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10 Epic Tom Hanks Beard Styles With Photos

For the majority of his career, the man behind Forrest Gump and Castaway has tried several beard styles. Of course, we are talking about Tom Hanks, and we have collected photos of beard styles he wore through the years. So sit back and take a look at some of his best (and worst) facial hair looks below.

But before we start looking at his photos, let’s take a look at how the actor got to where he is today.

Tom Hanks is a two-time Academy Award winner who has received critical acclaim for roles in “Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump,” “Big,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Catch Me if You Can,” and “Cast Away” just to name a few.

He is one of his generation’s most admired actors and has won the hearts of fans worldwide for over four decades.

Tom Hanks beard styles

Throughout his career, Tom Hanks has sported a lot of different beard styles, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of his best and worst beard styles.

Really long Beard

Tom Hanks long Beard

When he starred in the Forest Gump movie, he had a really long beard that looked like it hadn’t been trimmed or cut in years.

We really liked this style because it made the actor look more mature and gave him that “forest-Gump” look. But to be honest, this is not his beard; he simply wore a toupee throughout the movie to make his hair look good.

Scruffy “Cast Away Beard”

Tom Hanks Scruffy Beard

If you have seen the movie Cast Away, then you know that Tom Hanks plays a character who has been stranded for years on an island. This guy didn’t get to shave for four years and had a really scruffy and unkempt style.

This is probably not the most stylish look, but it sure does give him a rugged look.

Medium Stubble

During the same movie, we also saw him with a medium stubble look. It looked really good on him because it was not too short or long but was right in the middle.

Heavy Stubble

Tom Hanks Heavy Stubble

The heavy stubble, aka 5mm beard, is another beard style that Tom Hanks has been able to pull off. This is a really casual look that you can wear even if you don’t have to attend any special events.

Short beard

Tom Hanks Short beard

The short beard is one of the most common beard styles we see these days, and Tom Hanks has been able to wear his own version of this style.

The short beard also looks good on him because it gives him a younger look and, at the same time, gives him a more relaxed style.

Full White beard

Tom Hanks Full White beard

A lot of people start dying their beards when they notice grey hairs appearing on their faces, but Tom Hanks decided to go all-natural and sported the full white beard look.

It looks really good on him because it gives him a more mature look that matches his age.

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Goatee Beard

Tom Hanks Goatee Beard

The goatee beard is one of those styles that you can wear whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal occasion or not; the goatee simply looks good on almost anyone who tries it out. Tom Hanks has been seen wearing the style, and he definitely pulls it off pretty nicely.

Stubble Goatee

Tom Hanks Stubble Goatee

Another goatee variation that Tom Hanks has tried out is the stubble goatee. This look is not as famous as the full beard, but we still think that it looks really good on him and makes him look more mature without hiding his charm.

Pencil Mustache

Tom Hanks Pencil Mustache

Tom Hanks does not only like beards but also has a thing for mustaches. He has been seen rocking the pencil mustache look on several occasions, and he pulls it off just as nicely as his other facial hair styles.

We think that this particular style suits him because it complements his face perfectly.

Chevron Mustache

Tom Hanks Chevron Mustache

Another mustache style that Tom Hanks has tried out is the chevron mustache. It looks really good on him and makes his facial features more prominent.

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Tom Hanks Face Shape

Tom Hanks has a heart face shape meaning that he has a larger forehead and a smaller jawline.

As a result, his beard styles have to be selected carefully, so they don’t draw attention to the jawline and make it appear smaller than it actually is.

The most suitable beard styles for heart-shaped faces are full beard styles that make the forehead appear smaller and give the face a more oval shape.

Tom Hanks face shape

How to grow a Tom Hanks Beard

As you already know, Tom Hanks has tried a lot of different facial hair styles over the years. So there is not a definite answer to the question of how to grow a Tom Hanks beard.

However, all these styles require growing. So no matter the style you choose, you need to let those trimmers down and let your beard grow.

If you go for the stubble and goatee beard styles, you only need to wait for about two to three weeks, but if you go for the full-on beards, you will have to wait for several months.

Growing a beard is not easy and takes a lot of commitment. You will get the itchies like crazy, making you want to shave your beard every few days.

A small tip to make your journey much easier is buying beard oil. Beard oil prevents itchiness and keeps your facial hair hydrated, preventing it from breaking or getting split ends.

After you get to the desired length, you will need to start shaping your beard. You can do it yourself with help of a mirror and a beard trimmer, or you can go to a barbershop and ask for their assistance.

The basic rule when growing a Tom Hanks beard is that you should let it grow until the point where you feel that it is looking good, and then you shape it into the style that resonates with you.

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How to maintain a Tom Hanks beard

To maintain your beard, you will need to invest in some good beard care products such as beard oil and good beard shampoo. These two will hydrate your facial hair preventing it from getting split ends and making it look smooth and shiny.

You will also need to trim it every now and then to keep it looking sharp.


Can Tom Hanks grow a beard?

Of course, Tom Hanks can grow a beard! As you have already seen in this article he can grow a beard and he likes trying different beard styles.

Is Tom Hanks beard in Castaway real?

Yes, Tom Hanks beard in Castaway is real. This is not the only beard that he grew for a role. There are many examples of Tom Hanks with beards on several movie sets.

How long did it take Tom Hanks to grow his beard?

We are not sure how long it took Tom Hanks to grow his beard but during the filming of Castaway, they paused the filming for 12 months so that he could lose some weight and grow a beard.

Tom Hanks


We hope you enjoyed reading about the different styles that Tom Hanks has tried over the years. He is not only a very talented actor but also likes experimenting with his facial hair.

We are sure that many more beard styles are hidden in his history, so let us know if you have snapped any other photographs of him with a different beard style!

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