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Undercut on Thin Hair: How To Do It [With Photos]

Once more, we are going to talk about one of our favorite haircuts, the good ol’ classic undercut. But unlike other articles where we compare it with other cuts like the two-block haircut or suggest different variations to try, in this one, we are going to examine the relationship between the undercut and thin hair.

Thin hair is undoubtedly tricky because it sheds excessively, gets greasy too easily, and is eventually too sparse. Additionally, there isn’t much space for hairdo options (especially for fancy ones like the undercut).

But don’t worry! Even if life gave you thin hair, you could still rock an undercut if you play your cards right!

Keep reading because we will talk about what an undercut is, how you might get one if you have thin hair, and how to style it and look fantastic.

What Is an Undercut?

undercut slick back
Source: @sean_ambarber via Instagram

An undercut is a haircut where the top of the hair should remain relatively long, and at the same time, the sides should be very short (even shaved). The transition should be sharp, distinguishing this hairstyle from other styles like fades.

As well as being a fashion statement, the undercut is a popular choice for several practical reasons. One of them is that it can successfully help conceal baldness. It is a great enemy of patchy balding areas and receding hairlines because it skillfully hides them. Furthermore, it’s a practical choice if you sweat a lot or exercise regularly – thanks to the very short hair around the ears and above the neck.

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Is Undercut a Good Choice for Guys With Thin Hair?

An undercut on thin hair is indeed a good choice only if you know how to make it look full and voluminous because if you don’t, it can be a disaster.

When styled properly, an undercut will make the hair on top of your head look fuller. Of course, there are a few tricks to keep in mind, like texturizing and layering the remaining hair, as opposed to clicking, but we will get more on that later.

Pro Tips for Top-Notch Looking Undercut on Thin Hair

blonde undercut
Source: @undercut.koszalin via Instagram

In this section, we are going to talk about the tips and tricks that will help your undercut always look great. Try to follow each piece of advice, and we promise – you will avoid the most common thin hair problems.

  1. Do not thin the hair further. Obviously, right? Make it clear to your barber, though.
  2. Do not use conditioners or other hair-softening agents. They will make your hair soft and silky and therefore flatten it and lose volume. It will also add more weight to it – you got the point. Instead, find a lightweight serum that will nourish your hair without adding moisture and weight to it. 
  3. Use shampoos/hair products for volume. There are tons of these products on shelves, so take your time and do some research before you go shopping. And don’t forget: avoid all pomades and heavy creams that will only make your hair look greasy and add weight to it.
  4. Blow dry your hair. If you are using hair products that add volume to your hair, then you should also know that most volumizing products are heat activated. So, don’t run from hairdryers; they are a must-have hair tool, especially for guys with fine hair.
  5. Dry shampoos are your best friends. Yes, I know that your hair gets greasy too quickly and makes your head shine (not in a good way). But here’s the trick: put dry shampoo in your basket next time you go shopping if you don’t have one. They are the heroes that put off the pain of washing your hair every day and the ones that add volume to your hair. Just what you need, right? Of course, don’t throw away the shampoo completely. Yikes!

Although the undercut is a challenging hairstyle for guys with thin hair, it’s still doable – just with a little more effort. Yours and your hairdresser’s. 

This is why you need to make to your barber very clear that you want to achieve volume with the top hair, and if he has enough experience, he will know that this means layering and texturizing.

Now that you have learned what you can do at home and what to tell your barber, let’s see some bulletproof thin hair undercut styles.

6 Undercut Styles for Guys With Thin Hair

disconnected undercut
Source: @nico_trauma_gbr via Instagram

So, on the “Undercut on thin hair” menu, there are the following options that you can definitely ask the barber for without fear of looking ridiculous.

Of course, each of the following hairstyles can and should be modified according to your face shape, character, capabilities, and general preferences. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Disconnected Undercut

disconnected undercut 2
Source: @moquer.shop via Instagram

Well… The definition of undercuts is that they are disconnected (the top hair is sharply separated from the cut/shaved part). But we decided to list it as a special subtype of the undercut as it is very sharp and stylish looking. 

This haircut looks good on almost everyone, no matter their hair type. That’s why it found its place on our list. Men who wear it are always seen as fashionable, exquisite, and attention-getting.

2. Modern Crew Cut

Modern Crew Cut
Source: @volrsalon via Instagram

The crew cut is an all-time classic hairstyle, but if you like it, get ready to have your hair buzzed extremely short. 

In its modern variation, the sides are given a faded undercut look while the top is buzzed very short. Having thinning hair and getting it cut very short on the sides creates the illusion of having thicker, more full-bodied hair on top. 

Another great thing about this haircut is that it is a very low maintenance cut that requires very little upkeep and no additional styling effort.

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3. Messy Top Undercut

messy undercut
Source: @milanihairstylist via Instagram

Another great option for guys with fine hair is the messy undercut. The whole point is in texture, which your hair needs—a lot.

For a messy top undercut, your barber should leave your top hair slightly short, and after trimming the sides, shape it into a messy spiky style with spray and a hairdryer to give it its signature textured cut style.

4. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut
Source: @fryzjerlibiaz via Instagram

The next hairstyle on our list is this oldie (but goldie). 

The side swept undercut consists of undercut-style buzzed sides and a top swept to the side.

When styling, it is preferable to use mild products, a hairbrush for a sleek and tidy finish, or your hands to add a messy touch and add more texture. You see, texture again? 

Additionally, the top should have volume, much like the disconnected undercut we mentioned earlier. Make sure to pick products that will enable you to create a good amount of volume.

5. Slicked-Back Undercut

Slicked-Back Undercut
Source: @themobilebarberservice via Instagram

Although we recommended avoiding slicked-back styles, there is a trick you can use to make it look good on thin hair. 

The trick is not to slick back your hair completely but add some volume to it. To achieve that, you should use a light cream or spray, using a brush or your hands.

Maybe this hairstyle and the previous one are a little more high-maintenance, but hey! If you have thin or fine hair, you should put in the effort!

6. Shaved Undercut

shaved undercut
Source: @ace__of__fades_ via Instagram

This option is the holy grail for those with a receding hairline, as it will make it literally invisible.

As for the hair on top, you can do whatever you want with it (depending on the length). Make a pompadour, a bun, and leave it messy… But make sure to hide the receding hairline by shaving the sides.


We guess by now you understand why we were confident when we said that you can have an undercut on fine or thin hair.

Although it would be much easier to pull off this hairstyle with thick hair, the undercut hairstyles above are still pretty good – if you follow the hair care guidelines mentioned above.

Talk to your barber and tell him what you would like to get out of your thin hair. Don’t give up on the undercut just because your hair is fine. At least after this article, you don’t have to ;).

We hope we managed to help you stick with your decision to wear this hairstyle. If we can help you in any way, or have questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment, and we will be happy to answer.

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