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The Number 1 Buzz Cut: Complete Tutorial With Photos

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If you like short, clean, low-maintenance haircuts, the number 1 buzz cut is definitely a haircut you should consider.

Keep reading because, in this in-depth article, we will cover everything you need to know about the famous number 1 buzz cut. We’ll discuss in detail what the classic number 1 buzz cut is, why it can be the best haircut for you, give you our best tips, and try to inspire you. We will also advise you on achieving and maintaining it at home and help you save some bucks.

What is the Number 1 Buzz Cut?

number 1 buzz cut
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The number 1 buzz cut, also known as a “butch cut” or “induction cut,” refers specifically to using the number 1 clipper guard to produce a very short even haircut that leaves hair approximately 1/8 of an inch (3mm) in length all around.

The buzz cut has been a prominent haircut for men for many years, and the number 1 buzz cut, in particular, has a military heritage. It had its roots in the World War II era when soldiers were compelled to keep their hair short for practical and hygienic reasons. In recent years, the buzz cut has made a comeback, with many celebrities and athletes embracing the style. 

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What Length Is the Number 1 Buzz Cut?

number 1 buzzcut length

The number 1 buzz cut is a very short cut where the hair is cut at a uniform length of about 1/8 of an inch (3mm). The number 1 guard is the shortest clipper guard, and the only way to get a shortest cut is by using the clipper without a guard (usually mentioned as zero number buzz cut). To learn more about buzz cut lengths, you can read our complete guide: Buzz cut lengths: Complete guide from 0 to 8.

In the classic buzz cut version, there is no noticeable length difference between the hair’s top, sides, and back as the head is buzzed uniformly.

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What Are the Benefits of a Number 1 Buzz Cut?

The number 1 buzz cut has a variety of advantages over other hairstyles, and in this section, we will talk about the top six benefits of a number 1 buzz cut.

1. Low Maintenance

A number 1 buzz cut is an exceptionally low-maintenance haircut that does not require styling or upkeep. The hair is so short that it doesn’t even need frequent washing, so shampooing or conditioning it daily is unnecessary. This ease of maintenance can help people with busy schedules or those who are constantly on the go save not only time but also money on frequent barber visits and hair care products.

This makes it the perfect option for those who want a clean, practical haircut that is also simple to manage at home. All you need is a set of clippers and a number 1 guard, and you are good to go. 

2. Cool and Convenient

A number 1 buzz cut is a great choice if you seek a cool and comfortable hairdo, especially if you live somewhere with hot weather or you are constantly engaging in demanding activities that cause you to break a sweat. 

With better airflow around the scalp due to the number 1 buzz cut’s reduced hair length, there is less chance of overheating, perspiration, scalp discomfort, or infection. 

3. Versatility

Versatility is one of the top benefits of the number 1 buzz cut. It can fit various personal fashion preferences, whether you choose a polished, orderly appearance or a more rough, edgy appearance. The number 1 buzz cut is also appropriate for all ages, from infants to the elderly. Its short length can help create a youthful and fresh appearance while being practical and easy to maintain.

4. Affordability

Another top benefit of the number one buzz cut is its affordability. The number 1 buzz cut is an inexpensive option for men who want a low-maintenance, no-fuss haircut, whether you get it done professionally or at home. 

It is a haircut that can be completed quickly and easily with a pair of clippers. This implies that it is among the least expensive haircuts since you won’t have to spend much on styling or cutting time.

5. Professional Look

A short buzz cut will give you a neat and tidy appearance that projects professionalism. When properly trimmed, your hair will have a constant length, won’t look unkempt or untidy, and boost your confidence.

If you desire a refined hairdo that exudes confidence and self-assurance, the number one buzz cut’s professional appearance will work to your benefit.

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What Face Shapes Work Best with A Number 1 Buzz Cut

oval and square face shapes

Your face shape is the most crucial factor to take into account while selecting a buzz cut (or a haircut in general). Fortunately, a number 1 buzz cut is one of many hairstyles that suit diverse facial shapes.

For instance, a number 1 buzz cut can enhance the natural symmetry of an oval face shape because as a short haircut with no extreme characteristics, it will draw attention to this facial shape’s balanced and well-proportioned features.

On the other hand, square face shapes with strong, angular jawlines and wide foreheads can also be complemented by a number one buzzcut. A number 1 buzz cut can help balance out the dimensions of the face and make it look less boxy. Lastly, the heart face shapes with larger foreheads and smaller chins will also look good because the number 1 buzz cut will detract attention from the forehead and balance the proportions of the face. 

Regardless of your face shape, picking a haircut that complements your personality and sense of style is crucial. A number 1 buzz cut can be a terrific low-maintenance, fashionable haircut that looks amazing, regardless of whether you have an oval, square, round, or heart-shaped face.

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Is A Number 1 Buzz Cut Good for Receding Hairlines?

Buzz Cut Receding Hairline

Depending on the hair loss pattern, a number 1 buzz cut can be a viable option for men with receding hairlines. This is because the number 1 buzz cut is so short and minimizes the contrast between thinning or receding hair patches and the rest of the hair, which can hide the receding hairline.

diy buzzcut

How To Do a Number 1 Buzz Cut at Home

A number 1 buzz cut is a fairly simple and uncomplicated haircut you can easily do yourself at home. We will take you through the steps to have a clean and comfortable cut at home.

  1. Get the Appropriate Equipment

    You do not require too much equipment to get a number 1 buzz cut at home. You just need a handheld mirror, a standard mirror, and a pair of hair clippers with a number 1 guard. Finally, a cloth or cape to catch the hair clippings is also a good idea. 

  2. Wash and Dry Your Hair

    It is imperative to wash and dry your hair before you begin the trimming. Drying after washing is equally important because it ensures that the guard and clipper will not be clogged with wet hair. 

  3. Attach the Number 1 Guard and Start Cutting from the Sides

    Make sure that the number 1 guard is securely attached to the clipper; start trimming from the sides of your head and work your way up, going against the direction of your hair’s growth. 

  4. Move To the Top of Your Head 

    Begin the trimming from the front and work your way toward the back. Remember to go against the direction of your hair growth for a more even cut.

  5. Clean Up

    After trimming your hair, check for any missed patches or uneven regions using the standard mirror and a portable mirror. Remove stray hair from your head and neck by using a brush or clean towel.

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The number 1 buzz cut is a well-liked hairstyle for men, which involves cutting the hair very short to produce a streamlined, low-maintenance appearance. This haircut can complement a range of face shapes and hair types in men, and it’s a terrific choice for individuals looking for a simple, manageable hairdo. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remember that a number 1 buzz cut might not be the greatest choice for everyone, especially for people who like longer hairstyles. If you’re considering getting a number 1 buzz cut, ask your hairstylist or barber if it fits your particular needs and preferences.

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