style that will fit those who want to be trendy without overdoing it.

19. Curly Fringe Fade

curly fringe fade
Source: @ bgirlnedou

For males with curls, the curly fringe fade is a wonderful haircut. It has long curls in front and tapering fades on the sides. Guys with medium-length or long hair on top and thinning around their temples will look well in this style, as it can help hide the receding hairline.

20. Brush Up Fade

brush up hairstyle taper fade
Source: @xian_m_alawi via Instagram

This simple, clean taper fade haircut is great for guys with thick hair. The hair on the sides is cut short, while the top of your head is left longer. Then, the longer hair on top is brushed up to create volume and texture.

21. Taper Fade Slicked Back

slicked back taper fade
Source: @esquirebarbercoquitlam via Instagram

Men of all ages can wear this highly stylish hairstyle since it is so sleek and sophisticated. While the top hair has considerable length, the sides and back hair are short and faded into a neat line. You can either slick your hair with a hair product or just comb it back with water.

22. Quiff Taper Fade

quiff taper fade
Source:@golimorda_barbershop via Instagram

Young males with thick hair love the quiff taper fade style. While the top hair is combed up and shaped into a quiff, the sides and back are faded to retain a neat and professional appearance.

23. Curly Top with Undercut

curly undercut
Source:@ barbershop_gerando via Instagram

The long, curly hair on top with short hair around make up this hairstyle unique. The sides are shaved to give the appearance of an undercut, giving this style a very modern look.

24. Brushed Up Shaved Hairline

brushed up shaved hairline
Source: @caesarbarbermxl

This is a fashionable taper fade hairstyle with a brushed-up appearance and a shaved hairline. The top hair is combed up and forward, while the sides are shaved to a stubble. It has a beautiful but edgy look that suits men of all ages.

25. Receding Hairline with Beard

receding hairline beard
Source: @roquewes via Instagram

This is a very popular haircut for guys, particularly those who have a receding hairline and want to conceal it. The beard and hair suit one another to produce a distinctive look. It has a high to medium fade on the sides and back of the head, and the top hair is left long enough to be fashioned into a pompadour or a quiff.  The beard length can vary, but most guys like to wear a thick, full beard that can give your face a more manly aspect.

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The taper fade hairstyle is quite adaptable. It suits any hair type and can be fashioned in many ways. There are many alternatives for you to select from, whether you want something hip and casual or clean-cut and professional.

We sincerely hope you’ve liked reading about taper fades. Please leave a comment and let us know which taper fade you have tried. We like hearing from our readers.

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