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What is T-blade used for? [Explained]

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If you have been to a barbershop lately and noticed these weird clippers with the wide blades, you might be wondering what they are used for and why all barbers have them in their arsenal.

These blades, my friend, are called the T-Blades and are used by professionals for specific tasks like lineups, fading, and hair designs. Grab a coffee and read on to learn more about the T-blades, their uses, and their benefits because this is what we are going to analyze in this article.

What is a T-Blade? 

andis t blade trimmer

A T-blade is a special clipper blade that has two curved edges allowing barbers to trim hard-to-reach spots like behind the ears and the neck and, at the same time, achieve very close and precise results. 

T-Blades vs. Square Blades

t-blade vs square blade

T-Blades Cut Closer & Create Smoother Results 

The biggest benefit of T-blades is that they deliver much smoother and closer results than traditional square blades. This is because the teeth of the blade are aligned differently than those of regular square blades—they angle inwards instead of outwards—which helps reduce snagging and tugging while cutting very closely and evenly. This means your hair will look much neater when you’re finished cutting it compared to a standard blade set. 

T-Blades are Easier to Maintain 

When it comes to maintaining T-blades, less is more. Unlike regular square blades, T-blades do not require frequent sharpening to maintain their performance level. In fact, all you need is a good cleaning after each use and occasional lubrication with a special blade oil or an alternative to keep them functioning well over time. You can read our article “How to Oil Hair Clippers” to learn how to do it the right way.

So, what is a T-Shaped blade used for?

1. Lineups

barber doing a lineup with a t-blade clipper

A lineup is a haircutting technique that focuses on the contour of the head. The goal of a lineup is to create straight lines to the forehead and the nape of the neck by using very sharp clippers (it is no coincidence that the best clippers for lineups have T-shaped blades).

Why are T-Blades good for lineups?

More Precision

T-blade clippers are way more precise and cut closer than square-blade clippers. This makes them the go-to tool for creating sharp edges, crisp corners, and tight lines—the most important elements of a lineup. They also offer greater control as you can adjust the angle of the blade according to your preference or the area you are trimming.

You can easily create straight lines

As you know, lineups are all about straight clean lines, and using a clipper with a T-blade can help. This is because T-blades are wider than normal blades, you will make fewer moves when trying to do a straight line, and fewer moves equal a lower risk of making a mistake.

2. Designs

taper fade with a design

Hair designs are controversial, but no matter which side of the argument you are on, if you want to deliver a good design, you should use a T-blade clipper!

The precision and closeness (especially if they are zero-gapped) T-blade clippers can deliver make them the only barbering tool (other than an old-school razor) capable of creating hair designs. 

Below you can see a video of a barber doing a hair design, and you will understand why we are saying that they are the only tool you can use.

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3. Trimming Balding Heads

Stubble Beard Bald man

The closeness of the cut delivered is the main reason for using T-blades when trimming a balding head. Unlike traditional blades, which tend to leave behind stubble, T-blades provide a closer and smoother finish creating a more natural-looking look. 

As a bonus, the blades of T-blade clippers are very gentle on your skin because they are aligned differently than normal clippers. This makes them perfect for people who suffer from balding, as they don’t cause irritation like normal blades do when coming in direct contact with the skin.

Finally, T-blades require minimal maintenance when compared to normal blades. They don’t need to be sharpened every now and then; just wash them and oil them regularly, and you are good to go. To find the perfect clipper for you, read our article “best clippers for bald heads“.

4. Skin fades

tattoo faced guy with a skin fade
Source:@meysheikhair via Instagram

Using a T-blade for a skin fade is essential as it will give you the closeness needed for the fade to look as clean and crisp as possible with no stray hairs or stubble left behind. 

Using a T-Blade Clipper for your fade

First, make sure that the blades are sharp cause dull blades can cause snagging and uneven cuts. Also, make sure not to press too hard against your scalp; this can lead to irritation or cuts (won’t help you achieve better results either way)! Finally, take time throughout the process to check your progress with a handheld mirror—this will help make sure everything is even on both sides. 


As you can see, T-shaped blades can be very helpful when used in certain circumstances. Now that you know when it is better to use a T-blade clipper than a normal one, you can make an informed decision on whether you should buy one or not!

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